If you buff Dumbfire Velocity and Remove 1HKO on infantry, you might make this game less miserable

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Fortress, May 26, 2014.

  1. Phyr

    Buffing velocity would make them even easier to use, which means the likely trade off would be less damage against everything, which actually translates into an overall nerf. Don't wish on the monkey paw.
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  2. Imij

    You mean the strafe speed is okay for dodging the slow rockets but not tank shells that everyone talks about? Which, by the way, any other tank user is going to avoid. I get your little jab though, it wasn't funny, but I get it.

    The counter to running in to a rocket user should be the rocket user dying horribly. They have a weapon meant for AV equipped. They just got out played by someone rushing them while they aren't prepared to fight infantry. In a balanced scenario the Infantry who attacked the AV soldier should win (provided he has full health and can aim), even if the AV soldier hits him doing damage. THAT is balance. Not this crutch that garbage players use to shoot at your feet because they can't hit anything.

    I'd rather do a little damage to tanks and hit them most of the time, than do high damage and never hit them unless I'm right up on them. The first option makes them step back from spawn camping, the second option makes them laugh at you.
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  3. eldarfalcongravtank

    slow decimators... yes

    default launchers, lock-ons, tank cannons, rocketpods, dalton rounds, etc etc.... no
  4. Phyr

    Ground vehicles, as they are now, are only strong en mass. 1-2 liberators can ruin a fight, but 1-2 tanks is a minor inconvenience. If you buff dumbfires you nerf ground vehicles in all numbers.
  5. Posse

    To all tanks actually.
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  6. PlatoonLeaderG

    Rockets are fine....geez people that call rockets OP are so pathetic.

    -Is it really that hard to dodge and then shoot?
    -Is it really that hard to recognize a heavy with a rocket?
    -Is it really that hard to use the obstacles for cover?

    I dont even remember my last time i died to a heavy.Also they are good against vehicles,especially ground,OP dont try to make the game easiest for noobs because if they dont learn the hard way you will never learn!
  7. Simferion

    I'll tell you an analogy used by Todd Brunson about another kind of game.
    Imagine you go to a pet shop and you hear a puppy barking and you like that bark. You buy the puppy dog, then, when at home, you start to blame the dog for its bark, that made you buying it.

    It's like the Kant's analogy about the dove who blames the air for the resistance air itself opposes to her flight, even if without air no flight is possible.

    Garbage, bad, average players are the bulk of the player base because this is a MMO FPS. Most people plays to have fun.
    The same players are the one who feed certs to you, who increase your KDR, etc.
    If they stop to have fun, they 'll stop to play and without many players the game will eventually die. Mantaining their fun means you must give them the possibility to use some crutches here and there to get the occasional kills.
    Frustrating newbies is not the real way to keep the game living.

    I want to add that you should see the matter from multiple POVs and not the usual biased one (infantry only, no shotguns, no cheese, no salad, only tomatoes, etc.) . This is what Wrel called elitism.
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  8. \m/SLAYER\m/

    well, at least less team kills by rocket launchers :)
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  9. SinerAthin

    Where did all these anti-dumbfire posts come from lately?

    Someone should introduce them to a decent Jackhammer user :p
  10. Bortasz

    Flak armor lvl 5. And I can take Rocket to the face.
  11. jiggu

    I wonder when we will see rocket+knife combos.
  12. Imij

    I'll give you an even better analogy: New players, and veterans alike, don't like getting instantly killed by ANYTHING. Let alone something that a lot of people do now because it's overpowered.

    Why is Player A getting a free kill more important, and better for the game as a whole, than Player B getting a cheesy and frustrating death?

    How about YOU try to look at it from a different POV. Mr. Pot. Please tell me I'm wrong.
  13. Morti

    If you take away their cheese, they will find something else to replace it.

    Also buffing shrike/deci velocity is insane unless you actually want me clearing the sky with dumbfires alone.

    People who can't land a rocket on a vehicle need to l2p and lead their shots.
  14. leo4444

    I would like to see the kill feed for these players complaining about rocket primaries and see how many times they are actually killed by them.
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  15. Simferion

    I'm getting killed by RL, PAS and so on, but I don't see "a lot of people" using rocket primary.
    That is called selective memory: you just remember some episodes and generalize, Mr. Kettle.

    Yeah I don't like to be killed by instagib weapons, but so from Daltons, Shredders, Snipers, ESFs etc. I don't like to die, but it's part of the game, so deal with it. You're not the only player in the field
    Eventually skilled people will have better stats anyway and "garbage players", as you called them, will have their occasional bones.
  16. MrJengles

    So you are not at all concerned that fast dumb fires might be a little too effective against aircraft?

    The dumb fires we are used to now are fine. Thus, why I said Decimators could remain 1 hit kills but if they want large improvements in speed, give it to the default launcher and be prepared to change the damage slightly.

    It may not be a problem and maybe we should just see how it plays out. But if that sort of thing becomes an issue I guarantee the forums will explode with people complaining that SOE didn't predict it.
  17. FieldMarshall

    I thought this week was "Implants suck" week. "RL noobs" threads was last week.
    Yes, last week when everyone magically at the same time just started using RLs as primaries, causing uproar over this previously unknown problem.
  18. DxAdder

    So why does the UBGL have an arming distance ? It does the exact same thing as a RL at point blank range, designed to kill infantry
    and was nerfed into the ground.

    But its not an HA weapons and how dare anyone have the same ability to OHK,
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  19. Imij

    The problem with your analogy here is, these weapons were designed and meant to be used to kill infantry. The only real argument you could make is for the dalton, and it's not as easy to 1 hit with the dalton as it is for rocket launcher. The rocket, which is supposed to be AV, was never intended to be used to farm infantry.

    I love how you're hanging on the term "garbage players" like it's your lifeline. Did I offend you? Do you enjoy using low skill weapons to kill infantry because you have poor aim? If so here's free tip I learned a long time ago: You'll never get better if you always use the cheesy OP stuff. Learn to aim and become a better player, rather than using a crutch like rocketing people. And make no mistake about it, using a weapon designed to combat vehicles to insta-kill infantry by shooting in their general direction is a crutch.

    I don't care if people are bad at Planetside 2. I do care if I die to cheap and cheesy tactics, as do most people. Hence the outcry against it.

    I'm sorry man, rocket launcher primaries are not good for the game as a whole. You can sit here and complain about it all you want. It doesn't change the fact that people think it's cheap and should be done away with.
  20. Hoki


    If you get shot by a dumbfire, you got outplayed, and you should congratulate them. It is not hard to fly an ESF, it is VERY hard to shoot them with a dumbfire.