If you buff Dumbfire Velocity and Remove 1HKO on infantry, you might make this game less miserable

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  1. Thardus

    What's the point then? I'd really like to understand the point. I honestly don't understand why people complain about a play style being OP, while acknowledging that the play style is inferior to the more generally used alternative.

    I understand that if people get too attached to it, it hinders their development as players, but they will learn eventually. That's certainly no reason to make someone a sitting duck every time they try to use a weapon other than an LMG or a pistol. Rocket Launchers are horribly unreliable weapons, but with the time it takes to reload or switch to another weapon, if you're caught carrying one, and it's been nerfed to not kill someone, it's become essentially useless.
  2. JonnyHatesEmo

    I'm sorry but the fact that RLs have been one One hit killing infantry for a year and a half in this game, and now all of a sudden there's a trending whine to nerf them is total ******** .
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  3. Epic High Five

    This would be a stealth buff to the Phoenix and I am 100% behind it

    High velocity rocket launchers would work wonders in advancing my "DEATH TO ALL SKYGODS" agenda
  4. Bortasz

    No they don't

    First this is higher velocity to dumbfire RL. Not word about Empire specific. If I'm wrong correct me.
    Second the tread of will be decrease in damage. So you maybe hitting them more, but do less damage. Ask any prowler drives how hard is hitting twice a decent, not good, but decent ESF. Add to that FIre suppresion that give 25% of HP....
  5. Epic High Five

    The Phoenix gains a lot for not being able to OHKO infantry. In a world where no RLs can, the Phoenix gives up nothing for the benefit of being a guided decimator, except range which is surmountable with a minimum of thought

    Also we don't know that the changed rocket launchers will do less damage to vehicles. The only thing that's been officially put on the table is infantry damage

    And why should it? Any targets of value already take like 5-9 rockets to bring down, and that isn't factoring in misses or fire suppression

    Dumbfires right now are bad against vehicles and great against infantry, I'd love to see that flipped
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  6. Bl4ckVoid

    Do not nerf rocket launcher damage!!! Make flak armor effective against direct hits.

    Speed increase would be welcome.
  7. CEGrif

    flak armor already protects against direct hits from all rockets but the deci
  8. Bl4ckVoid

    No it does not. I am running with Flak 5 and getting OHK from default on direct hit.
  9. CEGrif

    have u taken sheild damage?
  10. Verviedi

    As long as they don't nerf it before I Auraxium or at least Gold my S1.
  11. wuffar

    the question for me is, how much of a velocity buff? double, or more? less drop? maybe a little less reload time? i wouldn't mind.

    there is a bit too much spam at the moment and it's really easy to kill people, but then again there are countless other "cheap" mechanics being abused in this game. i think there's just a lot of "anti heavy" going on at the moment. we'll get rid of the heavies once we nerf ohk dumbfire and overshields, then all the maxes will stop dying and we'll go back to whining about maxes.
  12. HadesR

    No issue's here with the change ..

    And if as some people say that RL primary deaths are few and far between, then the greater player base will not be losing out either .. Something that happens rarely will not be missed :)
  13. hawken is better

    I rocket primaried Higby yesterday. I really hope they go through with these changes.
  14. Xhaleon

    Increase rocket velocity
    Decrease launcher hipfire accuracy
    If moving, make cone of fire significant even when ADS
    Increase time to ADS fully
    Increase rocket damage against vehicles by roughly -1 STK
    Lower rocket carry capacity by -1 rocket

    Direct rocket hits should always kill, but perhaps it should be coded such that a leg hit will not be a kill and splash damage overall should be minimized. Lowering their effectiveness against infantry targets can be done in many other ways than simply decreasing the damage they do; in this case reducing their accuracy when moving around in fast-paced infantry combat as well as a reduction in splash damage will lead to them being ineffective while avoiding becoming worthless. A lowered ammo count but higher damage potential per rocket also makes it more effective against vehicles since you spend less time as a target, while less shots makes it more unforgiving when used as a "rocket primary" against infantry.

    And for goodness sakes Higgles, if you aren't ever going to give us proper ladder / leaf sights for the rocket launchers, at least make sure they can travel faster than a thrown rock.
  15. biterwylie

    Give the dumbfires there velocity back and make them aim down sight to fire only. Both problems solves without any nerfs.
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  16. Sock

    To people in favor of dumbfires OHKing infantry: what would the game lose if it was removed? What amazing benefit does it bestow upon us?

    Higher velocity, lower infantry damage will encourage players to use it over lock ons (does anyone actually like lock ons?) as well as make it more dangerous to hover in ESFs and libs. Right now new players are just fodder for tanks because the majority of them simply aren't going to land a dumbfire shot on an MBT or lightning unless it is point blank. This change helps new players, and that's something the game needs badly.

    TLDR: buff deci so it's velocity isn't measured in seconds per meter.
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  17. KodiakX

    I run Flak all the time (Flak 5 on all classes for all 3 factions) and with the amount of Decimators out there these days it's getting pretty damn pointless. The 1HKs makes the whole thing feel like a huge waste of a slot when I'm already at a disadvantage against Nanoweave dudes. Worse there are scenarios where people start doing it and the only answer is to return the same (like dudes who pop out and instant rocket them duck back into field or are rocketing down a narrow passage way).

    Personally would love to see them remove 1HK infantry from any rocket, keep damage up on everything else. Don't care about velocity, if they feel it needs buffed w/e I got issues landing rockets (or just using lock ons if appropriate).
  18. Inex

    Allowing a counter MAX units. You can't swap to the RL while in their sight, so you need to duck behind cover. If the MAX isn't where you left them when you pop back out then you can still fight back. Without the OHK, you're basically guaranteed to die.
  19. Sock

    Or you just pop back into cover and swap back to your primary?
  20. Inex

    And hope the MAX doesn't come back. :p