GU011: IRNV Scopes nerf

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Konfuzfanten, Jun 14, 2013.

  1. Konfuzfanten

    The explosions i dont have a problem with on the reflex, the sidestep "jitter" on the reflex is 95% sure a bug that the devs for some reason hasnt fixed.

    Rather nerf the best scope then make the other scopes more useful.
  2. Charlie


    I think a more sensible nerf would have been to make it incredibly difficult to see down the scope during the day, or in high levels of brightness (I.E Esamir). The sway/load time seems stupid..
  3. MrIDoK

    Higby pls... :3
  4. Flying Mug

    You might be able to aim with that. Don't be silly.
  5. Alchonis

    It needs a nerf, all scopes over x2 magnify the recoil felt by the weapon.
    Untill this is sorted out people will all use the smaller zoom scopes and for that the NV scope is the best.
  6. zib1911

    Great change it needed it. I think the sway is going to be for the LA while flying and maybe more sway when side stepping. Of course no one really know what the sway means, it might be nothing. Either way when there is a scope that so many people equip because its the "best" scope, how can you just not see that as OP? You think SOE intended for everyone to use it? Get over yourself, your toy is nerfed now you have to use other scopes, don't cry for unbalance because you want a easy time of this game.
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  7. Takoita

    Okay... Where are the IRNV optics for MAXes and sniper rifles / HA AI specials then?
  8. Konfuzfanten

    I would be fine with making it even harder to see at day, like a true/proper IR/NV scope.

    So HA is the most played class and im pretty sure everyone has/are using it. So time to nerf the HA, then the a new class will rise to prominence and then we nerf that, because if everyone are using it...wait what? Your "all-are-using-it-nerf-it" argument makes no sense.

    Again no one was whining/QQing about the IRNV scope, the scope is fine, the reason why everyone is running it is because the other options are ****. Make a scope with the same crosshairs, as the IRNV scope and remove the highly part and i would run that during the day, because of the added distance.

    Again if you got a problem with the IRNV scope, then im sure you will support my remove all setting below ultra from the game. Since we cant have just the slightest graphic advantage. Remove the "low setting" crutch.
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  9. Flying Mug

    Yeah I have those scopes. On several guns. Most of them suck now is the point. IRNV is just the last clean 1x option on guns with crappy iron sights. Which is most of them. Which is why I have a ton of 1x reflex dots and IRNV.
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  10. Oheck

    ..well god forbid they make a NV scope act like a NV scope, versus adding in sway to something that has no magnification of any kind. Who on earth do you have brainstorming this stuff?

    Make the scope strictly NV, and make it sensitive to light. That makes it a night time only scope. Also might make FLASHLIGHTS useful against those using them....but we don't want to get too we...
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  11. kadney

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  12. Posse

    Well, while I think, as I said before, that the sway is ********, I don't see how it would affect at close range, the sway affects when sniping because the targets are small and you are making single shot, but when you're going for fast bursts or full-auto what would be the effect of it?

    Anyway, I only use it because at night I don't see ****, if IR/NV becomes useless, then I'll just use my iron sight (which is much better than any reflex and whatever) and turn the gamma up.
  13. Marsodian

    I play using all these so called "useless" items that have been "nerfed into the ground" and still kill people fine, if you can't kill anyone, then you really do suck at this game :D I think all this stuff is fine... I can still kill and be killed by them, so what's the problem?
  14. Krayus_Korianis

    I use the IR/NV to see through smoke grenades that I lob out of my gun. Catch people unawares in the smoke and jack them in the face with bullets. I have the EXACT same accuracy I have with the IR/NV cope AND the 2x Reflex sight.

    The IR/NV also has wobble left/right as well as recoil. So don't be telling people that it doesn't. Obviously you haven't used it as much as any other smoke player.
  15. Marsodian

    I have used it a fair amount, and it is vastly easier to land ALL shots of a magazine into your target with it, It is far easier to use than any other scope/sight.
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  16. Krayus_Korianis

    Then tell me why I miss hitting someone when the reticle is on them? I smell bull coming from you.
  17. LibertyRevolution

    I will miss my HS/NV crosshair..
    The red dot sights are way to big.. iron sights block to much of my view..
    This a sad day.
  18. Rue

    OK, if you're going to handicap me, give me a normal x1 sight with the IRNV crosshairs. Most of the scopes in this game are rubbish - especially that great, fat blob on the reflex sights.
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  19. DropingBongos

    The IRNV sway reminds me of the rocket launchers not locking onto base guns any more.

    With base guns they had a hell of a time getting the rockets to reliably hit the base guns so instead of fixing it they just said forget it lets just make them not lock on to them any more...problem solved. A major change to the game base on a lack of codeing skill.

    The creative directors are great.
    The game artist are great.
    I think it is high time that SOE to a good look at the talent pool of their codemonkeys as it seems there is some deficiency there.
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  20. Pat Cleburne

    This is a stupid nerf. The only reason I use IRNV scope is because I can't see the invisible vanu. Now the devs are going to screw up the handling of the weapon due to a scope. Ridiculous.
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