GU011: IRNV Scopes nerf

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Konfuzfanten, Jun 14, 2013.

  1. sindz

    I agree with a nerf, it was too good. But scope sway is not the fix.
  2. MrIDoK

    Meh, i think a lot of people here are overreacting over the scope sway. On a bolt-action 6x optic it matters, but on a, usually, automatic weapon 1x optic usable only at less than 50 meters? Meh, it could've been far worse that that, we'll learn to live with it.
    The IRNV scope needed a nerf, though. It's arguably the best as it highlights vehicles and soldiers even through smoke and is the most stable sight to use while moving. I find no use for the 1x reflex over the IRNV in most situations, we'll see how it behaves in-game before crying, i guess.
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  3. Caserion

    The only reason is use IRNV scopes is because red dot sights get in the way of my target. The whole red dot stands in my way. The IRNV scope helps with pointing out the middle of the scope, rather than guessing what part of the giant red dot is the middle.

    The whole highlights aren't even that great, only close range targets are white and no one needs help with seeing close range targets unless you're blind, long range targets don't get that highlight while i use the IRNV scope for long ranges. Why do i use it for long ranges? Because it's the only scope which doesn't put these giant dots in the way which cover the entire enemy from range.
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  4. Konfuzfanten

    If you are running this game on high or ultra, like me, a proper night vision is needed.

    a) Everyone and everything has access to the IRNV scope - Again very very few ppl qq'ed about it.
    b) what makes the scope real good is mainly the crosshairs - not the highlight.
    c) If we are talking "cheat", then SOE needs to fix the "low" setting, no more easy spotting inf, no more turning shadows off, no more better contrasts. Yes?

    And low settings are also a crutch, used by cheap gamers that cant be bothered to buy a proper computer, then getting considerable benefits for running lower settings.

    If you agree that the IRNV scope was/is too good, then you also agree that the devs should remove all settings below ultra.
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  5. Kanil

    Agreed. I wouldn't care if they nerfed the IRNV into the ground, if they brought out a 1x crosshair scope. Friggin red dot...
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  6. Dagger

    Please do not add scope sway on a X1 scope, please please please don't. I have a hard enough time aiming with my FPS already.
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  7. CaptainYamerica

    Great... VS just got another buff for night time fighting hahaha
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  8. Dagger

    Yea, that's why I have an underpowered computer, not because I can't afford it but because it gives me an advantage in Planetside 2....
    That is just silly, I can't get a better computer because I can't afford one, not because I can't be bothered. I assure you any "advantage" gained by graphics setting [Which, BTW anybody can use, on any hardware, you can set your graphics to "low" if you like.] is very much mitigated by the crippling FPS.
  9. phreec

    a) Doesn't mean it's not OP. Probably because they were using it themselves...
    b) Nah, it's the crosshair, lack of all screenshake, sway and bobbing. Oh, and the chamhack highlight.
    c) I agree that infiltrator scope should get tweaked for Low but not everyone runs low by choice.
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  10. The King

    How was it useless on that continent?
    I use that scope everywhere, not using any other one.
  11. Deadreach

    Scope Sway on a Short-Mid range weapon with a 1x scope seems alright to you, But i can slap a 3.4x or a 4x and no sway at all? That seems right to you? and any delay to ADS will ruin its close range(Which is the optimal Range) advantage as you wont be shooting but the other guy will.
  12. CptFirelord

    That would be a first.
  13. CptFirelord

    The IRNV already gives you the smallest view range of any close-range 1x/2x scope, why give it another nerf? The sway is stupid, and the "charge up timer" for visibility is also a very bad idea. The only reason this is used as often as it is, is because the other sights just don't give you as much visibility. If anything reduce the range, once again, that targets appear "lit up" by the scope.
  14. Flying Mug

    On my monitor/settings night is dark enough that I can't see ****. And hence, switch to IRNV on all my guns until the virtual sun comes up.

    Now I'll be futzing with my graphics options so it isn't needed, always bright, and I'll never use it again. A victory for balance.

    I'd also like to thank the dude that made all the 1x reflex sights a useless 8 pixels and the artist that came up with all the overwrought borderline nonfunctional iron sights. I really appreciate your work every time I find a gun you didn't spend much time on and hence has a sight picture that gives me a chance of seeing and tracking a target.
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  15. Konfuzfanten

    Have you gotten an advantage or disadvantage of running on low VS ultra?

    Everyone knows that running low gives you some graphic benefits, i run ultra and compensate with the IRNV. If the IRNV was nerfed because it gave unwanted graphic benefits, then they need to fix/remove all settings below Ultra.

    The spread/CoF is exactly the same, no matter the scope. It might seem like it gives more stability, but it doesnt nothing to your spread/CoF.
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  16. eldarfalcongravtank

    irnv not valuable anymore?
    so soe wants me to turn up my game brightness

    so be it
  17. EnviousCipher

    Its funny because all this is going to do is reduce the amount of viable scopes down to two.

    GG SOE on restricting variety.
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  18. Casterbridge

    I can understand wanting to make NV scope less appealing, but adding sway? For a scope that's only used at close range wouldn't it make it pretty much useless?

    Why not increase the cost of buying the scope (since it is a specialty scope) and make it less appealing when it's not dark out?
  19. phreec

    I never said anything about spread/CoF... It's an overlay rather than attached to your gun so it's not affected as much by nearby explosions or sidesteps etc.
  20. Rhiaci

    Wouldn't be so bad if we had a Reflex sight somewhat like this.
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