GU011: IRNV Scopes nerf

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  1. Riskae

    my god you kids will cry over the smallest thing...

    have you seen the sway? its negligable at short and medium range... it only matters at the border of max visibility.

    it's not supposed to be a sniper scope jeezus.
  2. Fned

    Of course not. However, it models a lot of things in RL because that's the game the playerbase wants to play. We don't want to play abstract robots in an unrecognizable landscape shooting incomprehensible weapons at each other, we want to be dudes shooting guns at each other in buildings and in natural terrain. Some amount of divergence from realism is necessary for fun, but too much and it risks looking stupid.

    Case in point: because it would look stupid for that to happen and the idea of doing that wouldn't occur to most people because there's no RL equivalent to model. Not that that stopped them from doing that weird **** they did with tank shells. So, there's still hope for your point of view, they may in fact add scope sway to vehicle IRNV sights if enough people complain. :rolleyes:

    Because the infantry scope is making an even bigger difference than vehicle NV scopes. On a vehicle, there's a tradeoff between better visibility at short range, and better visibility at long range -- vehicles can easily engage targets. and be engaged by targets, that can't be seen in IRNV range but can be spotted handily with zoom.

    With the infantry sights, the combination of excellent target highlighting at combat ranges plus the much-better-than-any-iron-or-1x/2x reticle made it an obvious choice for almost all infantry weapons at absolutely any time of day. Most people are bad enough at long-range shooting that the IRNV scope presented no disadvantage to them, so it was getting overused.

    Still, might have been better to make it wash out during the daytime or in lit indoors, though, IMO.

    No, it's not. You can make the argument that you don't like it and it's not what you're used to, but it's perfectly reasonable for all 1x ADS views to have some amount of sway, because the game is pretending that our toons are people, not robots. They didn't put sway on all ADS views, which I think is a mistake, but adding it to one is a partial correction of that mistake.
  3. mongedmaster

    Medium range, 1x zoom, tunnel vision, slight ADS delay compared to other 1x, and a dubious friend vs. foe identification while scoped is a fair enough trade off for a night vision scope.

    Sway can stay away. <--- lmao there is our picket line chant right there.
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  4. McChimperson

    This actually gives me a headache. I'm also glad they seriously toned down the pod spin because that was also not fun to look at.

    This game is more fun when it doesn't make me physically ill.
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  5. F1LM

    just give me a scope with a built-in spandex detector and you can nerf whatever you want

    but honestly, I liked the IRNV scope as a good way to keep my focus on a target (as well as a superior, superior crosshair) but found the tunnel vision and lack of range rather unnerving, those drawbacks were enough to scare me away and I haven't touched it in quite a while, I prefer straight iron sights because they make lining up a headshot on a hapless sniper/heavy while camouflaged so much easier than broken reflex sights and an NV I can't see anything with after a distance of a couple tens of meters
  6. Eugenitor

    You can't possibly be serious. The player is the person, and it's the player's mouse movements that should determine where the bullets go.
  7. LibertyRevolution

    This is still the best option for a scope, the rest are useless if you are jump jetting.
    I don't even notice the sway, then again I am hold shift most the time anyways...
    I am running, then I switch to ADS, kill my target, continue running..
  8. Fned

    I know there are a lot of people who've never gone to a shooting range, but most of those at least vaguely understand there's something going on there they might be the least bit ignorant about.

    What you say would be nice, if people could hold perfectly still. There are some world-class marksmen who can manage a pretty solid hold, but even they shoot better from a rest.

    So, you clearly prefer magic robots. There's nothing wrong with that! As long as we're both clear that that's what you want.
  9. Eugenitor

    You can't accurately simulate the feel of an actual weapon with a keyboard and mouse. Any attempt to do so would feel like an artificial nerf to accuracy, because it would be an artificial nerf to accuracy. The closest you'd ever get in an online game is a console with a light gun.

    And why do all these silly complaints about realism always revolve around the shooting, and sometimes the driving and flying, and not everything else? Why not the running mechanics or the physics (or lack thereof)? Why can a guy carrying five warheads and three full clips of LMG ammo run just as fast as a guy who's out? Why doesn't the full guy blow up and his ammo cook off when he gets hit with a tank shell? Why don't all the empires put magical one-way shields over everything instead of just spawn rooms? Where's all the smoke and fire? Why isn't every continent full of craters and hastily-repaired wreckage? Why do all three empires recruit any untrained idiot with unknown motives, hand him a gun, and let him start shooting at whatever he wants- or, worse, lead whoever he can get to follow him? Why haven't these whatever-century empires started throwing nuclear weapons from orbit at each other yet?
  10. Fned

    I think it would be far more accurate to call mouselook an artificial buff to accuracy, in some ways.

    Ever play an FPS with a Razer Hydra? It's an interesting experience...

    All that would be just too much fun for the broad audience PS2 needs to attract. :D
  11. Naejin

    This was a scope that all factions could use (so there was no unfair advantage), most weapons could use, was relatively cheap to obtain, and no one was complaining about, so why bother nerfing it?
  12. Kaesarr

    The night scopes on infantry weapons and on vehicles are now what should have been from the start.

    They took 7-8 months to realize it?

    Quite slow indeed they are.... :eek:
  13. GrumpyArse

    Having played with the IRNV scope since the "nerf", it's no big deal. I only use it at night anyway and I do like the cross hair on it. Some more choice on the 1x and 2x scopes would be nice, hell even the 1x scopes with different cross hairs would be much better, especially for my old eyes. I need all the help I can get, trying to keep up with you 20 somethings :)
  14. Jaedrik

    Hey, guys! I got it! The only nerf that should be applied to the IR/NV scope is this: MAKE THE OTHER SIGHTS NOT PIECES OF ****!

  15. MrK

    Much ado for nothing

    The sway is completely negligible, the timer barely noticeable.
    Hordes of people crying over that.... Typical PS2
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  16. McToast

    I think people cry because the nerf was absolutely uncalled for.

    I agree with you though, there isn't much of a difference. At ranges where the sway is noticeable you can't see anything anyway. And you still have a hold breath key just in case.

    the Toast