FPS Problems= HUD

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by variablez, Aug 19, 2013.

  1. variablez

    if have had massive FPS drop since last update try turning off your HUD and post here if you get improvement
    i got my lost 30 fos back by doing this
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  2. ReformerTR

    Yep same for me. I've opened a ticket but not heard anything back from SOE. I hope they fix it soon.
  3. Newskool

    Same here, i run a 120hz screen with 2x GTX 580's and a 2700k @ 4.8ghz. I get 40-80 fps now since hotfix until i drop soldier icons then it shoots up to a smooth and steady 100-115. If i dump the UI altogether i get 120 FPS Capped just about 99% of the time.
  4. dreamcast87

    I'll try this when i get back home since the last GU update and the last hotfix my frames have gone to ****.
  5. Demondice

    Just tried it and get a massive improvement. In fact, I don't think I've ever seen PS2 run that smoothly before. With the HUD on it's unplayable and has been this way since the last patch.
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  6. Blinklys

    Holy smokes you are right! Disabling the HUD makes the game super smooth and stutter free. Very fascinating.
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  7. dreamcast87

    This is from the most recent GU14

    UI Load Time Reduction
    We now cache some of the UI screens that take the longest to load, including:
    Main map
    Class/loadout screen
    This should speed up load times after the screen has been loaded once in a session.

    And this is from the hotfix that came after

    Server Downtime for Hotfix August 16, 2013
    Disabled some UI caching that was causing some client instability

    Seems to be a combination of these 2 issues causing the issue.
  8. Hatamoto

    This is the most underrated of all ps2:s problems .. the HUD is a resource hog, we have been saying it since release, but SOE just plain ignores it. This is by no means a new issue, but im happy more have finally noticed it.
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  9. Van Dax

    yup been like this for a long time, I've considered going hudless
  10. Hatamoto

    SOE maybe its time you acknowledge this and find a new solution for your bloated hud eh?
  11. Hatamoto

    Its a shame cause it could give everyone lots more fps without them having to recode the entire engine
  12. dreamcast87

    Alright just finished a gaming session with the HUD off and it is a night and day difference. WTF is all that's on my mind now WTF why hasn't this been fixed yet seriously? Is there some official reason why the HUD is such a performance hog cause I'd like to ******* know. How long did it take Nvidia and Sony to fix the performance issues with Tomb Raider a month? So gamers get could at least decent performance out of the game. I know that they're different games with different coding and all that technical stuff but the point is the problem was solved relatively quickly and this performance issue with PS2 has been going on for almost a year. I can't even think straight right now I'm so pissed. SOE will make sure we get 1000 more ******* helmets before fixing this issue. SOE stop making ******* helmets and fix this now. I apologize for this but i just had to get this off my chest. I really do love this game thought, until this is fixed looks like I'll have to play with the HUD off and use it only when i have to find an objective.
  13. Bambasti

    Wow, I remember this bug from beta, back then the HUD had some serious impact on fps. Hard to believe that they struggle with this again. :(
  14. Hatamoto

    It has always been there, im sure they have improved it since beta, but ever since release the HUD takes off 10-15 fps while in heavy combat situations (when fps is needed the most). Dont know how many threads ive created on this issue, i only know they have gotten none or very little recognition from SOE (atleast as far as official replies goes)
  15. Ripshaft

    Make sure you've updated your video drivers. Back in beta they had a patch that changed the map slightly, which caused my screen to black out, low performance, and very often crashed the game. I checked drivers but they were only a few days out of date so I overlooked it, asked on forums, one of the tech support guys said check drivers, on a whim i updated the vid drivers, solved problem.
  16. Hatamoto

    Ive tried this on multiple nvidia drivers, and the HUD is still a hog ... Ive asked numerous times to have the option of disabling certain HUD items (minimap, dorritos etc), but its either just ignored or too hard for them to do. I dont know wich.
  17. Swatmat

    yes this is the issue, and if you run SLI it kills it since hotfix
  18. Lazaruz

    Been like this since beta. Can't remember how many threads people have made about the subject, but the problem still remains.

    As previously stated, I also would like to see further optimization and toggleable HUD elements. I really don't need all that crap on my screen, so I would appreciate the chance to choose what I have on there.
  19. Hatamoto

    Wake up SOE, we want more fps while we wait for multicore support ... Im sure you want more paying customers as well ?
  20. OldMaster80

    Good job SOE! YOU ARE AMAZING!