FPS drop after GU4

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Matcap86, Mar 13, 2013.

  1. TintaBux

    Still bad.
  2. Zakuak

    SamizdatCowboy....you should've resisted the urge man!! Any of use buying those things up is a green light on SOE's side saying "see it's not a big problem"

    Bleh, I know d*mn well I will buy one too at some point this weekend....must resist...resist!
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  3. Strongfort

    I had perfectly good frame rate after GU4, but then the "hotfixes to fix performance" ruined it for me! What the heck?

    After the last 2 hotfixes my FPS drops to 20-30 in big fights. I was getting 40-50 before in similar circumstances.

    Geforce 670 4GB

    No reason to have those frames, whatever you tried to "fix" only made it worse for me at least.
  4. RentalSuit

    Strongfort, that is my exact problem. Yesterday I had 70-90fps sitting at warpgate and 40-50 in battles. Now I get 12-16fps in the WG and 3-7fps in battles. Something bad happened in the last hotfix.
  5. MojoBam

    Sitll awful performance. Still not getting more than 35 FPS in Warpgate.
  6. Delain81

    Funny thing is i have more fps while playing in medium fights than i do have at the warpgate. o_O
    Well at least i HAD, i mean...BEFORE i couldn't start the ******' launcher anymore like 5 mins ago...:eek:
    But at least everyone else gets double xp..oh wait..i mean the people that can actually exit the warpgate and still get a decent fps..oh wait...whatever..nvm.
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  7. Suroped

    My fps goes up and down with this hot fixes. The lowest i had on high in really huge battles was 40 and now it's just 30 constant in biolabs substations. i5 and gtx580 here. I didn't play much after the hotfix but fps dropped with double exp patch. Maybe SOE failed to double-check what files went live again. Reducing render distance helped to get some fps back but it is still horrible.
  8. Hatamoto

    Oh and instant action doesnt work anymore either ... not that i expected it to
  9. Streetfighter

  10. AceMF

    Still runs like crap , must be pretty embarassing at MLG right now
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  11. CannedBullets

    Interesting. My thread on calling out SOE for its empty promises and calling for a boycott of SOE until the game was optimized seems to have been deleted.
  12. Evileet

    Of course, what did you expect? That they tolerate that you want to hurt them? It is not constructive in any way.
    I understand that you are mad, i am mad too, but we have to control ourselves. ^^
  13. CannedBullets

    I was expecting a lock, not a deletion and maybe people not spending money on a game which doesn't run smoothly for most people. Whatever. I guess this proves that making money from in-game items is more important then making sure the damned game runs smoothly. Yeah SOE is on my ****list now, no better than EA.
  14. Denkkraft

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  15. LordMondando

    Nope, looks like its not fixed.
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  16. nitram1000

    Killing their game with every patch, losing more and more players.

    The talentless developers are KILLING this game, seriously SOE you need to find some new talent because they are ruining this game.

    My sub is cancelled as of this morning and I will definitely never give you another penny, this game is a ******* joke.

    I cannot wait for Battlefield 4. CANNOT WAIT.
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  17. PS2Freak

    it got not much better here after hotfix. gained 3-5 fps.. so about 23-26 fps in medium busy fight. i want the game perfomancewise as it was in January
  18. MisterBond

    I deleted my useroptions.ini and I tried these settings

    I'm back up to 80-95FPS at warpgate again, what I changed I got -NO CLUE- but before the file was only 2.45KB in size, now its over 3KB in size with the tweaks/changes

  19. AceMF

    considering unsubbing as well.

    Fix the frame rate!
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  20. Blue4tw

    fix the GAME!
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