FPS drop after GU4

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Matcap86, Mar 13, 2013.

  1. Hatamoto

    Im done fixing the game for SOE, its their turn to make it stable for real now ... get it out of beta stage
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  2. PS2Freak

    Waiting for GU5: 100% optimization. That is the ONLY priority SOE should have. The only one.
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  3. Aranrya

    I want my processor to be able to process more than 15 fps in big fights. That is all. I could care less about crazy legs, yoga arms, whatever. I don't care. I just want the game to be optimized for AMD processors.
  4. Yug0sRouge

    Yep, I can play relatively fine for some random amount of time (15/30/60 minutes) but then it just stops working completely and crashes/frezzes! ):
  5. Yug0sRouge

    Yes, 100% agree!
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  6. Aranrya

    this. no seriously. this.
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  7. ViggoRolig

    Please SOE make it top priority or please be "real" with us and come out and say "we are just not going to be able to do it"
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  8. mogwai83

    Indeed, going having my XPS (l502x) laptop go from 15-25fps in large battles to suddenly having 5-10fps is incredulous. Considering in December '12 I was getting 35-40fps in large biodome battles the progress has been laughable.

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  9. BenYeeHua

    +1 to support THIS!!!
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  10. supernauttt

    u guys are luck i got a quad core cpu and a 1g 650 gtx and i would be pumped if i got 20 fps all the time....30 being my best when nobody is around..sometimes in battles im always under 20 8-15 is average in big battles...lol im starting to not play as much as its just pissing me off most of the time i play
  11. GravitySmacked

    Frame rate seems to have got even worse after the hot fixes; they start off reasonably OK, for the fists few minutes, and the degrade rapidly.

    3570k @ 4.4Ghz
    16GB RAM
    GTX 670 (overclocked)
    Res 2560 x 1080
    Playing on Miller

    Deleting .ini make absolutely no difference.
  12. supernauttt

    YUP THIS...I DONT WANT ANY MORE UPDATES>>>NONE AT ALL .....ID BE HAPPY IF THEY SHUT THE GAME DOWN FOR A WEEK OR MORE AND HAVE IT COME BACK SMOOTH AND LIKE ANY OTHER MMO OR FPS...if this game ran like it should i mean sacrifice anything i dont care if this game ran smooth as glass it would be the best game out there par none.....
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  13. Keryk

    Fixing those fps should definitly be the only priority.

    The game is totally unplayable right now.
  14. Vanu Superiority

    Guys, I think I may be on to something. I already posted this to reddit, and think this is probably the thread on here to post this.

    So here's the story. I recently tried deleting my config and making a new one. Obviously, to generate the new one, I gotta log in. So I logged in, without any of my optimizations I made for previous patches in the game. I was pulling 45 FPS in the warp gate. This is eerily similar to my FPS with my normal config since the new patch. The big thing I turn off on my config to boost my FPS is shadows. As you know, shadows are the major FPS killer in the game. But here, I was pulling the same frame rates just about with shadows on. That's not normal. Normally I get a good 50% boost with shadows.

    So I decided to do some testing. I went to Rashnu, since there was a big battle there between VS and TR, and noted my frame rates. It seemed similar to the FPS I have been dealing with since GU04. I was above 30, until I got into the bio lab, where I was pulling low 20s. Again, normal since GU04. I logged off, turned shadows off, logged back in, at first FPS might've seemed a little better, but I attribute this to a reduction in action. Most of the fighting at rashnu was wrapping up (it was heavy earlier), so I had maybe 5 more FPS.

    I leave rashnu in a scythe, at first, I was pulling 30, but after everyone began pouring out of the bio lab, I was dipping down into the teens (around 15-18 or so). For the heck of it, I turned shadows back on to low. My FPS seemed similar. Again, pre GU04, turning shadows on like this would kill my FPS. However, it's already been killed, and I only noticed a small difference if I did so at all. It was hard to say, and I'm trying to remain somewhat scientific here, but the difference did not seem large enough to attribute to the shadows going on.

    I was intrigued, so I abandoned my scythe, logged off, disabled shadows again. Logged on. Screwed around for a few minutes waiting for my cooldown period to end and then grabbed another scythe. Went back to the bio lab. Flew around. Pulled 30-50 FPS. Turned shadows on, pulled 30-50 FPS. Difference between shadows on and off seems minimal now.

    Could anyone else test this? I don't want to jump to conclusions here. The lack of difference could be in my head, or it could be real. However, considering how I was easily pulling a 50% boost in performance with shadows off pre-GU04, the fact that the boost seems much smaller I don't notice very much should say something.

    If my conclusion is correct, it may help narrow down the potential list of causes of the lack of performance.

    For reference, my specs:

    Phenom II X4 965 @ 3.4 GHz
    8 GB DDR3 1600 MHz
    GTX 580 1.5 GB

    And the config I used to test:

    ShadowQuality=0 (would switch to low in game).

    PS: I also would like optimization to be #1 priority next patch. Don't care what else they add, this game needs to be optimized significantly because most gaming CPUs can't run this well at all. Performance should be increasing from launch, not decreasing. If it gets much worse than it is now I may have to quit because my computer won't run it at acceptable frame rates....it's barely chugging along as it is.
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  15. DaNiMaLvs

    I get into reaver, fly around where its not crowded maybe 30 people in the area, and im fine. Go to zurvan where its like 200+ people and i can barely fly, it starts stuttering like crazy. Please fix it SOE, cmon now dont you dare start messing this game up like you did with SWG. Feels like the double xp weekend will be pointless.

    p.s. i dunno but i also feel the registry on the shotguns are inaccurate, like i always have to be shooting 1 step ahead of them, btw this is at pointblank to 5m.

    and i also support this:

    Waiting for GU5: 100% optimization. That is the ONLY priority SOE should have. The only one.
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  16. Lazaruz

    Offering double xp when lots of people are unable to play. It's like offering to sell a new car for half price - to a homeless man...

    Classy move.
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  17. SamizdatCowboy

    nothing scientific but i feel i get worse fps on indar vs esamir (when in similar sized battles)
  18. badboifolyfe

    Something happened from the last update (actually before that even) ... i used to fly my mossy without ALOT of trouble.. but now.. its ridiculous. SOE i know youre trying to make good changed and introducing new, fun conccepts, guns, vehicles etc (AND THATS GREAT) BUUTT... if you make the game lag.. have further FPS drop... the game is un-playable..

    PLEASE fix this issue. i am focusing on air combat and cant do that if my moss is jumping and skipping in the skies. i ccant hit ANYTHING... im really hating this right now! i left another game for this game (because they had really bad support problems)... i would like to stay with SOE... FIX THE LAG-- FIX THE FPS... forget new things.. first old problems first. I hope this problem gets heard.
  19. Daikar

    What is going on SOE? my fps has never been worse and it doesnt matter what settings i use.
    I crash all the time, please stop doing everything else and only focus on fixing the fps of this game otherwise you will lose all your players.
  20. Evileet

    Dear SOE,
    the people here wouldn't rage so much if you let us know that you are working on it. We don't care if it needs one or two weeks to find the issue, we just want to know if you are fixing it.
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