FPS drop after GU4

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Matcap86, Mar 13, 2013.

  1. XRIST0

    Performance is still really bad , it makes me sad .
  2. Hatamoto

    SOE really needs to look over how things are being run and why ...
  3. EmberTx52

    This feels like a waste of time and a money grab as they are more concerned with their new xp boost than actually addressing the fps issues. Hey invest your money in a 6 month boost and don't worry I am sure we will have the game optimized by time that runs out so we can push more stuff in our store on you. How is this game going to even qualify for MLG if each patch cripples it more than helps
  4. tenzenator

    But the main thing that we have 3, 6 months boosts for 50$ seriusly who would like to play this game for 6 months? i already spended 120 euro on this **** performance game, im really mad
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  5. Matlock0

    I want to play this game but the constant 20 - 30 fps is preventing me from enjoying this double xp weekend. SOE has sick sense of humour I have to say.
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  6. maxkeiser

    Basically this. I won't be playing at all unless it's fixed. Frame rates that low when you are used to at least 60fps and quite often 100fps are just sickening. They make you feel ill.
  7. McCainSmaashh

    Dude, I am so with you. SOE gone ****** up big this time around.









    Seriously, I can't even fly. I deleted my ini. and did many, many optimizations even after the patch. Must I provide links?!?!?!

    I am only logged in so that I can somehow enjoy double XP weekend. I can't even fly with like 1-3 enemy players around alone. I am purposely looking for small fights so I dont stutter, lag, and hit a tree.
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  8. Kociboss

    Just tested. Around 25-30 fps in the warpgate after GU04 and hotfix.

    At the release I had 70-80 fps (from time to time reaching 100). CPU limited 99% of the time of course.


    intel core i5-2500k 3.30 GHz
    8 gb ram
    AMD Radeon HD 6900
    Windows 7 64 bit

    Same goes for my friend. At the release he had stable 60+ fps. Now around 15. Pretty much unplayable.

    SOE, let your employees take a break from this frustrating problem. Once they're relaxed and well-rested, they can solve the performance issues.
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  9. RaTzo

    The hot fix improved things.. but not by very much. The game is unplayable. I TRIED to play today but I can't dogfight at 17-25FPS.. it just isn't possible.

    I couldn't even dogfight a Liberator just now... it shot me out of the sky like I was standing still.

    Anyway, I also checked out End Game today. It is the last DLC for BF3 and it runs silky smooth, looks great, and feels great. It isn't PS2... but then again PS2 isn't PS2 either... so there you have it.

    I'm tired of whining about this game, I'm tired of hearing people whine about it... and I'm tired of trying to tell my friends to check it out again because it runs so much better now... well because it doesn't. Today I'm getting the same terrible performance that I was getting when I first got into Beta near the beginning of Beta.

    Yesterday I was getting much worse.. but today it is still unplayable. I'm so disappointed...
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  10. Escalus

    Performance is still awful.

    Suggestion: Roll back to GU03 until everything is fixed properly. Playability > New features
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  11. roDDo

    Good job SOE. My previous min framerate is now my max framerate.
    This is the first double XP weekend where I don't feel like playing this at all.

    I can't understand how something this big has slipped through testing. Your CPU-time per frame more than doubled. Regression tests should find something absolutely huge like this easily.
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  12. Escalus

    Yup; its indeed as simple as this.

    No more money until performane issues are solved.
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  13. Sworaven

    Any word on a proper fix?
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  14. Ketadine

    I like it how the added the bonus xp weekend exactly when the game is unplayable.

    Look you're watching a slide show, have some more exp, okay, maybe you will buy some boost, no ?

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  15. XRIST0

    For the love of god , do something to fix this mess soe =( the frame rate is terrible , worse than it ever was.

    The motion blur looks absolutly horrible , tanks and planes look like a big fat smudge when you turn =\

    How it ever got this bad i dont know , usually you improve the code .. it doesn't become worse over time .
  16. Chipskream

    Well, with MLG all hyped up and jimmy whisenhunt AND HIS FRICKIN MOM not being able to stop twittering about it, I doubt we will see a fix before monday. And then they may aswell release the ESL with it. I dont know man, I dont know. I was a big spender until I literally couldnt play the game anymore.
  17. Zakuak

    Nice post Ratzo, I'm with you!

    Yeah no doubt Ketadine LOL, it's like they threw this hero boost out to get us to play this weekend despite the horrid game performance. The boost and bonus both playing into some scheme to bolster game population for the weekend. Maybe they are getting a bean counter review. 0_o

    Litsten to me, hahaa I'm even falling into conspiracy type thinking its got me so worked up =P

    Well I'm at work and I was hell bent to buy this hero boost when I got home, I thought maybe the hotfix this morning addressed performance. Reading in here it appears neither hotfix addressed performance. I'll log in tonight and see / double check for myself then decide about the boost. Grrrrrr.....I'd love for it to be playable so I could rack up some serious XP this weekend!

    Grab the pitchforks!!!!!
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  18. Ethancol

    Seriously, no more money from me until I see a significant increase to the framerate!

    I understand there's some complex issues to be resolved for this to happen, but regardless of that I'm pulling a sad face right now at the situation.

    Come on Devs, fix us! FIX US! We want smooth warfare again before the weekend's out!

    Edit: I have faith in these guys, considering (although it didn't help) they chucked out two hotfix's today alone.
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  19. Basileus

    I think they are gonna start losing a lot of their big spenders. A lot of people that still play, are the people that put money into this game. Ignoring them when they can't sit down and play the game they are paying for is not a very good business model. If it's gonna be a few days until a fix is out that's fine, but at least post something about it saying the problem is being worked on(They have yet to do this since the "hotfix" came out) and it's gonna take a day or two.
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  20. SamizdatCowboy

    As a big spender, I did shamelessly gobble up the hero boosts even though my framerate is still crap :(

    Seriously though, we need an fps boost ASAP... the hotfixes did not improve my experience at all (still 20-50 fps vs 30-60 before GU4) Also note that the 'high end' of my range is only when I'm idling in WG... which, really, who cares? in medium-large battles i'm getting 20s.