FPS drop after GU4

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Matcap86, Mar 13, 2013.

  1. Matcap86

    Hey all,

    Just logged into PS2 to check on the new update and I noticed my fps had dropped from 80ish in base and 50-60 in combat down to 50-60 in base and 30-40 in combat. Haven't changed any settings on my part, so am I missing some "öptimalisation" that SOE did on their part?

    Running :
    I7 860 8mb ram
    Radeon 6870 1gb card.

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  2. Lordcoolio

    same situation. I had 40-50 in low to medium sized battles and now it´s constantly under 20

    intel i7 q720 2,6gz
    radeon 5870 hd
    6mb RAM
  3. Cryless

    my fps dropped to 0 near the crown when I was flying the moss... deja vu again, just like gu2
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  4. Laelgon

    I'm seeing the same thing. Previously got 80-100 fps in warpgate or unpopulated areas, no lower than 40 in big fights. Now at a small battle at Peris amp I'm dropping into the 20s. This is aweful.

    I5 3570k @4.0 ghz
    gtx 680 2gb
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  5. Vertabrae

    Yep seeing this as well
  6. Luewen

    Everyone of you deleted useroptions.ini after update like supposed to?
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  7. tbot

    My whole outfit has that problem. Overall we lost 20 fps after the update, and we get a lot more of those FPS hickups where it drops to 0 for 1 or 2 seconds.

    Not sure if its a server problem, but im on Ceres.
  8. RaTzo

    I've gone from getting 30-40 fps normally (80+ with no one around though) in the air to gettin 12-25... I can't imagine what it would be like trying to fight on the ground now.

    This is game is getting worse and worse... optimization? Seriously SOE shut the game down, send your Devs on vacation, come back in a month and spend the next 6 months getting the game right and re-launch for Christmas 2013.
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  9. RaTzo

    LIke you're supposed to? Is there a rule book, or is there a note in the Patch notes?
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  10. Chipskream

    Game is unplayable now. But at least the microstutter went away...although Im not all that sure that since with my current FPS (10-15), microstutter isnt that easily recognizable.

    Anyway, before GU04 I got 30 FPS in corwded areas, now the aforementioned 10-15.

    Phenom x955
    ATi 5850
    4 GB RAM

    Every GU its the same. I just dont get it.
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  11. N0008918

    Same here from 60fps infight to 25-35.

    i7-2600k 4.4Ghz
    580 GTX
    8 GB DDR3 RAM
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  12. Hatamoto

    FPS down to sometimes 30 near amp stations, i think its safe to say nothing was optimized in any good way ... and i usually dont get big drops like this. Im getting really damn tired of this game ...
  13. Sharpe

    About a 10 / 15 FPS drop for me (specially in huge fights)

    i7 2700k @ 4.6Ghz
    ATI hd6990
    16GB DDR3 @ 1600

    Also the textures seem to be "stuck" on high, even playing on medium or low textures it seems to remain the same for me.
    Also getting some small stuttering when large quantities of infantry "load up" into render range. Very noticeable while flying over busy areas where stuff goes in and out of render fast.
  14. Matcap86

    Although I'm kind of glad it isn't just me... it does suck overall.
    Did previous updates also suffer from this (and did it get resolved?) if that is the case I'll just drop PS2 for a little bit...
  15. Kiekeboe

  16. Sandzibar

    Even after doing that the performance is so bad. Lost 20fps like most other here. Frame rate tanks from 120 with no one around down to 20-30 when more than 5 other people are on the same hex as me.

    Oh and you cant set render disance lower than 1000 anymore.. as PS2 will set it back to 1000 on loading.

    i5-2500k @ 4.6Ghz
    670 GTX

    GraphicsQuality high. All other settings on low/1, 1000 renderdistance. shadows off. flora off.

    Id love for a dev to come in here and tell me what kit and config i should be using to get 60fps.

    The sort of framerate minimum you need for your E-SPORT L33T 360 YOLO SWAG PRO MLG plan.
  17. Matcap86

    I did that, no effect... and even if it did have an effect, it's kind of ridiculous that I would have to rummage around in the game files to make an update have no negative impact on my game.
  18. SpehsNublet

    Same here. FPS was usually 40-60yesterday, higher if i turned v-sync off. Now it drops down to around 20 most of the time.

    I noticed something though: I'm playing on a good laptop, and it has the integrated graphics card, and a very good dedicated graphics card, and in the game, next to the FPS it says CPU or GPU. Since the update it almost never says GPU. Does that mean it's not using my computer to it's full potential?
  19. AceMF

    same here

    16gb ram
  20. Lordcoolio

    It simply means that Cpu is the limiting factor, not your Gpu. Practically your Gpu is waiting for cpu to do its calculations. If it was other way around it would mean that cpu is waiting for your graphics card to do its deed.