Forcing players to have missions is a bad idea

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  1. stalkish

    I never know what *** this forum.
  2. RealityWarrior

    Sure but others are saying "Just let me disable it" and that mat be the answer for some but not everyone
  3. Tar

    All I've seen so far is a confusing sound now and then and a big useless sprite on the HUD obfuscating world objects. How is that "important info" again?
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  4. Evilsooty

    Need to keep this thread on top. Adding clutter after clutter is a bad direction and will end up with the UI being as horrible as Battlefield 3/4.

    We need options to get rid of the obnoxious icons! Couldn't care less if I miss out on extra experience as a result as being able to see clearly in a FPS is more important to me :0
  5. TeknoBug

    Missions? I haven't done those yet, but I see the annoying icons on the screen though.
  6. stalkish

    Say your PL/SL doesnt want to use waypoints or the voice chat, the only way youd know what target they want you to attack is with the mission system.
    I think your missing my point tbh, i dislike the system, i think it gets in the way and anoys me with needless sounds. BUT there will be some people who like it and some SLs who use it. Our opinions are not the be all and end all of existence, which is why i suggested a way for squad leaders to choose to use this with their squad. I would turn it off all together and forget it existed if i could.

    Funny thing about this new system is, i was just explaining to a relatively new player why they could not see the cap points or cap info at the base they were at.
    Not exactly working as intended is it..........
  7. Tar

    you mean the mission system that is in fact controlled by an invisible robot? That's a MMO game par excellance. Why lead, why create strategies and tactics, when we can just follow the "boink" sound!

  8. stalkish

    ye tell me about it, yesterday i was in a completely secure territory, i think there were at least 2 hexs between me and the front lines on all links and no enemy influence, yet i was told to stay and defend o_O ......The system atm is broken for sure, doesnt mean it will never be useful though, and it also doesnt mean some PL/SL dont make use of it. Personally i dont and probably never will use it, but i think if a PL/SL wants to use it to 'command' their squad then the participants of that squad should be using it to, after all they chose this squad and can always leave and join another one.
  9. Tar

    I read this argument about squad/platoon leaders, but I still fail to see how is it any better than a normal waypoint. All it says is "go here"
  10. stalkish

    Firstly i agree totaly with what your saying, i dislike the system, i think it serves no purpose and like you said is in no way an improvement on the normal waypoint smoke system (other than the additional xp but who cares about that).

    I tried to find Malorns post about how he was using it, what he basicaly said was if a SL is too lazy or inept to use waypoints then the mission system will automatically give the squad memebers the target, takes away the hassle of doing it themselves. Now i would say if you dont want to squad lead then dont squad lead but SOE have obviously decided they want monkeys to be able to play this game at all levels, so for the sake of the monkeys i suggested a solution for squad leaders who want to utilize it.

    I still think voice chat is by far the best form of communication tho, this is why pretty much all outfits will use some form of 3rd party voice chat eg TS, vent, mumble, way faster than typing and when combined with waypoints it creates a fool proof target.
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  11. WyrdHarper

    If that's the case, they really shouldn't be leading anyway. A lazy/careless leader isn't going to have a fun or effective squad no matter how many shiny buttons they have at their disposal.
  12. JonboyX

    Who are these people? Truthfully; who are you designing this game for? Who is it that has posted (anywhere) to say they are finding it hard to navigate to a squad waypoint? Who is it that is getting 'confused' by the timer of the hex they are in, compared to the timer at some distant base? Let's be entirely honest: you don't even need to navigate - you just click "Squad Deploy" to be warped to the target... you don't even need to drive/fly.

    I don't believe any of the reasons you provided are valid. It looks just an excuse to put some big zerg herder system in to the game; not that we need any more of these imo.

    What would be wrong with having a squad XP waypoint, just as there was in PS1, and above all which, you could toggle visibility of if you wished? Or is it that this isn't a squad tool after all?

    Bottom line is that the only people the system really suits are randoms just looking for a quick blast for extra XPs, because any normal squad will have an SL who wants to pick their own targets; be it based on map domination, base value, or proximity... not because of a randomized empire target.
  13. stalkish

  14. Evilsooty

    Payed again last night and am trying my best to ignore the icon in all it's arrow-spinning awfulness, but it's no good. Still as obnoxious as ever! And to add to the annoyance it makes that annoying 'Boooowhooop' sound every time a new mission pops up.

    Down with this sort of thing!
  15. DeadlyPeanutt

    when i jump into an area to defend based on orders from platoon command and can't see cap progress on my screen, the mission thing hurts gameplay.


    if it's glued to your hud and gives you bad data, it's a bug not a feature.
  16. Paisty

    Yeah I said that when the issue was brought up in a post under the one you quoted.

    Malorn already stated they are looking to address that cap timer issue.

    Lose the rage man, it's not healthy.

    Also why would you want to turn off +15% xp?
  17. MorganM

    My only beef is the swirly thing around the base icon obscures too much of my vision. Not on the map I mean in game where I'm trying to aim at targets a long distance away.
  18. MasterCheef

    They shouldn't, but they do and always will.
  19. maxkeiser

    Yes, the icon is really annoying. I would like to be able to remove it. Yesterday it was literally blocking my view as I was trying to shoot people. I could only see the icon - not the enemy infantry or tanks. LOL!

    Is this intended?