Forcing players to have missions is a bad idea

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  1. WyrdHarper

    People really liked the concept, but then look at all the comments. Most people want the features we don't have yet, and raise direct concerns about the exact same things we're seeing here (no option to disable it, issues with squads/platoons, the fact that it uses the IA system to determine locations, etc.).
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  2. NinjaTurtle

    Yes but those issues will likely/hopefully be fixed as it develops.

    The problem with PTS compared to live is the huge difference in players between the two. SOE will get the best test data from live as more people are able to give them data about it.

    This is also not a major issue imo because although a minor annoyance isn't game breaking
  3. zukhov

    Well, like it or hate it the mission system seems to be working. People are fighting harder to defend a base, and don't hang around a recently capped base for so long. Battles in the terrain between bases are now a lot more intense.

    Not only are solo guys getting a clue where to go next and they also have the comfort of knowing that that's where most other people are going to be heading as well.

    I don't use the mission system at all, it took only a couple of hours for me to mentally filter it out and I don't even notice it now.

    IMO a decent addition to the game, and I can't think of any reasonable argument against it (apart from the cosmetic). Good start!
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  4. WyrdHarper

    That's why I said they should have done focus-testing. Even without it, there are a number of comments on the PTS feedback thread and forums about the missions system saying the EXACT SAME THINGS as that thread and all the other ones popping up.

    It is gamebreaking to not be able to see point/base captures--I'm not sure how your outfit operates, but ours does lots of very fast redeploys and beacon drops all over the map. Most of what we do is very specifically timed, with very fast and efficient communication about when bases are available and when people need to move. Having point capture information on the HUD is essential to efficient operations, especially as we split up our forces pretty regularly. The way it works now, it primarily rewards zerging down lattice lanes instead of smart movement of troops, and rewards spawncamping in vehicles instead of using vehicles in the open field (since vehicles are only rewarded if they're in hex--intercepting enemy drops or armor, or pre-emptively hunting sunderers, or setting up a spawn option behind enemy lines for flanking gives you no bonus). It helps out newbies find fights, but it only rewards players for the behaviors that people really dislike.

    t doesn't matter if it's working great and awesome and is extremely refined in five months, if we're playing with this version for another five months waiting for it to come out (clear exaggeration, but we've seen features and bugs happen in that timeframe before).
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  5. NinjaTurtle

    I admit I am unaware of this particular bug and have yet to experience it.

    At least we have had some dev feedback in these threads today though, gives hope that these issues may be resolved soon, if even just an option button is added
  6. WyrdHarper

    It's not a bug, it's a feature.

    It's when you are at a base and the Mission System blocks off what points are capped and how long the timer has left on the cap. It's more then annoying.
  8. NinjaTurtle


    A Dev said it was a feature.
  10. Stanis

    The most annoying part of this is the changes to viewing Capture Point status in-hex.
    It's very annoying to rapidly respond with a few guys elsewhere and lack that vital info!

    It would seem that rather than a reward for staying within the same hex as the SL we have moved to 'staying in the hex the SL designates' (at a future phase in development).
    I do hope a future mission type is as simple as 'support SL'. and 100m radius and floating mission marking on the SL or Fireteam Leader is the objective.

    I understand the mission system is a work in progress .. however, since the first feedback threads I have requested the opt-out.
    That is as simple as NOT displaying mission markers and a waypoint on the UI with a dedicated 'mission' screen that I can choose to view and interact with.

    Please find a way to give back the capture point info for the current hex regardless of mission status.
    Please provide an opt-in such that mission system has a dedicated screen/interface and unless I choose to activate or participate it is not mandatory. On by default is fine.
  11. c4r151

    It that's the case, the player your talking about is either an idiot or has bad eyesight.

    All this does is make it annoying for me in a squad.

    At least give us the ability to turn it off.
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  12. bPostal

    That is a failing of the map UI, not the mission system.
  13. AxisO7

    No it's not. The mission system has directly removed the cap timer from every base except for the one which your current mission is saying you should be at. It's also removed the cap points from showing above the mini-map.
  14. Edgewalkr

    As an SL/PL I do not want the game dictating to me where I should be sending my forces, we have empire wide alliances for a reason and that is why LEADER created missions are the only ones that matter.

    As a grunt I don't want anything other than my SL/PL telling me where we should be be going, unless on the rare occasion I'm not playing with my outfit, but if we had LEADER created missions I would still have direction.

    To deny information about your current location because they are not where the game wants them to be is unacceptable. What if I'm sending a couple guys to a base to check on enemy presence, or terminal availability, or to pull armour/air. The sooner we get an option to turn this auto generated mission system off and just have Leader created missions the better.

    In addition when are you finally going to realise that just because I, or my squad, are not in the SOI of a base it does not mean we're not contributing to the attack/defense.
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  15. WorldOfForms

    That's just clearly horrible design. They actually removed base capture information with missions?
  16. Timithos

    ^ Yup ^
  17. Luke15g

    The mission system is clearly not finished as repeatedly stated by developers in response to complaints.

    However, since SOE are so ridiculously far behind on their initial roadmap
    (remember all those features we were promised a year ago?) they seem to be desperately trying to catch up by releasing planned features in incomplete and poorly thought out chunks. I get that game development can throw up unforeseen challenges but its better to delay something than to put it out half-*****, tick the box on the roadmap and then slowly fix it later.

    Also, they seem to have adopted a pretty childish attitude of "I put work into this so everyone has to use it so I didn't waste my time" by not allowing unnecessary features like this to be disabled.

    I really don't care what BS excuses they come up with to justify it, it is an insulting and belittling "feature" to anyone in an organised outfit or even to people who have played for any significant period of time (you know, the types of people that actually spend money on the game)
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  18. Timithos

    • We did ask for this.
    • There is plenty of Roadmap community input on shaping it.
    • We have suffered the loss of countless valuable leaders that are no longer in the game, who still need to be retained if at all possible.
    • Each Planetside leader is worth, strategic-wise & community promotion-wise, more then dozens of arena-FPS players that have wandered into Planetside.
    • These leaders are required for the long-term viability and survive-ability of this game.
    • Directives, Outfit Recruiting, VOIP expansion/optimization, & better squad/platoon/company/outfit tools can't arrive fast enough.
    • Long live Planetside!
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  19. Selerox

    This. As people have already said, this is an intrusive measure that negatively affects a lot of organised players. Include it by all means, but it has to have an option to turn it off.
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  20. Forkyar24

    come on guys you should know what I mean if you play the game at all, I am forced to have it on my hud, did I really need to explain that..... jesh and no I don't do what the sl wants me to do, if I choose to then I might.