Forcing players to have missions is a bad idea

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  1. Zotamedu

    Why do you feel the need to enforce squad cohesion by punishing players? Isn't that up the the squad lead to split his squad the way he sees fit? If people are not following the squad, then any squad lead with half a brain will kick them and make room for players who are following the squad. If you cannot follow the big green markers on the map, then you are probably not going to care about a blue marker as well. This back seat squad leading by an AI is highly insulting.

    If you want good squad play, make sure the squad leads have the tool to do their jobs. Do not remove control and vital information from the players. Give us the options to split a squad into two or three fire teams. Give the Squad lead multiple squad waypoints for primary and secondary objectives.
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  2. Noktaj

    Bloody stupid change.
    There it is the perfect defition of this "feature".
    I don't mind the useless mission thing, please for the the love of god, LET US SEE THE BLOODY CAP POINTS. Thank you.
    I'm not playing the game beacuse of this unwantend and utterly stupid "feature".
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  3. Noktaj

    It's a feature so stupid and annoying that pleople genuinely thinks it's a bug.
    That's tells you enough about the "feature".
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  4. uhlan

    The HUD is already too "busy".

    Having these icons on screen blocks LOS.

    It's already bad enough that terminals have text (as if that's necessary) which already hinder targetting on ocassion.
  5. Makora

    There are a few ways to "fix" the missions. The idea itself is solid, no argument there. Players need a "carrot" to keep them going. And nothing says carrot more then a waypoint.

    1) Automated Mission indicators are turned OFF when you join a squad. In this case only the squadleader gets the automated notification but those are over-ridden by platoon leader or self made mission objectives.
    2) You implement an option under the notifications section of the social tab "Hide Missions"

    Result. When the rest of the system comes online, then it is up to the individual soldier to choose whether they see these popups or not. When playing in an organized unit it is easy to imagine these to be turned on if the squad leader is both active with issuing the missions and can be used to organize more complex tasks.
    Those who don't partake in larger organized units can opt out of this feature if they choose to do so.
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  6. Timithos

    This is a good thing from stand point of attackers and base defense. Attackers should be denied as much information as possible about the base. Attackers should be blind. It's not their base. This should be another tool in SOE's toolbox on how to make bases more defensible.

    Defenders on the other hand, need their info back.
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  7. K_Reed

    As a veteran player, if the hex I'm in is being flipped, it's incredibly frustrating to have to "m out" and check the global map for status. It also takes my focus away from the action and leaves me more vulnerable. I really hope this feature is reconsidered and the capture/defend status for whatever hex you're currently occupying will ALWAYS show on screen.

    Even new players should be able to discern the different between being at Freyr Amp and being at Eisa Tech because UI gives you the exact name of the hex you're occupying. FPS player's eyes are naturally trained to scan all parts of the minimap for information. The name of the hex is extremely apparent.
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  8. Forkyar24

    you guys don't listen very well then, why is it so hard to give a option for us to turn off the mission thing on the hud, and you keep beating around the bush and not answering that question, o wait I know the answer because you guys don't want to or are lazy either way not cool dude.
  9. andy_m

    Is this a place to add your vote then? If so, I vote for having the option to disable the new Mission System.

    Sorry :(
  10. Roland2TowerCame

    Are you high? Perhaps I should elucidate more before I get a warning from a mod. Information about the territory one is currently occupying is still relevant, the UI's purpose is to display relevant information, therefore it should be displayed.
    I should correct a mistake, you're just one developer after all, I should have said, "Are the majority of the development team high?" Well, then again, it's probably difficult to stay high all the time, so let's try again, "Were the majority of the development team engaged with this decision high at the time of its discussion and conclusion?"
  11. Astealoth

    I can't figure missions out at all. No matter what I do in a mission area the mission never completes. What exactly are missions supposed to be? Missions are a convoluted mess right now and simply make the least sense of anything that's ever been added in their current state. It would be nice if you got something for going out of your way to go fight at a mission designated area. Currently there's no XP bonus for fighting in a mission area, there's no way to complete a mission, and even if there was a way to complete a mission I don't even know if there's a reward involved.

    Please can this project and move onto resource revamp before the last handful of people quit.
  12. maxkeiser

    Just a bit more constructive feedback after a whole weekend of playing. The situations where I've found issues are as follows:

    (1) A platoon/squad member: Playing in a squad/platoon and we are taking a base (let's say an AMP station). The base is going to be ours (probably) so with 2-3 minutes on the timer the Platoon lead calls for Squad leaders ONLY to redeploy to the WG or another base etc while the platoon as a whole stays at the AMP station. The moment the Squad leaders leave the AMP station, we lose all details about the AMP station cap and start getting missions relating to where the Squad leaders are (constantly changing as he moves around). This would doubtless case massive confusion to players and means experienced players have no information about the base they are in.

    (2) Leading squad/platoon: As above. I leave the base we are capping to scout ahead/set up at the next installation and my squad immediately lose all cap info at the base they are at and instead get fed a stream of nonsensical missions according to where I am on the map (which is totally irrelevant). I've had players (new players) wondering in chat what the hell is going on and asking 'who is giving the orders?'.

    (3) In relation to (1) and (2). I've now died quite a bit through checking the map for cap information when the squad lead is somewhere else. It is absurd to have to check the map when there are enemies around. Is it intended that we should die through being forced to check the map when before all the information we needed was on the HUD?

    Please fix this.

    We need Cap info for ALL bases that we are located in.
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  13. maxkeiser

    Very important that changes are made.
  14. RealityWarrior

    You ignored the 2nd part of my post, the more important piece.

    People don't play the game inside the little mold they are trying to force us into.

    Just last night our squad lead kept jumping ahead to the next area to cap so we would have a sundy and a spawn beacon to move our squad as soon as the current point capped, but when he left the area we could no longer see who controlled the points or how much time was left.

    It is currently a terrible way to implement what will be a great asset to the game.
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  15. stalkish

    Simple solution to the problem:
    Allow players to disable the system if they dont want it.
    Problem with that solution is when joining a squad the leader might be using it and you will possibly miss out on important info, therefore the PL/SL should get an option to 'Force mission system' this would auto enable it on anyone joining the squad and allow the leader full functionality of it. But it would allow experienced players and new players the chance to say 'no thanks, ill decide how i play the game not an AI script'.
    Higby gets his new player retention, experienced players get to tell him to go take a hike. Everyones happy.
  16. RealityWarrior

    Then you lose the 15% bonus and you wont get the rewards once they are implemented for those of us who want to participate.

    The better option is to disable how it blanks out the NEEDED info about capturing areas.
  17. CDN_Wolvie

    Agreed, its not that its a bad idea, its just not an implementation that works with Squad and Platoon play.

    Its fine as a only on the map suggestion to the current Squad Leader (SL) / Platoon Leader (PL), because its letting them know "Hey, other players on your faction are probably going to head here" to help with the laziness Malorn has mentioned but it clearly needs to be more player driven with the context that way points, smoke, and attack/defend map requests bring.

    A fine tweak to the implementation would be to have the missions auto-assign when not in a squad but snap to or be given more weight the SL/PL way points, smoke, and defend/attack symbols that is in the Leader cert tree. If that was the case, then there would be no need to ever turn the system off really.

    We understand this is in development, we are unsatisfied with the current implementation, please implement the feature in a more cohesive and helpful manner.

    And thank you for reading and responding in the forums, your feedback Malorn is helping our feedback.
  18. Chubzdoomer

    Couldn't possibly agree more. The mission system is not only annoying, it's also ultimately pointless (especially if you're in a squad/platoon). It's bad enough that you shoved this cruddy, unfinished feature into the game, but it's worse that you refuse to allow us to just disable it all-together. Bad move.
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  19. stalkish

    the 15% xp bonus is completely unimportant for BR100s, ad argue so will be the rewards since chances are youve already unlocked all the stuff you want/need by then.
    Also there are thos who simply do not care about xp, im one of them, i play to have fun shooting stuff, healing stuff, fixing stuff, i dont care about being patted on my back every couple seconds for playing a game.
    I also hate the UI addition of it and dislike the sound of a new mission.
    I honestly dont see the problem with having a disable button, if you want the xp/rewards you turn it on, if your not botherd you turn it off.
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  20. RealityWarrior

    I don't see a problem with a disable button either but that can't be "The fix" because that doesn't fix it for people that DO want to use it and want the mission system to bring flavor to the game.