Forcing players to have missions is a bad idea

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  1. Forkyar24

  2. bPostal

    Which is a failure of the User Interface on the map as it's not providing you with current, pertinent information. That portion of the UI needs to be reworked.
  3. Villanuk

    Fully agree, there MUST be an option of turning it off and also joining as a member. Its getting OTT with all the pop ups.
  4. Copasetic

    I'm really excited about the finished mission system but not showing capture point information for other bases is awful. If your concern is about new players accidentally being at the wrong base then surely there's a better way to communicate that. A way that doesn't screw over the rest of the population who do know where the game thinks they "should" be but choose to be somewhere else.
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  5. NB88

    The mission system is a decent idea on its own, but the lack of options to turn off the screen animation/text and sound makes it a massive annoyance when playing. I would not mind the mission if it was only visible on the large map, but the way it is now is getting on my nerves.
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  6. Kerempooh

    For me it's not just annoying, it's practivally making the game unplayable. Not being able to see cap points and timer as a PUNISHMENT for not being where the glorious missions system is telling you to be?!?!
    It's.... I don't know how to describe it actually. Passive-agressive? Anyway, I can't play the game unless I know what's going on in the hex I'm in. And no, I will not go where The Man tells me to. Not all the time anyway. I'm taking a break from the game until they resolve it. It's annoying me too much and I don't play games to get annoyed and frustrated.

    If it's SOE's intention to weed out the game of people like me and replace them with players who are more inclined to quietly do what they're told (maybe they'll be more easily persuaded to UPGRADE NOW) then good luck to them. I'll have no part with it though.
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  7. Noktaj

    Only thing that hurts me about the Mission system is that the Mission HUD REPLACE the points flipping and the base capturing timer if you are not in the same base of you squadleader.
    This is the MOST ANNOYING thing ever. With all the fuss about the upgrade now buttons it has passed almost unseen but that is what's actually preventing me to play atm, not the big ads.
    I'm not 100% of my time in the same place of my squadlead. I wan t to see what's going on in the BASE I AM IN.

    Please fix this.
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  8. BrokenMirror

    Here's a way to do it, make it so that the mission Either snaps to the Squad Waypoint,
    or Even give leaders a Cert to click on a zone and set it as the squad mission.

    Both of these remove the "Randomness" that is created by the squad leader issue.
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  9. WyrdHarper

    In regards to the whole squad leader issue, at this point after playing with it I'd still like the option to have it disabled for my squad. Basically the tl;dr seems to be that it exists for newer squads and newer players. That's fine; however, if that's the case then I'd rather not have it showing up for my more experienced group. Training wheels are really good for people learning to ride a bike, but once you know how you take them off.
  10. DeadlyPeanutt

    option to turn it on or off. should not be forced on players.
  11. G.O.A.T

    I don't see the point of it.

    It just tells u each time u enter a new territory to either defend or attack....Is not a big deal for any experience player, does it even give you more XP? Seems like it doesn't.

    It only helps n00bs who don't know much about what the objective is, I guess.
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  12. Zotamedu

    You really really need to rethink the part where you remove the capture timer. Sure, keep the missions, I'll mostly just ignore them but do NOT remove vital information from me for not playing the way your AI wants me to. When we are running large operations, our squad and platoon leads have specific objectives in mind and they are rarely the same as your AI. So rethink it.

    Until it is remade to work in a logical way, I will continue to submit bug reports.
  13. Evilsooty

    Dunno about everyone else, but I love an obnoxious icon that doesn't go away no matter which way I turn. Way to go, guys!
  14. equinub

    Advanced players don't need mission systems.

    How hard is it to add a config option for most of the game?


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  15. King Feraligatr

    I don't care about the missions system as long as they restore the essential information like capture points and capture timers in non-mission areas. A toggle option would be nice as well and it would please most along with restoring the necessary information me and other people have mentioned. Unfortunately, I have doubts that this will be changed back. Until then, I think I'll only be logging in for my passive certs and and the PTS when it comes to things pertaining this game. Please fix this "feature".
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  16. Giggily

    Yup this is pretty annoying. My SL was in a Scythe earlier flying around doing anti-air while I was on point trying to defend, only to have the mission constantly updating for me and I couldn't see the capture progress of the base I was at half the time. This is not a good idea at all, like at all.

    I already feel like the player base is losing interest in this game at a pretty amazing pace and features like this, which are intentionally removing functionality, sure aren't helping things.
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  17. King Feraligatr

    I said this on another thread, but I'll add here as well. To me, a toggle would be quite easy. An extra Boolean is all I think you would need. Have it when it click that checkbox it sets that Boolean. And then have the code that displays the missions system check for said Boolean. I don't think it would be terribly hard to do that.
  18. Tar

    Worst. Feature. Ever.
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  19. TorigomaSET

    Because being in a Squad does not mean following your Squad leader around like a Blind Puppy. Often times Our SL will break us up into 3-4 man groups and take outlaying bases or backcap a position. That becomes a every hard thing to do with No info on where you are even at.
  20. Itzhaki

    Adding another scenario: having the squad move forward to the next base but the SL sends 1-2 guys to the friendly base behind us to clear off the stalker ghost capper and enable out capture on the lane. There are too many events where hiding the capture timers in a non-missioned base is bad for playing cohesively with the squad.
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