Forcing players to have missions is a bad idea

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  1. z1967

    What if Platoon/Squad leaders could assign players in their squad to accomplish a certain objective that is not a part of the main mission? Ex: [Squad name] [numbers of the squad members] have been assigned to [action] at [location]. This way, commanders can divide their forces into doing different tasks that might or might not pertain to the mission whilst the members of the squad are not confused when they get there and cannot see the cap point.

    Also, please allow us to toggle something to prevent missions from being assigned in the event that someone would not like to take a mission. From what I am seeing on the forums and on Reddit, it looks like not everyone wants a mission to do at all times.
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  2. NoctD

    You may be reading - but are you really listening to what we have to say?

    We already said some things during the PTS testing:

    • Waypoint indicator was too distracting, did it get changed? Nope.
    • Text takes up too much screen real estate, did it get changed? Nope.
    • System was pointless the way it was, well we didn't expect you to change that, cause you keep saying its ok to put in an alpha feature into the game, just to build a foundation. Your buddy in the art department made vehicles look real bad too with this same line of reasoning.
    • Oh, what did we get? More obnoxious sounds added for the Missions system when objectives change.

    Perhaps you'll learn to listen and not just read?

    And now you're getting more negative feedback from a wider audience - it's cause you did not listen to us!
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  3. Villanuk

    Thank you for the reply malorn,

    1.2. Agreed some wanted this, but some like myself saw no reason for it, but that said i do agree its impossible to please everyone and for me its not a game breaker. I agree that many want everything today which is impossible to achieve, more so as their are more important issues to resolve in the game. That said we didn't want the kill map and soe went ahead although the vast majority did NOT want this and still do NOT. So you can guess and understand the concern?

    3. Just one bug but that's one bug to many IMHO. Last night was typical of a new patch which meant most of the night servers were down, its just not professional. My point is, why on earth are patches put out when they are not correct? Im a company director, and my customers would not accept problems that occur regularly and more so i would not allow the staff to do them.

    4. Again i give you huge credit for coming here and answering my post and i can guess many of the posters on the forum would also thank you for taking the time to explain the situation from your side and your point of view. I think you make valid arguments and it would be good to hear from you guys more often as i believe the game as a whole will benefit from interaction on these forums will you guys, on what you think and how we can relate to it or protest as the case may be :)
  4. Zakuak

    Sounds good Marlon, looking forward to a deeper mission system altogether, thanks for posting!
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  5. RealityWarrior

    This is the issue right now. It is, in fact, hampering people that are working with their squad. While normally you are with your Squad leader it isn't ALWAYS the case.

    I love the new system idea. I look forward to it being implemented. Making everyone participate isn't a great idea. There is too often times when people want to do Flash races, or operate outside of your idea of optimum and they should be allowed to do so.

    Just because you can't think of a good reason for them to do so doesn't mean they can't.
  6. TomaHawk

    Uh, hold on a sec. With all due respect, I don't think many players genuinely expect this. I think you're not giving the player base enough credit and it really comes off whiny and inaccurate.

    Any time a player demands everything all at once, they usually get ripped apart by other players.

    Please give us that much?

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  7. Mxiter

    Those mission will gives some incentive to follow squad leaders, but is useless if the SL/PL is braindead anyway.
  8. BCKrogoth

    I have a really hard time understanding this argument. I don't see how the system *prevents* people from having Flash races or the like. While the system makes itself well apparent in what it thinks you should do, I don't really see it putting a gun to your soldier's head and TKing you if you don't comply. There's a difference between suggestion and prevention, even if the suggestion is annoying at times.
  9. 3Stan2112


    I spent nearly 3 (very fun) hours last night fighting back and forth in small squad actions (in and out of squads actually) between Andvari South Bank and Jaeger's Fist. There were several times when we had defended an encroachment and were starting to roll out to the other base when a Cloaker had already come back to Andvari and recapped A but we couldn't see that since the Mission had already decided we should be at Jeager's. The logic of hiding that info makes no sense to me as a player. You can call it a bug, a feature, whatever, but that doesn't change the fact that it doesn't work.
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  10. Tratt

    I'm sure you can look all over the forums and see all sorts of people wanting "xyz nerfed now" or "balance this now because I see it as being unbalanced" or even "Why hasn't this been patched yet!?!?!" to be done right now or else (insert quitting, dropping subscription or some other type of empty "threat".

    It's a mainstay of any supplier - customer relationship. If pay my money or give my support then I want what I want right now. It's human nature to want to put one's personal needs in front of everything and everyone else.

    I'd rather people actually head to the PTS and test some things out before they come to the forums and whine about every little change that is made and was mentioned in the PTS Patch Notes pages. I know it will never happen though and will continue to read their posts with contempt and a slight smirk on my face.

    TL; DR People are not patient, they want everything done RIGHT now, time vs quality catch 22.
  11. IamDH

  12. Srazor

    I like the new mission system thus far. I know it will be improved throughout the next phases.

    People who want to toggle it off/on with a hotkey is a good idea.

    I find the new mission system useful when I play TR and just joined a continent that has only 7% pop for my faction while the other factions have 30%+ Pop. I have multiple choices on my lattice system where I could choose to go, but here's the kicker how do I know I will have support once I go there? Keep in mind I'm playing TR (usually lowest pop) and not joining a squad in this example.

    Having the mission system makes it easy to choose which base to attack next, and once my faction population builds up I will have the needed support attacking the base, assuming they're using the mission system as guidance.
  13. MrJoske

    I'm fine with the missions being 'forced on me', I just ignore them (in their current form there is no use for them for me personally).

    There is only one thing I want: allow us to hide the current mission notification above the minimap permanently (I can check the map itself if I need to know which mission I have, which in its current 'initial' version is never) or at least make it disappear as soon™ we enter the target base hex.

    Atm it clutters the HUD too much.
  14. kmike

    I can't believe not being able to see the current base status in the HUD is a *feature*. What kind of nonsense is this?
    Please give us a way to turn off the missions. It's an useless hand-holding for any sufficiently experienced player.
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  15. AxisO7

    This change where you can't see the capture points of the base you are in might, and I do stress 'might', help complete newbies and dumb zergs (which are normally made up of complete newbies). That's it.

    Every single organised outfit/squad/platoon is being screwed around by it. We know what we are doing. We'll regularly spread out a single squad over two or more bases. Not being able to see the capture time has already directly got me killed three times as I've gone into my map and an enemy has come along and killed me. One of those bases was lost purely because of it. With all due respect, it's a bloody stupid change that needs to be reverted ASAP. It can't wait for a week until the next update. It needs to be done now.

    Having missions to help out newer players, or even not so new players, is a great thing. Implementing them half-done....not great, but ok. Taking away vital features to do so? Stupid.
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  16. Sarcasmo

    I disagree,
    1. I asked for something like this back at release
    2. I wanted it, alot of people were excited about it, it keeps people from dallying off to lala land while their squad does objectives together.
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  17. iller

    a 15% xp bonus is "forcing" you to do something???

    I think what you meant to say here, is the automatic Respawn-Point picking feature always cancels the point you selected at your last death, and sometimes even picks a new point in the 10 second span between when you died and selected the one you actually WANTED and double-clicked on. Or in even more extreme cases: the one that it automatically got updated to sometimes only a second before you click Respawn. In that case, yes the system is "Forcing" us or atleast Tricking us every chance it gets. Being able to turn THAT off is way way way way more important right now than turning off some easily ignored HUD candy
  18. AxisO7

    Not being able to see the capture points and, more importantly, the time left on the base you are at, is attempting to force us to do something. I can't remember anybody asking for that change.
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  19. NinjaTurtle

    Actually with all due respect the Roadmap thread indicates the opposite. Players do want this and the reaction was positive. According to the up vote system on the Missions thread it has a 93.58% approval rating.

    The issue players are having now is they can't see the potential this system has and don't seem to understand this is phase 1, not the final edition
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  20. Wecomeinpeace

    I appreciate the feedback of malorn, however he didn't answer the main question that is looming in this thread:

    Why is this not optional? It's not just the mission system (same happened with the auto voice macros, the deathscreen, etc.), but in this case a simple checkbox option to show/hide missions and their markers (and sounds) is all most of us are asking for. Yet once again you refuse to give us options and force things down our throat.

    I know i begin to sound like a broken record here, but this isn't a console game. Options are not hard to implement and the refusal to give us options leads to players being annoyed by an otherwise good idea.

    Why you rather want to see countless complaints instead of adding a simple checkbox is just beyond me.
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