Excellent all-round weapon for light assault.

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by TomDRV, May 30, 2013.

  1. vaxx

    Actually it address everything you typed.

    1. Its not a "waste" to shoot at things from longer ranges. It is pretty damn effective.
    2. I used a carbine for both close -through- long range engagements just fine.
    3. An all around weapon should probably cover "all around", meaning effective range from close-long as well as decent damage drop-off, and velocity. Something Shotguns and SMG's don't have.

    Lastly you obviously only play the LA one way...therefore think its the only way. Which is funny, because on my TR/NC and VS characters, I don't the CQC role, yet still do just fine, get lots of kills, and help my team.

    So to sum it up. The default weapons for each class will perform any role, and don't have a "downside". They are not specialized in any area, therefore I still think they are the best all around weapons.
  2. vaxx

    Says the dude that has played LA 2% of his time. :rolleyes:
  3. Fortress

    I've put down so many LA's that I know what works and what doesn't, and I will put down a "lol sniper LA" ten times out of ten.

    Congrats on finding some weird playstyle, but that doesn't mean that it's efficient or effective in all but the strangest of circumstances and your stats certainly don't back up your case.
  4. vaxx

    So someone disagrees with your boyfriend now you "all mad"? Cute.

    So you don't play LA, but you know what works and what doesn't? LOL. Awesome....I never actually flown a plane, but I have seen enough of them to know how to pilot one.

    Yes, a really "weird" playstyle is to shoot at people beyond SMG range....so odd. :rolleyes:

    Whats wrong with my "stats"? They are average. How do my stats not back up my statements?
  5. Fortress

    Average? They are awful for any light assault who knows what he is doing. And since you're being a dick, I'll cut to the chase: You're bad and ignoring advice from those obviously better than you are. Shut up and stop giving advice.
  6. jak

    1. Again, you're cutting off half of my statement. I said it's a waste of the class, meaning (again, my opinion) you are not utilizing the strengths of the class.
    2. I can't pull the stats right now, but 2 of my top weapons are carbines...I know how they perform in all areas.
    3. The interesting part of this statement is all the carbines have different attributes - some good at long range, some good at CQC, some have attachments for alternative styles. Yet none is better all around than a Sirius, which is the original topic.

    Because I don't agree with your point of view, I "obviously only play the LA one way"? Again, 2 of my top used weapons are carbines...so what way am I playing LA? A class based off mobility and attacking with speed from unexpected angles...and I should use weapons that are average to below average in all 3 areas rather than ones that compliment the attributes of the class design? Actually, the one strength of *some* carbines is counter to the design that empowers the class.
  7. vaxx

    Oh...now my stats are awful? They are not steller, but far from aweful. Please, do show me the right stats I need to be able to play this game correctly, and post on these forums. I guess I am doing it wrong.

    Considering the fact, the real dick is you, who shows up in a LA forum (that doesn't even play the class) all ******** over someone not agreeing with his buddy. Sow....how about you shut up and stop giving advice about a class you don't even play? Sounds like a much better idea then yours!
  8. vaxx

    1. I have no issue with your opinion. But saying anything long range related is a waste of the class is just plain ignorant.

    2. And no, your top weapons are a Nova and NC11c. The rest are mostly shotguns and a CQC carbine. So yes, you play it one way. Nothing wrong with that mind you, you like to do CQC most of the time.

    3. Right....and my counter argument over the Sirius being the best all around is....if you are caught in an open field fight, or spot a HA 60m out, or see an Infl. on a rock across a valley, the carbine (any....with any attachments) has a better chance to kill then the SMG. At the same time, say the Solstice, can still do great at CQC hip fire, yet still able to hit with ADS across a Biolab. Basically not restricting you to have to get closer ALL the time to be effective. Do you see where I am coming from?

    And class design. The class was designed to be more agile in the vertical degree. There is nothing else past that in the class design. Add to the fact that SMG's were not even out on release, and you can see you may have blinders on to other ways to play.

    The main difference is I and others that have posted don't tell the way you play is a "waste" because we are not so close minded.
  9. Sea of Ink

    Sirius is best all around. Not explaining. Not worth the effort. Jak is pretty much right...
  10. SilencedNinja

    Okay, I play as light assault and I was wondering if I should get the cyclone or the blitz!!!!!!!!! I was just wondering what most of you guys and gals would tell me which gun is better! ;) Also, should I get the gd7f instead or the blitz or the cyclone!! Please respond!
  11. Kuriby

    My mistake, wrong choice of words.

    Yes, you can play LA whatever way you want, make it a knifing jump jet style for all I or anyone should care.

    However, the topic is addressing an excellent all-around light assault weapon. So in order for us to give good advice we need to address an excellent all-around way of playing the LA.

    Again, as any decent LA player knows, I will say it again. If you spend the MAJORITY of the time playing LA shooting targets >50m, you are not using the class to its full potential. You aren't playing the class wrong, but there are other classes out there that do that job MUCH better (snipers, HA, and medics).

    The LA class was designed in itself to be a flanker, with occasional times where tree sniping can be helpful. But it requires players to get into CQC very frequently. Therefore, it requires weapons that can eliminate multiple targets quickly and efficiently.

    For the NC, the Blitz is your best choice. Some might argue the GDF, but with the long reload times and shorter clip size, you will often find yourself out of bullets, or killed due to reloading. I don't play other factions so I can't comment on what weapon to buy. However, its very easy to figure out.

    The weapon needs to be: High ammo capacity OR Quick reload, Fast firing rate OR Strong alpha shots, and Excellent hip fire accuracy.

    IMO, get a SMG and your factions CQC-Carbine and you are set for all situations. When storming bases lonewolfing, use your CQC Carbine. When working with the zerg, use your SMG. For towers/biolabs, use the SMG.

    Remember that you should always control engagement. Only bad LA's will spend a lot of time shooting targets far away and/or spend time trying to kill 1 person >100m away. Move in close, 0-25m is where the LA shines.

    Hope this helps :)
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  12. Kuriby

    Again, there are times where you will be engaging targets 50m+ with LA. This isn't a ends to all means. But to score high in SPM, with the LA you need to get close and personal. That is why we have a jet pack. If you like getting high SPM from 50m+, go with the medic! The AR is MUCH better at those situations.

    Like Jak is saying, this thread is about an excellent all-round weapon for LA.

    Your solstice is great for 50m+ ranges (though, AR's would like to laugh at you), but its not an excellent all-round weapon for the LA because you can't score as high of a SPM indoors due to a low ammo capacity, low rate of fire, and crappy hip fire accuracy.

    Try switching weapons, and you'll see the difference as your SPM rises.
  13. vaxx

    Sure some people prefer the SMG. That's great. No offense, but I am not looking for advice, the OP is.

    Side note, the Solstice has good hip fire accuracy, a good RoF, and a fast reload time. What are you on about there?

    Obviously we don't share the same opinion about weapon choice. Good thing because everyone would be carbon copies if everyone thought the same. But why do you put an emphasis on SPM? SPM is can be gained by boosters, membership, only playing during alerts, ghost capping, and zerging.
  14. Canaris

    you think that but for what reason would you use the TRAC5-S as straight up shooter over the AMC or Jaguar, they are both far superior carbines in there own regards when all you need is some dakka, don't get me wrong I love the 5-S(my first Aurax medal was from it) but the only reason to use it is because it gives you that extra explosive ordnance in the form of two noobtube rounds that makes all the difference, it can turn a middle of the road LA into a minister of death praying for war, hence you are doing it wrong.
    I know what you mean by subjective in the end of the day ;) you're getting my subjective opinion on it now afterall heh
  15. TomDRV

    You seem to be under the impression that I favour long range LA. I don't. It's CRAP but its not Wrong.

    My problem is you criticising people of playing the class wrong. People will play the game how they want to. Just say what you think is best, then drop it
  16. Wolfwood82

    Ok look Jak, you don't seem to know how debate works.

    You present an opinion/statement/argument and then you supply supportive reasoning. You did exactly half of this. I then counter with my own opinion/statement/argument and supply my own supportive reasoning. I did all of that.

    In 2 pages, you've yet to explain exactly why you feel the way you do. And have hidden behind the pretense that your statement was an opinion, and thus impossible to disprove. This is what ticks me off about your attitude here. I've seen it done hundreds of times in these forums, someone will say "well it's just my opinion" but it's always in regard to something that blankets the entire class or everyone who uses it. Calling it your opinion does not give you permission to be a stubborn little **** about it.

    So how about this. I contest that it is in fact CQC that is a waste of the class ability. Shotguns and SMGs are best used indoors rather then outside, and the ability to jump up onto buildings is a serious advantage. One best used for finding vantage points to shoot from while keeping yourself out of sight from as much of the terrain as possible. Shotguns can't do this at all and SMGs are extremely limited by their range and firepower at that range. Both require you to be a lot closer before you can use them at optimal effectiveness, which means being on ground level most of the time and making the JJs all but useless except as a means of flanking targets by traveling in alternative routes.

    I favor the 5-S because the under barrel attachment is what makes the gun so incredibly versatile. I can load up with compensator/3.4 HDS/UBSG and have some degree of CQC firepower when I need it, but mostly operate at range. Or I can use suppressor/x1 scope/UBGL and have decent short-medium range damage with extra firepower for clusters and can handle CQC fights as long as I start them.
  17. InvalidCast

    I say play how you want but I'll throw in why I think you would be better off using one of the UB attachments. If you look at the stats of the default gun vs the "S" gun you can see that they are basically the same except the "S" gun has a longer reload and a lower rate of fire meaning you are giving up dps for the ability to use these extra attachments. So if you don't want one of these attachments statistically you would be better off using the default gun. The only thing in the OP's setup you couldn't get on the default gun would be ammo type and I would argue against soft point as it reduces your mid range damage output by shortening your min damage distance and reducing your bullet speed.

    My setup for the Solstice SF is:
    • HS/NV - It's better to be the one to shoot first and anything outside the cut off is not really worth shooting at anyway...
    • Suppressor - When flanking it's best not to show up on the map. Also hides muzzle flash.
    • HV Ammo - Offsets the drastic bullet speed drop from the Suppressor so you can still use it in mid range
    • UBGL - Extra versatility and indirect damage
    By far the most versatile setup I have for LA but I honestly rarely carry it any more as LA has become a strictly CQC class for me since GU07/08 and lattice have changed the flow of battles and I feel more useful with the mid to long range power of the HA.
  18. jak

    Despite all of the stuff in here, I've yet to personally degrade you and would appreciate the same respect or I simply won't respond. I'm sorry if my tone upsets you, it is not my intent and I will try to alter that so we can have a respectful discussion.

    You are correct in that I have not stated *why* because people began asserting things I did not say. But, let's get into the meat of the debate now.

    The tools of LA are designed to put he LA in an advantageous position that the enemy force does not expect. This, obviously, implies that the LA is a class designed around hit and run tactics - which further implies that stealth and speed are important. Stealth and speed work great with CQC weapons because you hit the enemy from an unexpected angle (often behind their own lines) and by the time they can respond, you're gone. To further this, we should actually expand CQC to be short to medium ranges as we include the CQC carbines into the fold. Now, the CQC carbines benefit mostly from an attachment that promote stealth (suppressor) and one that promotes speed (adv laser sight for hipfire). Both of these are available for the 50 round SMG, plus the SMG has far more ammunition. Ammunition matters GREATLY when you start taking into consideration HAs and hit registration. When expanded to medium range, the SMG still offers great ADS ability and more ammo than the CQC carbines - but at medium range, it is even more important to be stealthy as your blip on the minimap brings a lot of attention to your area of operations.

    If we consider the long range carbines, it becomes more clear as to why long range is not an optimal use of LA. They benefit mostly from attachments that do not aid stealth and speed. You become a beacon of attention for the enemy, both because of the visible bullet path and because you show up plain as day on the minimap. I actually hunt LAs that spend a lot of time doing long range stuff, and they are pretty easy kills. They, in my opinion, do not understand the strengths of the class. When using a long range carbine in CQC, you are grossly outclassed by SMGs and shotguns. My biggest fear when using my NS11C are shotgun users and cloakers with the 50 round SMG because they have to be significantly worse than me to lose head to head. If you want to talk about stuff like tree "sniping" (I don't want in on that debate, just assume I mean shooting guys while hiding in a tree), the long range carbines are effective, but you either give up bullet velocity for stealth or maintain the strength of the long range carbine and give up stealth. While this can be fun (and I've done it a LOT), it is not an impacting method of playing the LA given how easily people can be revived. You can be far more effective flanking the enemy and causing their focus to stretch beyond a single battle front as you kill them without them able to track you. In essence, a long range LA is a heavy with a worse gun and far worse defense.

    Now, if we want to talk weapons overall, my order of LA effective weapons would go: 50 round SMG, short-med carbine, long range carbine, shotguns. I actually think shotguns are too prohibitive in their current state. They're extremely effective in certain situations, but I would choose any of the carbines over them if I needed to buy a weapon and could only choose between the two. The SMG offers the best of both worlds - enough range that you can stay in a potent killing zone easily, and beastly in CQC. I can think of a handful of situations since I've been using the Sirius that I thought (eh, my 11C would have done better there). However, those are still situations that I would have probably died with the 11C as they were engagements with heavies at distance, and my fault for being in that situation.
  19. jak

    See the above post, which explains my point of view. And I never said wrong, I said it was wasting the class (meaning it's not an optimal use of the strengths the class provides).
  20. jak

    1. We disagree. Long range has minimal impact and is counter productive to the strengths of the LA class.

    2. I said 2 of my top weapons, not "my 2 top weapons". I purposefully said that because I couldn't look at my stats with the server maintenance and couldn't remember the exact rankings. For reference, I had around 600 kills on the Nova using ranged slug sniping and my second is a long range carbine. I'm not sure how this implies I play only CQC.

    3. Most of this is a scenario that's confusing to me as a LA. Why am I in an open field running around? A good HA will destroy you at 60m as they have some highly accurate ADS guns plus much better defenses. The Infil is no problem because 99% of them won't be able to hit you as you close on them into an effective killing zone (I consider these free kills). The Biolab is where you have a point, but keep in mind the OP was asking for the best all around weapon choice and is hopefully looking for more than sitting in the tree picking off the occasional attacker. In general biolab situations, I'd still stick with the Sirius. The one area where a long range carbine is extremely effective is when they attackers are stalled on the air pads and you can sit back and pick them off. This has nothing to do with playing LA, though, as you can do this with any class.

    I'm very curious about what I highlighted in red. I've only used the Sirius for a couple weeks and used carbines mainly along with slug sniping shotguns until the pump actions came out, when I started doing more CQC. I'm not sure what blinders you're referring to.

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