Excellent all-round weapon for light assault.

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by TomDRV, May 30, 2013.

  1. TomDRV



    TRAC 5 S

    Optic: HDS(3.4X)
    Rail: Laser Sight
    Ammo: soft point.

    Long range: use it in 3X burst and 3.4x scope and it performs well.

    Short range: performs well but you have to be careful due to low rate of fire. You will find there's an awkward range where is close enough your make recoil uncontrollable while looking down sights but to inaccurate when Firing from the hip. Using the laser sight extends the range which you can fire from the hip and eliminates this difficulty. Use any barrel attachment as and when you need them, but try not to use the suppressor.

    Also very adaptable to different roles with the GL's and wide attachment range. This weapon is all-round not as effective as the NS 11C but it's a good option for new players who need a quick-fix. If you have the certs and patience, save for the NS 11C.


    NS 11C

    Optic: 2x GDR Reflex (when dark use the NS IRNV)
    Rail: Laser Sight
    Barrel: Flash Suppressor/ Compensator.
    Ammo: High velocity

    Simply works well, need to be mindful however at ranges lower that 20m that you do not have a terrifically high ROF. Try and pick your engagements in CQC, use your jump jets to get up and around your enemies.
    Laser sight gives you a boost to hip fire, very useful, especially when going over walls.
    Compensator is best when fighting at mid-range or when in large groups, decreasing your recoil making the weapon easier to control, I find this useful when in a zerg.
    Flash Suppressor is useful when you want more concealment (EXTREMELY useful at night) without decimating your effective range like your standard suppressor.
    High velocity is a flat bonus IF you can control the recoil, if you haven't got the hang of it yet don't equip this until you can.
  2. vaxx

    Just FYI, VR training is very unrealistic. The fact that all targets don't move, and are level 1 with 0 nanoweave/flak, no HA shield either, makes it very misleading.

    Not saying your opinion isn't any good, just saying go test it out in battle before giving it a rating.

    My opinion on best all-around weapon for LA in any faction:

    1. Trac-5. Any attachments.
    2. Solstice. Any attachments.
    3. AF-19. Any scope you want. That's it.
  3. Wolfwood82

    I've been posting the Trac-5 S as the best weapon for LA for months now. That exact load out is the one I typically use.
  4. IamTheRyaN

    I recently bought Jaguar, using adv. laser sight, soft point ammo, HS/NV scope and loving it..
  5. Ghoest

    The UB shotgun is a weak choice.
  6. Bankrotas

    A right placed shot kills outright, how is it a weak choice? It's lackluster compared to GL, but not really weak.
  7. Paqu

    Solstice SF has become my favourite LA weapon. I think its great for almost everything. Only weak point is the ~10 meter range because its too inaccurate to hip fire at that range so I have to ADS which makes me slow.

    Its excellent for medium range and the UBGL on the hands of LA can do some serious damage because you can get on top of enemies. Also the UBGL hurts maxes a lot and you can get some nice assist points from tanks even tho you do next to no damage on them.

    My setup with is:
    1x reflex or IR/NV
    High velocity ammo
    Grenade launcher

    I have the VX6-7 and it just frustrates me beyond believe. It shakes left and right when ADS which is just painfull and the clip runs out very fast. Its nice for CQC hip fire, but then again shotgun is way better at that.

    Solstice SF has just a nice firerate so it wont run the clip dry in split second and its very easy to control in ADS. I got auraxium on it very quickly.
  8. Dhraego

    What attachments are priority for the Solstice?
  9. vaxx

    If your talking about the regular Solstice, pretty much anything. A scope of your choice, and a grip or laser. Flash or regular suppressor if you want. There are not many options really, so its hard to go wrong.
  10. jak

    I find the 50 round SMGs to be pretty good overall. I'm confused why I'd need a carbine other than long range, in which case I'm playing LA wrong.
  11. vaxx

    Then continue to be confused.

    The fact that not all combat happens short range should have un-confused you. The fact that carbine damage falloff is better than SMG's should have as well. The fact that a CQC carbine can also be used for targets at 50+m is also a good indicator. Maybe look at bullet velocity too? Dunno man, its not that confusing.

    Playing a long range LA isn't wrong. I did for a very long with my Nova+Slugs. Don't try to cornhole the class by saying playing it a certain way is wrong. CQC with SMG's/Shotguns/Carbines is just one to play.
  12. jak

    Cornhole...that's an interesting use of the term, lol.

    The passive aggressiveness of your post aside, I believe playing LA in a long range format is a waste of the class. You're free to disagree. It is, after all, just my opinion.
  13. Wolfwood82

    It's my opinion that the world is flat. My supporting statement is that you can't prove the world is round without resorting to photography (which is mostly provided by conspirators, or unwitting supporters of the conspiracy), meanwhile if you look out the window it appears quite flat... o_O

    I actually find CQC carbines to be less efficient with some of the tactics best used for LA combat, particularly combat in Biolabs. Sure they work well enough indoors, and they fall short in tower fights (shotguns all the way). However Biolabs have a unique blend of short and medium range combat while restricting long range use. This is the best place to use weapons that are geared for short-medium range combat. I say that because the best vantage points are trees and rooftops, and it can become a serious battle to take control of those areas. LA can make or break a fight by dominating the rooftop areas since it's pretty hard to fly an ESF in there.
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  14. Kyouki

    I used to use the Jaguar until the nerf. Now my favorite carbine is the default with a 2x reflex and a laser sight.
  15. Kronic

    Best all-round weapon for TR is the default Trac-5 imo. Accurate with a really nice rof. Perfect balance between the two. I've tried the tac5s with a a UBshotty and it feels too mangled together and I just don't feel to good at anything. Not to mention the UGshotty doesn't have the stopping power to justify that ridiculous reload time.
  16. TomDRV

    Under-barrel shotty is one-hir kill at point blank range.(provided they havent certed any amors)
  17. Kronic

    Yeah it has the same stats as a pump action but with a really long reload time/without the spamablity. In BF3 they gave the UBshotgun way more pellets than pump actions which gave it more range and required less finesse at close range, which is what I believe the UBshotgun in this game would need to be a competitive option imo. However I don't want that to happen, I despise shotguns lol :).
  18. jak

    The difference is you can verify the earth is not flat.
  19. Wolfwood82

    You can also verify that playing LA at longer ranges is not only easily doable, it fits quite well with many of the roles that LA perform. Rooftop/tree sniping for example.

    You might prefer CQC combat, however this is not the only role LA can fill. And while your preference is an opinion, the statement that using LA at range is a waste, is not.
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  20. jak

    I did not say it was not easy to do LA at longer ranges. And your last sentence is pretty much the epicenter of the discussion (here's a hit, we're debating *opinions*).

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