Excellent all-round weapon for light assault.

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  1. Wolfwood82

    I actually stopped paying attention because I am getting a little sick and tired of pointless debates.... But what the hell...
    Correction, SMGs are effective at short range. In CQC they are outclassed by all other possible choices that are geared for CQC (especially shotguns). In short range, they are still out classed by all weapons except where it comes to rounds per magazine (which only applies to the high capacity SMGs). They are full on paper weights well before you hit medium range.

    SMGs are actually the single least versatile weapons imaginable.

    And given that shotguns (and to some extent SMGs) force you into situations where LA lose all their advantages, such as indoors and confined spaces. These weapons are actually bad for you.

    The only time I've noticed either of these weapons working well for me are in tower hops and situations I purposely put myself in (often repeatedly dying in the process). These weapons just aren't worth the trouble you go through to use them effectively. Decent CQC/Medium range carbines are a far better option for LA abilities/possible tactics then weapons better used by HA with their over shields.
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  2. Epic High Five

    I run a silenced/SPA/adv laser Cyclone on my LA and if I need longer ranges I've got a perfectly servicable sidearm in my silenced Rebel. You don't have to be forced into anything, I use just my sidearm to force them into a nook or something to get their shields back, then swoop in and slay.

    Oh who am I kidding I use the Commish anymore. Not silenced but BOOM BOOM BOOM I'M COMING FOR YOU
  3. HerpTheDerp

    Yeah, it's not like every race has a dedicated mid-range carbine.
  4. jak

    Yeah, we'll just have to disagree.
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  5. Moody One

    Honestly in 5 pages I am amazed no-one has mentioned the 2 Heavy Weights of Mid range combat - the Razor for the NC and the T5 AMC for the TR

    These have both become my first port of call for everything accept point blank fighting - they both have average stats which is why they are probably ignored but they are both have REALLY good recoil patterns - keeping your cross hairs on target is really really easy

    Add a base line high round velocity and they are perfect for mid range combat.

    On SMG's - they are great for combat under 20m but anything over 20m and you may as well be throwing rocks at them - you will burn tonnes of ammo for every kill...
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  6. Ourous

    T5 AMC w/ Laser; 6x Scope; HV Ammo; Compensator
  7. HeadshotVictim

    not everyone plays VS, you know?
    TR/NC shotties with slugs are pretty useless due to bullet drop (which is really hard to compensate on longer ranges, here is where VS faction trait comes in handy)
  8. bogroll

    I just stick with my VX6-9 with adv laser and soft point. Great gun, does the job and you can plink away at longer ranges if required. I've got the Sirius but not used it too much on LA.
  9. Hoki


    aka teh magic jag