Excellent all-round weapon for light assault.

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by TomDRV, May 30, 2013.

  1. Kuriby

    Yes, I do agree there are places where Carbines can be more effectice, places will you need a weapon that can shoot out 40-60m. But if you spend the majority of time as an LA shooting targets outside of 50m. You ARE playing the class wrong.

    If you actually try and find all the best LA players, the ones that are the most nuisance and absolute killing machines, you will find that most of them spend their time using Shotguns/Smgs/CQC Carbines. Playing LA at long range and tree sniping has its place in battles, but the majority of fights it is a tactic that does not fit the role of LA.

    We are the flankers, and the **** disturbers. Most of the time that means getting in real close and dirty. That is why SMGs are often a preferred choice. Now if you are TR... I would argue that the Lynx/Jaguar is always better cause you guys get 40 rounds... But unfortunately, other factions aren't blessed with that much ammo :(
  2. Kuriby

  3. vaxx

    As I said before, that is one way to play. There are many times that not playing in shotgun range is just as effective, as well as fits the LA's tactics.

    As the person I was replying to basically said if something is out of SMG/shotgun range, and they need a carbine for the range, than they are playing the class wrong.

    I find it funny that you or anyone is telling another person they are playing a class "WRONG" if they don't play like you. I guess Ill continue to play the LA the "wrong" way. I hope my LA license doesn't get revoked, or SOE bans me for not playing it the right way. :rolleyes:
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  4. HeadHuntr

    I'm really conflicted with my choices as I have 250 certs ATM and can't decide between C4 or a new gun. I'm already experienced with C4 on my previous character and I wasn't too good with it. So, should I save for the jaguar or Trac 5S? Please suggest any good CQC Mid-range gun for me please.
  5. Kronic

    Trac-5 lol. Get your C4/medkits, the default gun is awsome.
  6. Wolfwood82

    Naw, you said it was a waste. I'm trying to point out two things:

    1. It's not a waste, nor has it ever been, and hopefully never will be.
    2. It's not a personal opinion, because it can be verified with considerably less effort then proving that the Earth is round.
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  7. jak

    If you look at my original statement, I said: "I believe playing LA in a long range format is a waste of the class." It's my personal opinion, just as using a prowler to mow troops while never using the top gun would be (in my opinion) a waste of tank driving. Can you do it? Sure. Does it mean it's the "best" use of the functionality? That's something I highly doubt anyone can prove because you would need criteria to meet, and most criteria anyone can name (KDR, SPM, "battlefield impact") have completely subjective components. So, I fall back to the statement being a simple expression of my *opinion*. If others disagree, I'm great with that...I like debating *opinions*.
  8. vulkkan

    In my opinion, LA is best played as a short range class that can sometimes stretch out to medium range duties. I play LA as a "shock and awe" class with the intention to surprise and gib everyone as quickly as possible. Hence, my preferred all-round weapons are both the LC2 Lynx with either ALS or foregrip and the TRAC-5 for slightly more outdoors combat. I usually prefer the Lynx. The class and its weapons become less effective with less objects/buildings to flank around.
    In general, carbines are the best allrounders. SMGs are a distant second due to being short range weapons, and shotguns are the least versatile as pure CQC guns.
  9. Wolfwood82

    Actually it's fairly easily proven. How far do you have to move to kill a soldier with the cannon as opposed to how far you have to move to run them over. What terrain do you have to go through, what abilities does the target have to damage you. All of these point to a very simple conclusion that anyone can come to. Running someone over is a highly situational use of the vehicle while using the gun is far more efficient 98% of the time.

    Meanwhile with the LA range argument, the opposite is true. CQC weapons like SMGs are the situational weapons while the longer range carbines are a lot more versatile and effective because they do not share the same limitations and hindrances that SMGs and shotguns have. This makes your statement verifiable and quite thoroughly makes it incorrect.

    Keep in mind, I'm not simply saying "you can do it". I'm saying "you can and probably should do it, because it is far more effective and will do a lot more for you". The only time that isn't true is when your aim is so terrible you have to be within kissing distance just to be effective.

    Incorrect sir, this is a game and technically there is no wrong way to play the class in the game.

    However, even if there was a wrong way, nailing targets at 50m isn't it. That's around medium range and many carbines are optimal for those ranges and, when used correctly, will tear **** up.

    The tactics you choose to employ as LA are based on the equipment you use. Trying to shoot someone with a shotgun from 50m away is a waste. Gunning them down from a vantage point like a tree or rooftop with a T5 AMC isn't a waste, it's effective. You'll also be more likely to avoid return fire which makes it a lot more efficient.
  10. jak

    I'm kind of done with this debate because you insist on claiming you can verify something that's entirely subjective.
  11. Canaris

    if you're using the TRAC5-S without an UBGL then you are doing it wrong
  12. Wolfwood82

    This is a subjective statement.

    Centuries of military doctrine and common sense stating that range is clearly an advantage, is not. Maybe you should work on explaining why you think it's a waste? It's easily doable, effective, and efficient. I see no room for waste.
  13. RaZz0R

    I have to agree with Wolfwood82 here... PS has always been about situational use or any class, weapon or tool.

    It doesn't matter if you use LA for long range or short range, same with a HA as well - as every situation is different and calls for a different tool, weapon, view and approach.

    There is no WRONG way to play... there are better ways. But no wrong way.

    That being said - if a new player asked what he should do when he see's a heap of guys up on a hill 100+ meters away, I'll probly say get out ya sniper gear and get some head shots. Or get a team mate and use a lib up and kill them? :p All depends on the situation.

    I play LA alot.. mainly beacuse I like dealing out C4 from above on people camping towers and such ((Makes me laugh at 4+ kills per brick lol) but I love my shotty and I am starting to like the SMG's as well. That said there is nothing stoping me getting a gun with much better range and getting up real high and shooting down on people. Its awesome!and would \ could be classed as medium to long range.

    Very long range I would't bother - but again thats me and my reading of a situation, its not wrong, just how I play and how I use different guns and class's based on the situation.
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  14. jak

    I said it's a waste of the class, meaning it does not use the class as effectively as other methods. Hence, my analogy of using a tank in a less than optimal way.
  15. Sea of Ink

    kind of like a center trying to throw up 30 ft jumpers.
  16. vaxx

    My kills from last night. https://players.planetside2.com/#!/5428016459737024465/killboard

    The top 1/2 are kills from 50m+ mostly, and using the Solstice while keeping TR from advancing into Indar Excavation. A few were closer range from sneaky Infiltrators, and some HA's that got behind our lines.

    The bottom half is when we first pushed TR off Indar Excavation, mostly 10-50m ranges, especially getting them off B point.

    How is that a "waste" of the class? Is it because I was not using a Shotgun or SMG, getting behind a few guys and maybe taking out 2-3 before getting killed?
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  17. TomDRV

    I set up this thread so i could share what is, in my experience the best weapon for LA. And for others to share their opinion. And not to debate how you should play the game, Jak

    So Jak. If you dont have something constructive to add to this thread please stop posting in it and check out this thread set up by a good friend of mine: https://forums.station.sony.com/ps2...-mentality-of-some-of-the-forum-users.113447/
  18. jak

    This whole debate is about me thinking the Sirius is the superior weapon for the LA class. It's okay for people to disagree and debate; it offers insight into how others think and play the game. So, from my perspective, this entire debate is constructive...
  19. jak

    This doesn't address anything that I've said other than you used a weapon to get a few good kill streaks. You can do that with most any weapon outside of the beamer.

    It's pretty simple - he asked for thoughts on the best *all-around* weapon. If he asked for the best medium to long range weapon, maybe we can have a carbine talk, but it's my opinion that you're severely restricting yourself by playing LA in a long range context. The 50 round SMGs offer more in the short through extended medium (meaning the med-long) range than the carbines, therefore making them better all around weapons.
  20. Fortress

    First off, he was sharing his opinion.

    Second, you should really consider his advice because you might improve your crappy gameplay and your crappy attitude at the same time.

    And third, long range LA only works in rare situations against bad players, so drop it.

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