Excellent all-round weapon for light assault.

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by TomDRV, May 30, 2013.

  1. vaxx

    For you maybe. I find it very useful just about everyday I play.

    Example: Moving South to Hvar from the valley last night there was a huge amount of VS AV + Burster max's and their Engi buddies + AV turrets shooting down on the armor column on one side of the hill. Of course the TR zerg keeps pushing up and getting picked off constantly. Snipers killing people trying to repair armor. Air was not able to stay in the area to do enough damage, due to the AA.

    A small group of LA's were able to move up the back side using JJ's to get almost behind the little nests. Being able to start picking off Engi's far enough away to not break cover and have a small ravine to duck back down into. Engis on turrets were easy targets. A few bad Engis were also easy targets as they just crouched down to repair. The HA's were shooting at the other people trying to traverse the ridgeline head-on, and then stopping to turn around and shoot rockets back down the hill. Engi's repairs started slowing down on the Max's, and ammo started to run dry, as well as less AV turrets. Friendly air started to hit the infantry more due to Max's running back to spawn to get repaired/re-armed. The small group of LA's were able to move closer, and take out a Sundy was recently pulled to help support the ridge group. Spawn beacons down, and more TR began dropping in. After that it was more C4'ing Bursters, and Sniper hunting. We didn't take Hvar, but that is a perfect example of how in a certain situation longer ranges as LA had a large impact, and was productive.

    Again, this was a long range - short range engagement. I am glad I was using a Trac-5s.

    Referring to the fact you fail to acknowledge that long range can be viable. I have given you two examples of my playtime in the past few days where it was. Maybe you are never in these situations, but I am quite a bit.
  2. jak

    Yes, there are situations where you can use those weapons. He was asking for all around, and in that context, my belief is the long range playstyle doesn't fit LA.
  3. TomDRV

    Jak. It took you what? 10 argumentative posts to tell us that...
  4. jak

    I thought it was pretty clear in my first post.
  5. Metal Insomniac

    I don't need an all-around weapon for my LA. I flank like there's no tomorrow, so I use the Bruiser to mop up groups of enemies. If there is an unavoidable medium range situation, I'll whip out my Commissioner and pray to God my shots land.
  6. Phrygen

    NS-11c is imho the best overall light assault weapon.
  7. Ohforsake

    The bloom on all the VR LA carbines is terrible.

    I rolled an NC for fun, slapped an IR/NV scope and silencer on the default gun, performs way better than any VR weapon. The range where sustained fire actually kills a guy seems like 50% higher.
  8. Wolfwood82

    I'm not sure why you quoted that particular post when you wrote your response...
    Ok finally I have an understanding of why you think it's a waste. I still disagree, but at least now I'm not shooting in the dark.

    You expanded your argument from CQC to include short and medium ranges. Obviously someone with a long range format is going to be effective at other ranges as well, those being short and medium ranges. The play style still uses the same hit and run tactics, however hit and run does not have to rely on stealth. It can rely on other factors that SMGs cannot match.

    Specifically TTK, when you fire your carbine you show up as a dot that doesn't move. It's just where you were last heard from. If you can manage to take your target out and move before OTHERs can react, that is effectively using hit and run tactics. You don't have to be close to your target, and thus you don't have to be close to others who might respond to your actions. Meanwhile, you expand your tactics to include shooting from elevation and concealment (trees and buildings), and can line up kill shots without having to be so close to your opponent that any movement he makes will quickly throw off your aim.

    Furthermore, you can use that dot you leave behind to lay up another ambush. Assume someone is going to investigate the dot and usually that means they are going to head directly towards it, you put yourself in a situation where your last location is in your sights fast enough and you will pick up another kill. Yes I've done this with a T5-AMC. My first target is usually shot from ground level, since I have total surprise on him. Next I jet up to a vantage point like a roof and position myself so that I have a clear shot at my previous location, sure enough someone usually runs strait to it trying to see if they can pick up a kill.

    I'm not a huge fan of the long range carbines myself. However I can understand the tactics that they would utilize and, while I'm not very experienced with them, I have used them on more then one occasion. What I've noticed is that you can be every bit as effective while eliminating some of your major weaknesses and giving you more versatility in combat. You also eliminate the need to enter buildings or put yourself in situations where you have little to no control of combat (something shotguns force you into). Range gives you better control of the engagement and control means you get to live.
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  9. jak

    So I never excluded medium ranges in my argument. I was singling out long range, because the SMG is effective at short TO medium range, so my argument included medium ranges.

    I understand your points and in the interest of an olive branch, I will retract my statement of calling long range LA a "waste" of the class because that's probably not, in reality, a fair statement. However, I will not say it is an optimal use of the class. I think that you give up far too much by equipping yourself for ranged encounters where other classes have weapons that are simply better than anything you'll use against them. Let's take my NS11C as an example (the weapon I have the most kills with), with compensator, high velocity ammo, and forward grip - a pretty standard ranged setup. The tactics I use are almost identical to what you've posted - I move around constantly, I engage people from behind at range when I'm fairly sure I can kill them before they realize where I am. However, I do this knowing full well that if a heavy knows where I am, I'm most likely going to lose the fight (let's assume the heavy doesn't suck lol). I won't have the CQC hipfire accuracy to take him down, I'm dead if I ADS because I'm way more squishy, and he will generally be able to out-shoot my carbine at distance (SV88....).

    Now compare that with using the Sirius (keep in mind I'm not including the other SMG which I find to be trashy compared to the CQC carbines), I have stealth and decent range PLUS I have great hipfire accuracy. The gun is completely set up to complement the strengths of the class. I think my entire point is the long range carbine setups do not complement the LA class outside of occasions that I personally think you can (and should) easily avoid as a LA. If anything, I think the long range carbines need to be improved to better complement the strengths of LA. Actually, carbines in general because the 50 round SMGs outclass the CQC carbines as well.

    Which, leads me to the conclusion that I stated poorly in my first response on this thread - the 50 round SMG is a superior all around weapon for LA.
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  10. CanadianAttackBeaver

    Just because it's your "opinion" doesn't mean what you said is any less stupid than if you presented it as fact.

    Saying "I don't enjoy playing LA at long ranges" is a validly stated opinion that cannot be argued with.

    Saying "The LA class is wasted at range" is not an opinion, it is a statement that is open to debate and being proved wrong, which Wolfwood did.
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  11. jak

    I didn't present it as a fact. I prefaced the statement with "I believe", which has the direct implication of being a personal opinion.
  12. Ronin Oni

    AR's belong to Combat Medics...

    You'll never get em, and never should, as an LA.

    Additionally, every faction has Carbines with adv foregrips, compensators, and High Velocity ammo, which easily turns your LA into a poor-mans semi-sniper

    The capability is there FFS... you don't need anything better to make it more OP.

    Give me the Battle Rifle as LA and wait for the tears to come rolling in.
  13. MajiinBuu

    All this carbine talk. I use either a Thanatos with slugs for sniping or Deimos for anything else.
  14. vaxx

    Ignorant post. Do you even know what is being discusses? Nope.
  15. CanadianAttackBeaver

    Nor did I say you said it was fact. I said you presented a statement, which you did. What you prefaced your statement with does not change what was presented. You clearly believe it to be true, or else you wouldn't have stated it.

    I don't analyze or debate opinions because they are subjective. What you said isn't subjective, despite what you tried to preface it with.

    Trying to defend your statement by hiding behind "it was an opinion" pretty much infers that you jumped to a conclusion and lack the intelligence to actually substantiate your position. Then again, that's only my opinion.
  16. jak

    The root of the statement is subjective. The definition of what "waste of the class" means is subjective, just as the statements of the "effectiveness of a class" are subjective. I can't fathom how a playstyle can be anything other than subjective.
  17. Black March

    I'm one of those guys that has pretty much every darn weapon in the game unlocked. But the more I play, the less I use anything else then the "S" weapons. Basically "TRAC-5 S", "Solistice SF" and "Gauss Compact S", these weapons are all fairly accurate and with an IRNV scope it's easy to win most CQC fights if you're decently good. At the same time you also have the underbarrel OP launchers, so whenever you get behind someone you have the ability to oneshot them with ease.

    Heck, I even user the counterpart assault rifles on my medic now. Same for my engineer. Going in to a room with smoke + IRNV scope can be absolutely beautiful for a light assault, and the same when you find yourself hovering directly over a group of 5 or 6 unsuspecting enemies practically standing on top of each other. Blow em all up, normal grenade + UB Nade at the same time and finish the rest off with normal shots.

    Or when camping, find the nearest ammo pack. Stand in one place and spam them towards the enemies!

    Just now before I logged off, I found myself at the end of a biolab alert with my engineer on top of the biolab roof. Basically I did 20-30 kills in a row before they managed to take me down just spamming UB nades down from the sky. Made me over 10k cert points in less them 5 minutes.
  18. Sock

    Sirius. It's a matter of opinion but other opinions are wrong.
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  19. EclipsedTerror

    All round?

    Definitely the Trac-5 S for TR. It does decent damage at LR, the recoil is fairly low, has underbarrel attachments(You really can't say no to UBGL and smoke rounds), has recoil compensator, and good rate of fire.

    T5 AMC for extremely LR stuff but the damage is awful. Just roll a heavy and clean up instead. LA's shouldn't be that far from targets.

    Jaguar for close range with adv lase and IRNV/reflex scope. You really don't need any attachments other than the adv scope to literally allow you to hip fire with the same accuracy as aiming down the sights.
  20. DoctOrious

    Underboss C4 comboooo