C4 Nerf on the test server

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by simon11russell, Jul 16, 2013.

  1. Thrustin

    It is, there is a quote somewhere by a dev stating that. And if you look at the game update being applied now, you'll see no C4 nerf, but a prox radar buff.
  2. stalkish

    Lol i was taking the piss outa the nerf herders, guess my post didnt come accross well enough.
  3. Hadrianswall2

    I do a lot of MBT driving and playing LA, here is what I think
    If the mobile battle tank driver (and gunner!) can't keep track to see if someone is placing bricks of c4 on them, it is their fault. c4 does not deserve to be nerfed whatsoever. The only acceptable nerf I can think of is to prevent c4 from being dropped at certain heights, so that the LA cannot go insanely high and drop them without a single chance of being hit back.
    The way I would implement this is so that c4 automatically detonates when it is dropped from a really high height.
  4. Iridar51

    I am pretty sure that kills get by LA dropping C4 from very high are even more rare than people get by bashing aircraft with drop pods.
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  5. RogueComet

    You know it is funny. Azure Twilight tested this tactic. We loaded up a galaxy or two full of Light Assaults with C4. Then we dropped out of them nice and high up by using our mini-maps for positioning. We used Drifter Jets about half way down from the flight ceiling (this was near Hvar to give you an idea how high they were) and then all of us threw down C4 at the same time and detonated it within a tank column. Want to guess how many tanks we destroyed be employing entire Galaxies full of LA doing this tactic? We had several very experienced LA players in there as well, but we didn't destroy a single tank. We actually dropped on that column three times to test this theory and see if it works... again, not a single tank (or any other vehicle) was destroyed.

    It is my opinion that people who complain about LA dropping bricks from really high up, obviously are exaggerating just how high those Light Assaults were. I'm convinced that anyone high enough to be outside of radar range (50+ meters) will not have enough accuracy on placement of C4 bricks to be a very effective and certainly isn't something that needs nerfing. We tried this at least 33 times against massive tank columns, to carpet bomb them with C4, and we couldn't get a single kill. That shows just how effective dropping C4 from high up is!

    Dropping the C4 from high up isn't a valid tactic. Dropping down and then deploying the C4 lower to the ground IS a valid tactic. That tactic also gives the enemy plenty of time and ways for them to notice the assault to do something about it before they are destroyed.
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  6. Iridar51

    I wonder if you would have more luck by firing default galaxy machine guns at those tanks instead :D
  7. Niller

    Don't forget that HA rocket launchers also got nerfed.
  8. RogueComet

    LOL Probably yeah.

    We also did the same thing (this was near the end of Beta or shortly after release) with galaxies full of AV maxes. Devastated the tank columns several times, even with as few as 4 or 5 AV maxes. The difference between C4 and other methods was literally night and day. Still.. was interesting to try!
  9. Hadrianswall2

    Hmm, I personally never tried that tactic, but I've seen it done to me, I guess the c4 was either preplaced on the ground, or something
  10. Zeghart

    Hopefully this is really not going to happen.
    I'd be totally ok with two bricks of C4 not instagibbing MBTs, but only if MBTs weren't so easily spammable in the first place.

    Make them multimanned like they were in PS1, give them a reason to be powerful, and AV nerfs would be totally understandable.
    But as it stands, C4 is only good at taking out isolated tanks, provided the driver has no situational awareness. It's very situational, you're limited to carrying two, they're fairly expensive cert/resource wise, and most of the times you'll end up getting killed by trying to use it.
    I'm quite surprised drivers even complain about it, honestly.
  11. Dkamanus

    This is mostly irrelevant to the LA Class anyway. If people are constantly doing Tank Busting Job with their C4s, they are wasting resources. 200 resources for 1 MBT is what the LA capabilities are for. It doesn't matter you aren't destroying tanks with C4, you are supposed to finish off vehicles/turrets with those C4. If you are actively going for tanks because you have C4, then you are wasting this class potential, and should roll HA instead.

    That said, LAs miss some lethality due to poor weapon's choice given to us. Since the beginning it was asked for us to have AR instead of Carbines, and this won't change. Still, we need extra tools to get our job done (commando). Extra grenades EXCLUSIVE to LA is something like that, something that can be used in our favour. Radar-disabling grenades, GAS grenades (While concussive leave you dizzy, gas grenades deal low damage over time and GO THROUGH SHIELDS), the ability to actually use MORE then 1 single grenade in our inventory.

    Having those stupid dual wielding stuff is preposterous and doesn't help the class at all. Weapon-wise, Pmup Action shotguns should have been a EXCLUSIVITY of LAs, as they make the best use of this kind of weapon. GIVE US THE GOD DAMN SPECIAL CLIPS AGAINST ARMOURED OR SOFT TARGETS (Extra damage, not extra distance + more damage to armour) that you said you'd do during Beta. Give us explosive rounds, + pellets - damage rounds for shotguns.

    C4 is the least of my concerns, as I'm more of a spotter/infantry killer/vehicle finisher. I don't even try to fly over tanks, I just C4 them when they are VERY distracted, or when it is VERY important to do so. Other than that, C4 isn't my main concern, as I have a weapon that is dedicated to CQC with nothing that any other class can't have as well. Even the god damn SMGs SOE ****** up and distributed to ALL to use.

    Give some exclusivity to Light Assaults as the jectpack itself gives a LOT of options, but our loadouts don't. Until we get those, C4 is still low in my priority list.
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