C4 Nerf on the test server

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by simon11russell, Jul 16, 2013.

  1. HellasVagabond

    Because it's really hard for L.As to sneak behind them on Harrasers or on ATVs.......Sure.
  2. Mythicrose12

    Cheaper (resource wise) to do it with an engineer with AV mines. You're grasping at straws.
  3. Compass

    AT mines throw twice as fast, and add in a gunshot and kabloom. Where is your outcry against the AT mines being so powerful?
  4. HellasVagabond

    Easy, it hasn't happened to me with mines. LA's however do it all the time. They find MBTs next to small cliffs, they drive next to that cliff, climb on it using jumpjets and then again using jumpjets they jump over the MBT, throw two C4 bricks and kaboom. Hard right ?
  5. Mythicrose12

  6. Mythicrose12

    Ah...so the tank put itself in a bad position and got punished. Got it. Nerf that C-4 for playing inept.
  7. HellasVagabond

    Bad position to be next to a cliff ? Nice...So it's a bad position to be Inside a base, Next to a tower, Next to a bridge, Next to a cliff.....Hmmmm so the only GOOD place MBTs should be is a WIDE and LEVEL terrain.....
    Tell me you're not serious.....
  8. Mythicrose12

    So according to you, a tank should be completely surprised when it decides to park next to terrain favorable to light assaults? I call that inept. There are plenty of places tanks can be without endangering themselves to a light assault. In fact, you can park by cliffs, towers, buildings. However, the longer you stay, the more likely you are to be C-4'd (especially urban areas near spawns and tower bases).

    Things that can prevent 99% of C-4 cases :

    1. Keep moving. Camping for extended periods is bad.
    2. Prox radar. What's that? You rather have an ES ability, smoke screen, or something else... C-4 must not be that bad then.
    3. Get a secondary gunner. Two eyes are better than one.
    4 Don't get greedy by driving in to urban areas. Most bases have terrain favorable to shelling the bejeebus out of infantry from range.
    5. Whine, kick, scream on the forums. Congrats...this worked.
  9. HellasVagabond

    1) When in large battles and you have PLENTY of MBTs infront of you the only way to survive is to take cover, that means behind cliffs, rocks and/or structures. That means you can't move all the time (and why move when you have the enemies infront of you ?).
    2) Prox radar when using a Vanguard is not viable. You are asking Vanguard drivers to ditch the 1 thing that makes it possible to go up against MBTs just to be able to see if LAs are behind or next to them ?
    3) My gunner is looking out for ESFs, that's his job, not to do 360 degree circles all the time just because an LA may decide to C4 my Vanguard.
    4) Urban Areas is one thing, Cliffs are another.
    5) Didn't work actually. C4 still needs to be used as C4 does and not as a grenade (something that C4 users agree in their majority).
  10. ulceroso

    Well, cliffs can be used to entrench oneself, but they are also nice positions for your enemy to ambush you. If you happen to have a jetpack, bridges, towers, cliffs are literally your playground if you are looking to kill tanks or people who are not aware of their surroundings due to having blocked lines of sight.
    Just think about it, how many times have you been killed by your nemesis-light-assault-overpowered-C4-user somewhere else?
  11. Mythicrose12

    1. Large battle. Neither your nor your allies were able to find that lone LA? Tough ****. That LA spent time flanking your force and got lucky. Failure of tank and allies.

    2. Prox radar is always viable if the tank is really that worried about C-4. Fault of tank loadout for choosing something else. The tank had the option available. Clearly C-4 wasn't enough of a warrented threat when you rather have the vanguard shield.

    3. Your gunner is already looking up and pivoting around for ESFs....yet can't spot the LA? Failure of tank and secondary gunner.

    4. Again....the longer you stay parked near that cliff, the higher the chances are you will be C-4'd by a light assault. Common sense here.

    5. Whining did work. Tanks at full health will no longer die if the PTS changes make it to live. C-4 isn't a grenade. It's much more expensive and can't be tossed like a grenade.
  12. HellasVagabond

    Well your argument is clearly flawed through and through, if you can't see that then it's really not my fault. If your "ideas" worked in real life War would be a sunday morning cartoon and nothing else.
    In the end what matters is that C4 got nerfed and will get even more nerfed once devs figure out that C4 is not a grenade and that it actually needs to be PLACED on things and then explode.
  13. Mythicrose12

    This is a game, not real life. Tanks already have the necessary tools to deal with light assaults. Tanks should know better than to camp a single spot for very long (especially hangouts that LA are likely to use). C-4 got nerfed because the tank community whined the loudest. You've yet to assert how C-4 that falls in a very short parablic arc on the X,Y, and Z axis is a grenade that can actually be chucked several meters on the X,Y, and Z axis in this game.

    You were already called out a month or two ago in a vanguard thread for being a bad tanker...even by other vanguard drivers. It is people like you that the nerfs continually cater, though. Congrats.
  14. HellasVagabond

    Anyone can call someone a bad tanker, when i am called that by people who have way worst stats than i do i just pay no attention at all (besides i was called a bad tanker from people who think that having AA as secondary is stupid in a game like PS2).
    That being said C4 needs to be placed on something (mounted on something if that makes more sense to you). In this game you can throw it so it's still not used the way it should be used. If they rename it to C452533 i have no problem with throwing it Almost as a grenade, right now however i do.
  15. Mythicrose12

    Well you were complaining how poor you were doign in your tank against other tanks....because you chose an inappropriate secondary gun for tank combat. It's rather rediculous to get bent out of shape for calling an explosive C-4 but being just find and dandy if the same thing was renamed.
  16. Compass

    It's not called C4. It's called cracker jacks/
  17. deggy

    Engineers don't fly. The issue was the LA delivery of C4, not the C4 itself. And the fact that all the "Don't nerf C4!" threads are now being started in the LA section of the Forums shows that we were right.

    C4 was never the problem, Light Assault having was the problem.
  18. Canaris

    LA needs to be able to carry three bricks as standard then
  19. Compass

    People don't need to fly to kill with C4 or mines.

    I can't fly with Drifter Jets. I just walk up to enemy tanks and just stick C4 on them.
  20. deggy

    And it would have been MUCH easier for you if you had flown over everything, wouldn't it? If LA had never had C4 it wouldn't be getting nerfed.