C4 Nerf on the test server

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by simon11russell, Jul 16, 2013.

  1. Compass

    Not really. It would have been harder seeing as how a flying giraffe is much more suspicious than a walking giraffe.
  2. Mythicrose12

    And if tanks had built in prox radar there wouldn't have been as much ******** complaining to begin with.
  3. Daibar

  4. Iridar51

    I think it's a valuable lesson for us all - this whole thread is basically one huge overreaction. The fact that something was briefly introduced to PTS, not even mentioned in any official changelogs, does not mean that the world of warcraft is coming to an end. We all need more patience :)
  5. Mythicrose12

    While there is some truth to your statement, not everything on the PTS is alerted for live. Some things bypass the PTS altogether as well. The strong overreaction might have been more mild if there hadn't been Nerf C-4 threads for weeks. Even if the PTS displayed a certable C-4 armor for tanks, the discord would've been less.
  6. Canaris

    pfff they put this stuff up on PTS just to see if we notice or not, well we noticed alright ;)
  7. metalfreak

    they should add some "AT-Weapons" (to cert for) for light assault ..some LA-only stuff would be nice and would give us they change we need :D
  8. Serell

    I'd love to have some AT weapons that don't burn through my resources, like HA's rocket launcher. Then I might have some spare resources for a MAX.
  9. Iridar51

    Hey Compass, I got a challenge for you :D
  10. Nasher

    If 2 C4s can't kill an MBT than it's basically pointless. It is the only things stopping herds of un-killable tanks swarming in to a base and stopping right on the doorstep as they did months ago.
  11. Iridar51

    Still happens =\
  12. TeknoBug

    Well I'm glad they aren't pushing this nerf but from the sounds of it, they still plan on doing it one day (just like the Fury nerf).
  13. Yalk

    Whew, glad I skipped to the end of this...

    I view LA like Airborne in Company of Heroes ....

    Carbine - check
    Satchel charges (c4) - check
    Recoiless rifle - needed

    It would have to be balanced to not be a sniper rifle....but basically a hand held semi auto basilisk (whatever the jack of all trades gun on vehicles is)

    Can damage vehicles, slow firing...not accurate....could be used against infantry but not really effective
  14. Hypest


    C4 is a major part of this class, they should never even think about nerfing C4s this hard, without improving other aspects of the LA class.
  15. Shiaari

    Yeah, the whole reason I put radar on my Lightning was to detect nearby infantry.

    Oh well.
  16. Shoza Nakh

    Why single infantry must easily instagib MBT? It still possible with HA or Engi, but it will take some skill now to make it on foot.
  17. Thrustin

    Because single infantry can spawn single mbt and single infantry can drive and gun single mbt and single mbt can kill **** ton of infantries and vehicles.
  18. Dovahkiin

    One thing is for sure, a lot of kill stealing is going to happen. Either the LA will plant C4s and wait until the tank is damaged, or HAs or engineers will rocket a tank on fire from C4

    I called it first folks. Kill stealing will increase. And many people are going to be p*ssed!
  19. vanu123

    Guys relax the devs have already confirmed that this WILL NOT go live. They plan on buffing the prox radar instead. PRAISE THE LORD! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
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  20. LectraWyraph

    What a massive relief if that's true.
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