C4 Nerf on the test server

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by simon11russell, Jul 16, 2013.

  1. simon11russell

    Well 2 blocks of C4 will no longer kill either a MBT or a lightning tank immediately. It just puts them into the red with about 60 seconds to fix it akin to the Sunderer .

    I'm not exactly sure what has been done to achieve this but from some quick testing in the VR it looks like its just an armour buff for the tanks vs C4 rather than a damage nerf for C4 in general.

    I would guess most of us knew that a C4 nerf was coming from all the tank driver threads on this forum. And at least for me this is better than I feared the nerf would be.
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  2. Serell

    Well great, LA is even more useless. C4 was the only thing that gave the LA some utility, and now it's been nerfed.
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  3. S0LAR15

    Yep, it's basically lost all utility, LA is basically high risk - low reward.

    Dead duck, switch to HA I think, they'll never nerf that most used of classes.
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  4. simon11russell

    Yea its getting to the point now where SOE should just kill the class give us our certs back and tell us all to go and play one of the other classes. SOE clearly have no idea what to do with LA so they should just put us out of our misery.
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  5. Village

    This is a good change, at least in the case for MBT's but i disagree with lightnings not being killed to 2 C4. Now you'll have to get up close and personal with Heavy Assault or Engineer to instantly kill an MBT, instead of how hilariously easy it is for Light Assault. I felt bad C4ing MBT's with light assault despite the fact i did it all the time.
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  6. Ripshaft

    I had to check the test server to make sure this was the case, very impressive as always. Always amazed they have the balls to make the right changes no matter how many diehards and noobs it'll piss off. Seems to be very well tweaked, 2 bricks brings mbt to start of critical health, and 2 bricks brings lightning to a sliver of health within critical, with only a few sec to repair or die.

    Good stuff, good stuff.
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  7. PS2Freak

    we have self-righteous man in here... the man with no bias, the man with vision, the man who always find right words!

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  8. S0LAR15

    It's to stop noob QQ, nothing else.

    It's not a good change balancing for people who don't want to make use of mechanics like radar, that can already save them.

    Seeing this is now the case radar should be removed.
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  9. Serell

    Yeah man it's not like all the tanks has to do is back up a little while I'm trying to hover on top of him for him to spot me and blow me to pieces before I can do anything. And it's not like I can be shot by infantry before I can detonate my C4. This stuff happens 1/2 of the time I try to blow up a tank. LA was high-risk high-reward, and now it's a useless class that brings nothing to his team.
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  10. S0LAR15

    Seriously it's not like frakking RADAR is available to MBTs!!!!!!!

    You'll never C4 a BR 100 around buildings or a tower. Hell half the time he'll shelling from 100 m away, and you have to redeploy to the WG to get a mates galaxy over to where he is and drop on him.
  11. Thrustin

    Do two blocks still instagib them from behind? It is possible they added directional damage for C4. Currently, there is none afaik. Please check.
  12. Village

    If you're getting killed you're doing it wrong. Just float 100 metres above the tank with drifters and laugh while he is completely oblivious. I understand that you're upset because LA seems pretty useless at the moment, but the change was needed, at least versus MBT's.
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  13. simon11russell

    I've done a little more testing and this isn't the case. also armour on the tank has no effect on the damage done to the tank.

    Also I found that it takes 25-30 seconds for a lightning tank to burn down to nothing and about 60 seconds for a MBT to die. Even with the speed penalty you can still get a long way in that time and are faster than a LA so I guess only a fool would jump out to be picked off while repairing. and that running fire suppression or auto repair will basically make your escape assured.

    C4 will basically only give assists now the heavy who last hits is gonna be getting all our tank kills now.
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  14. Ripshaft

    Nope no directional damage, at least on mbt, didn't test on lightning, though I'd assume not, since that would greatly complicate things.
  15. Iridar51

    Only to stop people like you from complaining about C4. Then you will complain about something else that kills your tank, like engi's AV turret. You will complain and complain until your tank becomes invincible.
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  16. simon11russell

    I may have been wrong it looks like a general C4 damage nerf as I was just testing on Phalanx turrets and 2 blocks wont kill one of them immediately any more they are left burning for 2-3 seconds now.
  17. Jackalmaster

    I can live with this nerf. Anything else would have been excessive.

    Lets just hope max users aren't the next in line to complain
  18. darkstarzx2

    Cause that makes sense...

    In real life, 2 blocks of C4 would vaporize something as small as those turrets, not to mention leave nothing of a light tank.

    It does seem like LA is now useless...
  19. Ryekir

    If this is the case, then HA is definitely the way to go. 2 C4 and a rocket will still kill them.
  20. Orosian

    Does this mean a MAX can now survive a block of C4?