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Discussion in 'Test Server Forum' started by Gninja, Jul 7, 2015.

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  1. Feldon Well-Known Member

    Griffon towers had to be built in several zones through a griffon tower building live event. This was before my time, but my understanding is, it was mostly crafters who did all the initial work, and then when they hit 100% bam these x4 epic mobs appeared, killing all the crafters, and then raiders stepped in and got the reward. Could be wrong though.

    I'd settle for requiring eggs to use towers in Nek or TS and get rid of the server-controlled horses please!

    For mounts, maybe we can use EQ2 Wikia to get the old mount speed data back and put together a table of what the mount speeds should be. I want to say it was 24% for the low level mounts, 32% for mid level, 40% for high level, and we didn't get 55% ground speed mounts til Lavastorm. But my memory of that is probably fuzzy.

    It was explained to me that when changes have been made to designer data like Items, Quests, Recipes, Mounts, NPCs, etc. the files were just changed and re-uploaded, so the old data is gone and not recoverable. This is why it's so hard to do a progression server for EQ2.
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  2. Hyiero Active Member

    Here are my Suggestions

    1. Mobs even though buffed are too easy still even with the buff to their heroic status it does not seem these mobs were equipped to handle us rolling around in +8 gear by level 10. My suggestion as many have said is either put a global debuff on players to bring them into check or put a global buff onto mobs in order to boost them up to wear they needed to be(I think this really needs to be a damage modifier).

    2. Experience is just way to fast. It needs to be taken down to like 1/5 of what it is now. Had a guildie get from 13-20 in WC and FG in a matter of an hour. Even with vitality and and experience pot rolling this should not be possible. This was from killing mobs and not quest so experience gain in general just needs to be cut down by a far amount.

    3. Several people reported that their call home at level 1 took them to their starting cities. Which they were still able to progress in the lower level zones to xp. I suggest that instead of having halas and DLW you take everyone to there starting cities when loaded in for the first time. I understand you don't have newbie quest lines set up. But I am positive people will be able to manage and I'm sure you could even send a mail to the level 1 characters letting them know a good place to start getting experience.

    4. Gear - If you implement a global buff/debuff on mobs/player then this becomes less of an issue but as of right now gear is just way to powerful for the old content.

    5. Someone said this already but disable the horse fast travel guy at the start of all the overland zones.

    Thanks and appreciate the work you guys are doing.
  3. WiffWaffle New Member

    Yeah, there is obviously something wrong with the queue. I'm up from 51m to 1h 13m. It's hard to believe the server is this full on a Wednesday morning.

    As far as changes, the only important one to me is making people start in Qeynos/Freeport. In Antonica with only the starting gear, my level 5 Guardian/Warden duo can kill level 7 solo mobs fairly easily. A level 8 solo mob is tougher but doable. A level 9 killed the Guardian before the Warden finished him off. It takes about 4 of the level 7 mobs to get 1 yellow bubble of xp.

    It seems as though the quest gear from the new starter areas is what is making things so easy.
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  4. Feldon Well-Known Member

    It might be helpful to see a list of what all the EQ2 team actually changed on the TLE servers. It might be a massively impressive list. The problem for most of us, we start out in New Halas and there is NOTHING classic about that. Time spent in New Halas or DLW is identical to time spent on Live.
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  5. Kari Well-Known Member

    I was only on the server for a short time last night, so I just have a few comments
    • Melee damage seems overpowered. I was on a defiler so I expected damage to be low, but my melee auto attack was doing about 3 times more damage than my spells or spell weapon. This was at low levels so I don't know if it is a problem at higher levels.
    • I shouldn't have had a spell weapon; range auto attack for priests wasn't in the game at this point.
    • The mobs for the channeler prelude quest were spawning and attacking me in common lands, that quest shouldn't be in the game at this point.
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  6. Almost Member

    Okay a few things I noticed in my short beta time last night, (primarily Harvesting/Crafting concerns)
    • Harvest quantities are too high, please return to 1-3 items max per success (3-9 per node)
      • Currently giving live quantities which could be a negative for economy.
      • Bring back skill level requirements for harvesting Tiers.
    • Rare harvest rate is too high.
      • 30 T1 & T2 in a few minutes of focused harvesting is bad, and a potential economy killer.
    • Daily Trade Skill quest givers need to be removed. They give huge exp for the tinkering and adorning quests.
      • Can complete Adorning quest (with skill ups) even though Adorning is not live
      • Tinkering should rely on actual Tinkering to skill up. Make T1 items valuable for harvesters.
    • Frost Fang level 10+ Trade skill Quest line need to be removed.
      • Makes leveling too fast with no real work.
      • Rewards Rare T2 items that should require Harvesting or Purchasing on Broker.
        • Market can be flooded by Alt farming rares due to ease of completing.
      • T2 rare recipe books should not be purchasable on vendor. Make them drop only.
    • Discovery exp is too high. 25% per discovery at level 6
    Just my opinions on those things. Going to make a new test toon today strickly to see how fast I can level up my Tradeskills, and see how many levels I can get on just discovery in FFS and Qeynos/Ant.
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  7. Ucala Well-Known Member

    crashing and having to re-go through the queue system is so much fun...
  8. Atze New Member

    - Lower the XP Rates

    - Increase Difficulty

    -Remove DLW and Halas and let the Players start in Q or FP
    If DLW and Halas stay in the Game:
    - Rework some Items: Gear from Freeport and Queynos Zones are not as good as the Gear from DLW and Halas
    - Same Issue with many Drops in Blackburrow and Wailing Caves, the Quest Gear is much better and that doesnt feel right, because BB and WC are Group Content.

    - Some Druid Rings can be used
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  9. Kelvani Well-Known Member

    I was very excited about this new TLE server. I KNEW the Isle of Refuge wouldn't be back... but l accepted that. I knew WORTS would not be back, and I rejoiced =p So, it pains me to see what you all have offered us as a TLE server. I know you are trying to please us, but this.. well it falls far short of what many of us considered you capable of giving us.

    However, the reality of what has been given to us as a TLE vs what we anticipated we would get are 2 entirely different things. YES I have been reading the FAQs so I knew that it wouldn't be the original game.. but I did hope for say.. GU40 at least! Surely you have kept a copy of that around?

    1) Starting zones: PLEASE remove these. Start us in FP or Qeynos, give us a few fetch it quests to get us up to the level of the newbie zones if you must.

    2) Much slower leveling is needed. As others have said the experience gain is too rapid. Its basically live.. with a few restrictions we could easily impose on ourselves. There is nothing to say "THIS IS UNIQUE AND WORTH PAYING MONEY FOR".

    3) TLE servers should not have non original content races or classes. These should be locked until the TLE reaches the expac they came out in.

    4) Gear needs to be dumbed down, a lot. Nuff said =p

    I know you all have been working hard at this. Truly, I appreciate your efforts. However, sometimes what you bring to the table is just NOT the right answer, and it needs to be scrapped and started over. I would ask, no BEG you to find your oldest copy of the game, bugs and all, and use that as a basis for the world. In that copy restrict what you deem needs restricting, like AAs ect, and start us in Qeynos or FP like I suggested above in point 1. Otherwise, I anticipate that this will be all failed venture, a lot of hype and no real promise... and a big disappointment to all the good people here who were looking forward to reliving at least in part the challenges we had in the good ole days.

    Thank you for considering my feedback, and I do apologise for it being so negative. I truly did want to be able to offer positive feedback :(
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  10. Lord_Delita Member

    I agree with all of this.

    Honestly it's sad, one day in and my expectations have been vastly lowered to "accept" just basically making the game hard mode and playing it like that. If there is really no way to make this a more classic experience, my interest level is going to drop to zero REAL fast and I'm sure a lot of people feel the same way. I want to see this thing work, work WELL, and have a thriving population. If it's just a quick attempt at a cash grab that pleases a FEW players instead of the majority of us who are here because we love the game and are interested in a classic EQ2 experience, this thing is going to crash and burn pretty quick and DBG is going to further demonstrate their lack of ability to give it's customers what they want. It's bad business, and I don't want to see it go down that route.
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  11. Jazhara Member

    Im sure others will add to the list of epic mobs, however I also noticed that in Thundering Steeps that GRIMFEATHER was not epic x4. It was only a lvl 37 Heroic Triple up. Please revert this back to its Epic form! Thank you!

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  12. Septik New Member

    So I may have missed it in the previous forums, but is splitpaw and bloodline chronicles unlocked from the start?
  13. Dedith Well-Known Member

    • Races - Imo, the only race that should be locked out is the Frogloks as it was quested (and the quest should be confirmed working.) Having the Freeblood and Aerakyn hurt nothing.
    • XP - I don't mind xp being boosted for beta only, but please make it lower once live.
    • Classes - Imo, the Beastlord and Channeler were not tuned for running content at lower levels and could cause imbalances (either too weak in PvE or too strong in PvP.) Save for the proper expansion.
    • Starting Zones - I understand that Qeynos and Freeport were recently completely revamped and it would take a quite a bit more work to get those as functional newbie zones.
    • Marketplace - I can see that some items (999,999sc, bag, xp pots) were put in to make things easier for Beta, so can we please limit top end bags once live
    • Mobs - Feldon has a beautiful idea of just a global buff to up the mob tier of all mobs in overland zones in zones lvl 80 or below. In fact, this should be applied on the normal live servers.
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  14. Sneakle Member

    Horse travel is ok in some areas when you have explored the your self I think. But you know what? I'll support Horse travel system to be gone aswell just for the feel of the old days.

    And if you could explore these zones at 14 then it's not easy to know if the difficulty is on par when we are the level for those zones, but you shouldnt be able to explore those at 14. Make mobs root/snare more and ranged attack do more dmg?
  15. Almost Member

    Frenzy of the Mange public quest is live. That takes away a nice chunk Antonica right near Qeynos gates. Also blocks access to some of the Farmer Walcott quests for low levels due to a quick Gnollish beat down.

    Might want to disable this.
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  16. Gerak Well-Known Member

    TRAVEL ---
    Fast travel horses should be gone.
    All travel required you to have first visited the area on foot/by boat.
    Druid Rings/Wizard Spires required an access quest to obtain the spell and then the Druid/Wizard had to visit the individual ring/spire to travel to it.
    Griffen Stations. CL and Antonica just required traveling there by foot before using that station. TS and Nek each required the egg quest and then travel to each individual station to use it.
    The bridge guarding the Lowlands required a quest for access at night.
    Travel by Bell only available after first visiting and accessing bell.
  17. oakmiser Active Member

    I actually like it. It's not up 100% of the time, so it's not without a work around.
  18. Cykonecro New Member

    tradeskill questline for 10-19 is offered via mail after hitting tradeskill lvl 10, but I am evil and am unable to travel to New Halas.
  19. Bunji Developer

    The queue is disabled now. If you are in it atm, hit cancel and then play again.
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  20. Gourdon Well-Known Member

    The DLW mount is runspeed 29%. The temp mount to do the quest is 25%.
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