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Discussion in 'Test Server Forum' started by Gninja, Jul 7, 2015.

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  1. Jazhara Member

    Hey there Gninja! First of all thank you all for trying to make this TLE server come to life. A couple things I noticed.

    First: Scarecrows in Antonica are Heroic again! Yay thank you for that.

    Second: I also noticed no blue stats on items which is a great start to the amount of player power possessed.

    Real quickly, I also noticed the Sabertooth Gnolls in Antonica still solo mobs. Is there any chance you could also make these mobs into heroic( Triple Up ) like they were back during Classic days? I believe also the orcs in Commonlands are also solo and not heroic ( from what i hear ). Could you also please make them heroic ( Triple Up ) as well if it has not yet?

    Also I have noticed some people still able to SOLO the heroic scarecrows with ease. I feel since they are considered heroic that really shouldnt be happening already.

    I still suggest what many others have been doing is either add a perma debuff on players by x% amount so we cant be as strong. Or do a mob wide x% buff to their HP and their damage so things are a harder to bring back more of that group content.

    Please and thank you!

    I will add more feedback as I test.

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  2. Meaghan Stormfire Well-Known Member

    My 2cp so far:
    • Discovery xp is waaaay too high.
    • Harvest yields are too high.
    • Place skill requirements back onto harvest tiers.
    • Is it possible to swap the current newbie armor with an older generation?
    • Be mean and move the locations of the draconic runes.
    • Is it possible to remove all Kerafyrm related NPC emotes in Qeynps and Freeport?
    • Is it possible to nerf us down to one starting bag?
    • Can the chronomages be removed from the cities?
    • Perhaps add a "Progression Server Guide" NPC to the new character spawn points in Halas and DLW informing players of the changes made from standard servers and informing them that they can call to Qeynos or Freeport immediately if they so choose.
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  3. Jazhara Member

    Also I see people who are lvl 20 already. I feel that xp in general is TOO FAST please slow it down some more. Half the fun in Progression servers is the journey to max lvl as well. Please consider lowering the amount of exp gained further.

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  4. Lejoni New Member

    Just running the beta client for 1-5min crashes it for me.
    Dose not matter if I'm in character select/create or playing.
    Switched back to default UI same thing.

    Tested on Live (AB) server. Rock solid stable, no crashes at all.

  5. Carroth New Member

    Or is there a way to automatically cast *call to home* as the new character is loading? :)

    And kinda work some magic on starting city map to show Freeport and Qeynos options?
  6. Hammdaddy Active Member

    Highest level so far i've seen is 38, and its some dude who is running an entire bot crew. Also the DLW gear is too good, there is no reason i should be at level 20 and still yet to see very many upgrades, not to mention the entire questline in there cuts about a 1/3rd of the game out if you just run it up to level 20. Fury,ranger,brig were able to trio every mob in blackburrow without an issue and went from level 15-20 in about 10(?) minutes. Pretty disappointing.
  7. Alenna Well-Known Member

    Thank you for listening about server. like feldon i'm glad AAs, prestige, and transmuting disabled for now. And yes it is good that you've turned off the quest helpers showing for the most part.
    things I think need to be changed.

    First I'm disappointed that you kept the classes as they are now instead of going back to the original factions Monk, Ranger, Illusionist, templar should all be qeynos. Bruiser, Assassin, Coercer, and Inquisitor should be free port.

    2nd why are you qeynos citizens if we are qeynos citizens when you are forcing us to start in frost fang sea Please start us in Qeynos and whily your at it start the evil toons in freeport.

    3rd the mobs are way to easy and xp gain way to fast. level 10 in an hour?
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  8. Seefar Well-Known Member

  9. Beyoncia Well-Known Member

    Well, I'm disappointed as well:
    1) freebloods,aerakyn, sarnaks and frogloks are still here
    2) fast traveling and griphons in TS/Nec as well
    3) leveling is too fast, like x100 fast. It took me over 2 months on my first toon 10 years ago. I want it back.
    4) mobs are too easy. You can solo pretty much everything.
    5) full set of bags from the start and 24-slot bags on the marketplace. There should be no marketplace items other then cosmetics, prestige houses and non-combat pets.

    As many others have said, it feels just lilke a live server with locked content. Assuming that everyone will be level 50 in few days, everyone will vote on the new expansion in 60 a year it will be a live server copy paste. Sorry, but I'm not interested in that case.
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  10. Dixa Active Member

    all comments about xp should be withheld until you personally have hit the cap. the first 20 levels SHOULD be easy, to reel returning and new players in and let them get the basic foundational abilities for their class.

    even with some mobs being made harder, not all classes are created equal. a lot of underlying code that has gone into the game in the last 11 years can not be undone, and this was never touted as a 'classic' server, but a time locked expansion server.

    reserve judgement of xp until you have PERSONALLY hit 50 and can make a full report on it. also note that even though average gamer takes 3 hours to go from level 7 to level 8 in eq1, there were level 50 magicians on day 3. this game was always easier to level in, as it should be.

    the starting bags are fine. you are talking about 20 more slots to start with total. the first quest bag I got was a 6 slot bag, instantly replacing one of these 4 slot. again, server was not advertised as classic.

    starting areas - on the fence about that. the old systems are clearly no longer in the code. these are likely our only options.

    I fully expect there to be bags and xp pots available in the cash shop when these go live. those two items alone are huge cash cows in the early days of these servers as they were for eq1, even if the bags are not very big.

    and those of you pining for the old days had better get off your butts and google articles about his game from 2005. the game was not doing well and had a lower pbase than eq1 at the end of 2005 due to requiring groups to level post 20 and other issues. require groups at end game, not on the way up. this is NOT everquest 1

    you will NOT beat the full bot crews to max level no matter how much harder leveling is made. so when you whine about xp being too fast remember the cloaks of flames being sold for 25 krono 3 weeks after lockjaw opened. those bot crews are in it for the RMT - they want to horde the open world drops and sell them to you for ridiculous amounts of krono or plat that you can't afford unless you sell one of their farmers a krono for their plat. the longer it takes the rest of us to catch up to and beat them at their own game (and here it only requires a tag and not a dps race) the worse off the live economy will be.
  11. Seefar Well-Known Member

    Uh... no.

    Your worldview just dismissed: The Down Below, Blackburrow, Stormhold, Wailing Caves, Fallen Gate...
  12. Jazhara Member

    I disagree. I just ran into a person who was lvl 38. The server has been out for ummm 5 hrs? I think exp is WAY too fast. Also the game did once upon a time take a much longer time to lvl. during 50-60 it took around 1hr per 10% in a full static with constant pulls. Im not saying I want exp to be that slow again. But the current rate it is now. People will have max lvl in 1 day, and not just a couple people. Lots of people.

  13. Dixa Active Member

    actually my world view as you put it just dismissed being forced to group too early. nothing stops anyone from choosing to visit that content if they wish, but do not take away MY choice to skip it. this is not a CLASSIC server. it's not a time locked PROGRESSION server, but EXPANSION server and this is clearly why they used a different label here than everquest 1.

    and quite frankly none of these issues are as bad as the current state of magicians on the everquest tlp server. first raid kill? 14 bot magicians and a warrior.
  14. Seefar Well-Known Member

    You can skip it in the standard servers.

    Otherwise: what's the point of TLE at all?
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  15. Dixa Active Member

    that level 38 was either part of the previously mentioned box crew, or had been practicing his/her route on live for a while. there is nothing you can do about these people. there was an 8 man mage bot crew all level 50 three days after ragefire went live.

    even if they halve the xp gain, they will still sell xp pots. people will still buy them and still beat you to 50. the bot crews are in it for the rmt, to make you give them your kronos for overworld rares. the longer it takes the masses to catch up to them will create a duplicate of the ragefire/lockjaw problem. at least raiding here is instanced.
  16. Tabytha Member

    Mob difficulty in Commonlands and in the Freeport noob zones (Graveyard, Sprawl, ...) was mostly sufficient. However there are some inconsistencies where mob difficulty should be increased in Commonlands and The Ruins.

    I was happy to notice most of the old camps (Dervish, Stonehill Giants, Tower of Zarvon, etc.) were upgraded to heroic. That's great. However, I noticed the Bloodskull Orc camps were almost all solo difficulty, with the exception of Bloodskull Orcs linked to war elephants. This huge camp of orcs (which used to be heroic) would be a great place for several grind groups to partake. Also, the Ruins of Val'Marr appeared to be all solo mobs, which used to be a heroic area and was necessary to complete one of the armor quests. The Ruins zone linked to Freeport was lacking any heroic encounters that I could find, while the other zones (Sunken City, The Sprawl, etc.) had a fair amount of heroic encounters that seemed balanced. Please increase the difficulty of The Ruins since it appears to be a solo zone. I also did a little exploring in Nektulos Forest and heroics were very hard to find with a few exceptions (Citadel of Gul'Thex, Nightfall Giants)

    TLDR -- Please increase the difficulty of:

    Bloodskull orc camps
    Ruins of Val'Marr camp - including the named Lady Anyanka Polevshi (currently ^) for the Armor Quest

    All orcs, especially those inside of the buildings (this zone used to be heroic and was great for grind groups). Most orcs in this zone were ^^/^^^ difficulty before which worked pretty well

    Nerius pirate camps on beach (all are currently solo, would be a great grind spot)
    Bats (?) I remember the cinder bats were heroic in the past, but I couldn't find any cinder bats soo...
    a rotting follower of Grelkor (camp of these near N'Mar's Ascent)
    Captain D'Lex (is ^ but linked to a ^^^ Gul'Thex lieutenant, seems kind of weird, you would think the boss would be the strongest)
    Nightfall Giants (these are currently ^^, but consider making them ^^^ since they aren't linked)
  17. Duffy Active Member

    Giving lvl 1 characters +4 stats to gear is just too much. The mobs are no threat at all, it's just like on life. Also xp is waaaaayyyyy to fast. If that stays, then people still won't see the need to group up and just solo to 50.

    Maybe mobs should be given a buff for +90% to all their abilities and hp. I don't want to die to a lvl 1 mob, but I shouldn't be killing it in 2 seconds either (donein gear with no stats at all).
  18. Gourdon Well-Known Member

    There are many zones to visit in the game to do quests in and discover new areas. It isn't at all necessary to make it possible to level through a tier in only one zone.
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  19. Gourdon Well-Known Member

    Quite a few quests are giving augments as rewards. I've been reporting them with the name of the quest in the title. Is this helpful or annoying?
  20. Dixa Active Member

    necro tank pet solo's mobs for me so far up to level 10, similar to mage pets on eq1 tlp

    wouldn't matter if I was wearing gear with or without stats honestly. there are just some underlying code changes that can not be reverted.

    should blizzard ever decided to do a vanilla server it would likely be the same deal - many fundamental class changes could not be reverted without a substantial investment in time and money or the original code was lost/trashed.
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