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Discussion in 'Test Server Forum' started by Gninja, Jul 7, 2015.

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  1. Gninja Developer

    Feel free to post bugs and feedback in this thread for the PvE (Stormhold) server on beta.

    Things being worked on:
    - Exp gain(combat and quest) is too fast.
    - Tradeskill Exp gain is too fast
    - Mount travel within zones are getting removed
    - More heroics are being added across the game (this is an ongoing task)
    - Mobs in dungeons are getting a boost to how much they can damage players
    - Starting gear is getting reworked back to old style starting gear aka practically nothing. We will still be giving weapons/ranged weapon. Also bye bye most bags.
  2. Somethingwicked New Member start with in character creation i noticed i can play freebloods and aerakyn. This is not right. New Halas is a starting area? That is not right. The mobs that have been nerfed to heroic status over the years have not been restored to their epic glory. this is not right. SO far this is nothing like classic EQ2 just What we have now with less content. I am very dissatisfied.
  3. Anomander New Member

    Pretty disappointing so far - this needs a lot of work. Waaaaayyyy too easy. I honestly don't feel like this is anything other than live currently.
  4. Grayven Member

    The NPC Londiar Inygad in Qeynos gives out daily adorning/transmuting/tinkering quests, which shouldn't (if I understand correctly) be in the game yet.
  5. Gripper New Member

    When I am at character selection, I can get up to server selection then it has no servers for me to choose and has red letters stating "[DEVL] Warning Text"
  6. Alphonsus Well-Known Member

    Frogloks also should not be available until they are unlocked on the server like they were originally, after someone completes the Marr's Chosen questline. They would have to move the quest starter though, I believe it was in Castleview Hamlet.
  7. Gninja Developer

    What mobs did you think should be epic. Please be specific. We have changed a lot already but its not all in the first zone you zone into obviously. Just give us details on what you think needs changed and we will take a looksie at it.
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  8. Septik New Member

    I understand about not being able to go back to 2004 days , but this is just live with a level cap of 50. From the limited time I got to play tonight I found very few mobs to be heroic triple ups ( only went to CL) and xp was just as fast as live it seemed. Mobs needs to be tweaked as well as xp toned down a good bit.
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  9. Josgar Active Member

    I believe the only thing they promised to do was to de-nerf the heroic monsters. They previously claimed we would start in Halas and Neriak. I also believe they claimed they wouldn't remove the Freeblood or Aerakyn.

    It'd be nice to start in Qeynos or Freeport though :/
  10. Darksavanna Active Member

    Channeler and beastlord should be playable.
  11. Mystfit Well-Known Member

    I dunno if they SHOULD be, but I want them to be ;)
  12. Mystfit Well-Known Member

    feedback: we shouldn't be given a full set of bags. Scrabble for bags I say ;)
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  13. Darksavanna Active Member

    Fair enough
  14. Mystfit Well-Known Member

    Though if they aren't going to do BL and Channler, then the races shouldn't be either. Whatever is right for one is right for the other.
    And Froglocks should follow the same logic, no froglocks until we unlock it.
  15. Odyssey Active Member

    I just looted a Murmuring Reactant and I'm not sure these should be in game?
  16. Mystfit Well-Known Member

    Griffon travel should be disabled OR at least makes us get eggs.
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  17. mcappy New Member

    I felt it was far too easy, at least at low levels. Even the old newbie yard zones held some challenge, unlike Darklight Woods.

    I'm ok with that if the heroic content is prevalent and difficult. Fallen Gate and Stormhold were no joke in vanilla, and that continued with both the contested dungeons and instances. I have a feeling the power creep of player characters will make all of these areas too easy unless they're modified in some way.

    I also think that beta buffing should be unlocked in intervals so we can test heroic and raid content at higher levels without having to grind past the first 15-20 levels again.
  18. Gair New Member

    Mysfit - what zone? You didn't' need eggs for Antonica Griffons. You did need to do the quest before the Thundering Steppes Griffons became available.
  19. Mystfit Well-Known Member

    Yeah, you're right. only Nek and TS had egg quests. I guess in the other zones you didn't have to but then I"m of the mind there should be no griffon towers at all.
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  20. Feldon Well-Known Member

    Things I've seen that are good:
    • AAs disabled
    • Prestige disabled
    • Transmuting disabled
    • Quest helpers removed
    • Level cap at 50
    • Blue stats seem to be turned off
    Things that I consider bugged:
    • Starting with 6 bags
    • Aerakyn, Freeblood, Sarnak, Iksar characters running around
    Things I'm hoping for
    • An NPC added around the Level 10 areas that guides characters from New Halas and Darklight Wood to Antonica and Commonlands. Characters should be guided out of Halas and DLW as soon as humanly possible as they are the most jarring and least classic part of EQ2.
    • Nektulos Forest and Thundering Steppes requiring the Griffon Egg quest.
    • Fast travel is removed from Feerrott, Zek, etc.
    • Carpet and Nek Forest bell is restored to Qeynos Harbor and World Travel Bell is removed. Carpet and Thundering Steppes bell is added to Nek Forest dock. It's not a complete reversion, but brings back some of that travel complexity.
    • Overland Zones from level 1-80 have a Buff added to all enemies that increases their damage by 100%, increases their Tier by 2 (single ^ becomes ^^^, ^^^ becomes x2, x2 becomes x4).
    • All level 1-80 characters have a permanent debuff (curse?) that reduces effectiveness of worn armor by 50%.
    There is NO WAY that the EQ2 team can go through thousands of files and change every NPC or reitemize the game. However right now, enemies just melt because they are so insanely easy, and they do so little damage to characters that there is literally no danger. The difficulty has to be turned up by a factor of at least 10 or there is no reason to group. I'd like to see it tuned so that I fear to travel Antonica without a healer.
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