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Discussion in 'Test Server Forum' started by Gninja, Jul 7, 2015.

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  1. Foretold Well-Known Member

    I am pretty much leveling at the same speed I do on live. I was expecting it to go MUCH MUCH slower... so I don't get to 50 in the first day.

    I would really LOVE to just do away with DLW and FFS and start in Q or F, tbh. DLW and FFS just have the wrong feel.
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  2. HaphazardAllure Well-Known Member

    I was pretty surprised to see 24 slot bags available in the marketplace. I don't feel too great about starting the game on a time locked expansion server with everyone able to buy 24 slot bags off of the marketplace right away. Tailors should get a chance to shine.
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  3. Darksavanna Active Member

    Races and classes should all be playable. There is no way this is gonna be 2004. We wont even get close to it. Having the BL and the channeler along with races will not end the game. The LV 50 cap will come and go probly with the first vote. Same with the 60 cap. I also think they need to at lease allow transmuting. Having to go back and re blow up lv 1 stuff when EoF lands is annoying.

    With that said leveling does need to be toned down by at least 50%. They also need to take xp pots out of the marketplace and put in apperance armor. Iam all for buffing mob dmg.
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  4. Wrathis New Member

    The did mention in game that the quest XP hasn't been toned down yet but that mob xp per kill has been. I'm assuming we'll see the quest XP change throughout the beta process.
  5. Odyssey Active Member

    The issue is if you tone down the quest xp and the mob xp but you don't add back heroic scarecrows/giants/other mobs that were farmed for xp how do you make up the lost xp? No one wants to grind solo mobs to make up for xp
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  6. Wrathis New Member

    I've not confirmed it myself but Gninja said that they changed a lot of mobs back to heroic. Maybe that was just for raid mobs. It's hard to follow all of General Chat.

    Ninja Edit: I just asked if heroic mobs were going to be added to make up for the loss in xp and it was a no. So the change was for adding Epic status to some old contested raid mobs I believe.
  7. Somethingwicked New Member

    I agree, having the bags in the marketplace does take away from the tailors craft pool
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  8. Jubileet New Member

    Classes/Races need to not be restricted to Good/Evil cities for PVP TLE and/or allow Betrayel.
  9. Anomander New Member

    Feldon said exactly what I would have said, had I not been so underwhelmed by the effort on the part of Daybreak Games. Having played this game since launch, and getting the experience presented on the TLE server today by playing in progression locked guilds, I can't even figure out if I should be surprised or disappointed by what is on display here. I understand you guys are strapped for help, but doing this little to try and bring back nostalgic players (which works in EQ1, but not here, for a multitude of reasons), comes across to me as an extremely lazy cash grab.

    If you guys think that flipping a few switches and blocking off expansions is going to be enough to retain anyone you previously lost for longer than a first glance, then you really need to put more effort into this. I think what Feldon has suggested is a good first step. Take that and go back to the drawing board. EQ2 at launch was pretty dependent on grouping. Stormhold used to kick my *** without a competent band of fellow players. If you can't bring back any old content (I understand why not, from what you guys are saying, taking you at your word), then at least put in the time to make what is here a challenge again. Get rid of the convenience. Make grouping the way to go. Otherwise, you have what I spent all of 30 minutes checking out tonight - the live servers with barely any changes, and a block on expansions. All of which I can get in a progression guild on AB. You guys have to do better. Otherwise you are just propping up the corpse of a once great game for gawkers to pay their condolences to. Please get this right.

    *Edit* Before someone asks, the reason why I am not getting into too many specifics, is because Daybreak Games has made it clear that this will be a very quick beta (I read this is more of a stress test from Gninja), before it goes live. So if you all think they are really going to do more than a few minor things before this happens, then I have a feeling we're all in for some disappointment.
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  10. Charlice Well-Known Member

    Having Beastlord and Channeler might not end the PvE game, but they'd sure mess up the TLE PvP server.
  11. Josgar Active Member

    Iksar launched with EQ2, are you referring to the unlockable froglocks?
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  12. Darksavanna Active Member

    yes and no every class had its day at some point. The BL would be a powerful class at lv 50 but as classes level and things change the pengulim (someone spell that for me) would swing. Without AA's alot of classes wont be very good. The channeler is a very AA dependent class so it would get more powerfull around 70.
  13. Mountbatten Well-Known Member

    It kind of screws class balance up regardless. They are just not designed to be playable at level 50 without AA.

    BL and Channelers should not be available until their respective expac. Period.
  14. TeholB New Member

    I know we're never going to get release-levels of difficulty. I know classes aren't going to change (dramatically).
    But why are mobs going down like so much cannon fodder? I can tank multiple mobs as a caster, just standing there doing nothing, and my health barely moves. The instant I start trying, they die within seconds. I thought there was to be some sort of debuff/buff going on for players and mobs. I don't expect fine tuning, but a general sweep of buff/debuff would be appreciated.

    I hate that I'm leveling at the speed of light, too. I hope this is truly a beta and things change. I am very disappointed. The least that could be done is removal of all the statted gear in the new starting areas, with quests that direct players to the original starting areas at lvl 5. Don't they still give old-standard gear in those zones?
  15. Eridion Member

    Please don't use halas and darklight as starting areas. Infact, just get rid of both frostfang sea and neriak/darklight, and drop people off in either qeynos or freeport on char creation and let them figure out what they're gonna do from there, and xp needs to be toned down more.
  16. Darksavanna Active Member

    Most gear at low levels has been homogenized. The stuff in the ruins is more or less the same as darklight.
  17. TeholB New Member

    Bah. Well, then a general debuff for players and likewise a buffing of mobs would be helpful. This is just insanity and cannot rightly be called a progression server as-is.
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  18. Dauvien Member

    Agree, while I do appreciate the call home spell is bound to Qeynos and Freeport, I like the idea of just not having Frostfang and Darklight at launch and force us into the old starter zones. We'll provide feedback on drops as we find discrepancies with old itemization in order to smooth things out.
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  19. Dauvien Member

  20. Carroth New Member

    It's a bad first impression to have Frostfang and Darklight as starting options. And You might want to tweak the discovery and quest exp if you going to stick with them. Went from level 1-3 in two minutes, and then gave up for the night.
    A lot of folks are going to be returning for the fear of death while venturing out into Antonica and CL.. First impression is going to be New Halas, and Neriak? WTF?!?!?
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