[TLE] guild idea? For casuals 1-3hours a day

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Scott4323, Jun 13, 2017.

  1. Scott4323 Active Member

    My char name is Radius!
  2. Scott4323 Active Member

    Guild is up send tell for invite
  3. Scott4323 Active Member

    Lol 41 members already - what up haters!
  4. Scott4323 Active Member

    Any member can invite you my name is Radius in game
  5. Kneegan New Member

    Sure was nice seeing so many come and join in the fun last night! When I logged at 8PM CST, there were 51 guildies on. Let's hope it continues!
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  6. Halfpint503 New Member

    I would like to join your guild, how do I go about getting an invite?

    Halfpint Warden
    Shelie Necro
  7. harvash Active Member

    Look for (/who) anyone with a Filthy Casual tag can invite you, welcome aboard!
  8. Dauvien Member

    We've not been keeping up this post due to the large population influx we've had in game (we have over 550 members now). However, our door is still open. If your interested just reach out to any of us in game "/who filthy all" should give you someone who can tag you (everyone has invite permissions).

    About as casual as you can get, plenty of group opportunities (more so after lv 15 when it becomes more required as the initial start quests start to wind down) and help is always just a /gu away for that hard mob kill or question. Pretty easy to turn off /general shouldn't have issues finding a group most times (maybe keep /lfg handy for backfills). We even did a off the cuff City Raid last Saturday (should be easier to do once mentoring gets fixed on the 11th too) fully expect there to be more frequent hey lets do this sort of things.