[TLE] guild idea? For casuals 1-3hours a day

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Scott4323, Jun 13, 2017.

  1. Cataclysm Active Member

    A guild to start PUG groups.. errr... OK LOL

    Just start a guild, no need make an announcement on here about making a guild do what guilds are designed to do.
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  2. Trox New Member

    We are making a guild; Scott4323 was mainly tossing the idea out there to see if there was much interest before he committed to the idea of starting up the guild. So far we have about 70-75 people that are interested in joining with a nice spread in classes. Will be lots of fun, and can't wait until tomorrow for the launch; anyone is welcome to join us.
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  3. VeilShard Active Member

    don't be a dork, you do realize this is a guild recruitment sub-forum?
  4. Blazen Active Member

    Been playing off and on since launch... I've been looking forward to this server and will be playing a wizard as my main with a monk alt. I'll join you on Discord when the server goes live.
  5. Grayven Member

    The idea of the guild seems nice, but the name "Filthy Casuals" is a deal-breaker.

    My wife and I will be looking for a similar type guild to do HQs with, but the name will need to be something I don't want to hide.
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  6. Diabolus New Member

    I like Filthy Casuals, cool name.

    I plan to start up a toon an hour or 2 after launch, chalk me up as another Oceanic player so there will be a handful of us by the look of it. But I'm also a SAHD/Work from home type so will be around at a lot of different timezones.

    Pretty much a noob at EQ2, only played for a month or so after launch then got pulled back to some other game.

    Was playing EQ on Phinigel where I actually have a couple of chars in <Pick Up Group> Saw a mention of TLE server for this game and decided to check it out. TBH I'm kind of over EQ TLPs having played on Lockjaw, Phinigel and Agnarr. So really excited to check out EQ2 again without all the catching up.

    No idea what I'm going to play, probably a healer or a Enchanter/Bard, something support like and helpful for groups/raids.
  7. Scott4323 Active Member

    Welcome Kneegan!
  8. Scott4323 Active Member

    Thanks for the pro tip cataclysm!
  9. Scott4323 Active Member

    Welcome Blazen!
  10. Scott4323 Active Member

    Sorry to hear that Grayven! Thanks for posting that!
  11. Scott4323 Active Member

    Welcome Diabolus!
  12. Whitewine New Member

    I'm interested in this. Kinda looking into an assassin. Though, that will didn't show any interest. Why is that?
  13. Scott4323 Active Member

    No idea, they are totally awesome, come play one with us!
  14. Whitewine New Member

    I'll be around and wanting to group who do I need to pm
  15. Trox New Member

    Sweet a second assassin to run with =D
  16. Robrblind New Member

    This sounds like the guild for me and my wife (possibly my step-son as well)

    I will most likely be playing an assassin (ratonga most likely) - Robr
    My wife will be playing a defiler - Brania
    not sure on the boy yet...

    Let me know what we need to do to hook up with you fine folks!

  17. Savaj New Member

    I'm interested. I'll be on tonight as a Berserker.
  18. Scott4323 Active Member

    See ya there robrblind and savaj!
  19. Satarie Member

    I would like to join you all.. I'll be playing a Conj Name will be Jollenar. Who do we contact for an invite and what was decided on a guild name so I can look for people
  20. Darceela New Member

    Another oceanic player here, sound like a good guild to join to get a feel for everything, will be playing a templar, would love to have some groups to heal