[TLE] guild idea? For casuals 1-3hours a day

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Scott4323, Jun 13, 2017.

  1. Scott4323 Active Member

    Been thinking of starting a guild on FG named something like Pick Up Group, borrowing from EQ1's guild on Phinny, with the focus to form PUGs to do stuff and level grind.

    Might raid once a week, like on Saturday night, unless we somehow have the ability to raid more than that. If we ever did, Raids would be pick up raids, no DKP, random 1000 on fabled loot.

    Super low key, if you out grow us you can leave. We'd take you back if you want. We'd accept anyone.

    I would be rolling guardian, wife will play a priest, we would have the bare necessities for any PUG.

    Think there would be any interest in something like this? Or is this a waste of time?
  2. Choot New Member

    I think it is feasible. That would be the type of guild my wife and I would be interested in. We love playing EQ2 still, but just don't have the time we used to. Going to start over in TLE with the hope of doing some raids eventually. We will look you up!
  3. Scott4323 Active Member

    Cool, yeah I'll post my character name here when server opens, we'll find 6 people and create it
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  4. Fluxist New Member

    I'm in.
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  5. Katz Well-Known Member

    Sounds good. Since FG is supposed to be focused on heritage quests, would be cool to be able to group for those. It's a lot more fun if you go through with a group.
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  6. Torrin Member

    I personally am looking to revive my ranger of old venekor days on Fallen Gate. I intended to just find a guild after it launches but this sounds good to me. My plan is to eventually relive all the content, or as much as is possible. Seeing as last time I played the ranger was KoS launch up through EoF launch, at that point I went Dirge for the guild and he hadn't been touched since.

    I have a friend who is a long time EQ2 player that would be playing on FG and probably be interested in joining as well.
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  7. Scott4323 Active Member

    Cool! Excited to see a few others would like this.

    I think we'd make it so that everyone can invite others to the guild once joined, this would be the most successful if we could capture a large share of casuals that will play (at least until their raid ready, I'd expect quite a few to leave once max level to hardcore raid).

    As Choot, my wife and I also have limited time but really love this game.

    As Torrin, we have played before, looking to relive content

    And as Katz said, were looking to complete as many heritage as we can as that is a big part of this server,

    About me, if you would like:

    I've never been a hardcore, I'll always be a casual. Won't play more than 3 hours a day, might not get on all sometimes. Looking for others to play with in same boat. Studying to be an actuary someday-will have to reduce playtime for exams. If I have to, I'd make someone else leader if I just can't play anymore for an extended period before leaving.

    I played on Halls of Fate back before mergers when it use to be called a different name, (was it Everfrost?) as an assassin named Arctangent. Briefly, I was guilded with Hands of Heaven in ROK era on that server-great times, very fun. I also played a month of stormhold before I had to stop - also as the assasin arctangent. Also then was briefly guilded with Vindicate, also then too great fun times, I was just a backup for them but I had a lot of fun the 2 or 3 raids I was on. I played some EQ1 before all that on E'Ci server, played a wizard, Druid, and enchanter up until the Planes of Power, then had to quit. Real life reasons.

    Heh, I know the chances are remote but if the person who played like 20 toons named Star was reading this post she'd get a kick out of it-she always called me the LFG guy cause I was too lazy to start my own groups lol
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  8. Choot New Member

    Ah, the good old days of EQ1. We left EQ1 as soon as EQ2 went into Beta and were shocked when most of our guild on Luclin server did not (and in fact were upset with us for leaving). Felt like we had to start all over again! We have played "casually" ever since (the only raiding coming when we leveled high enough to do "raids" with a 6 person group) and raised a family on EQ2 dungeons. We even attended SOE Live twice (with kids along). Had a blast and still enjoy playing when we can all get together (Three of our kids are now adults). EQ2 remains a fun family activity for us, a way to stay connected, and we are all looking forward to FG launching...regardless of how long the leveling takes (see several other threads on the matter).

    Scott: We will bring all five of us, so as soon as it launches, let me know and we will all join up. I love the idea of just calling the guild "PUG" or "PUGs"

    Thanks for getting the idea started!
  9. Nilyana Member

    This is the sort of guild I'd be interested in! I definitely want to do the HQs and hit group content again, and casual raiding would be fun if we could swing it. (I'm planning on a conj and/or a troub? Played a conj at launch and would love to revisit the class, but bards have always been my favorite!) I'll be around on launch day, so I can help form up the guild if needed, but otherwise would love to join up.
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  10. Odalus New Member

    This is what I have been looking for! Saw that there was a new TLE server coming and was looking for a casual guild. I played at launch, but havent really put a whole lot of time in since. I have been messing around with classes to get a feel for what I would want to play. I usually lean towards healers, but open to play just about anything. SIGN ME UP!
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  11. Scott4323 Active Member

    Just outta curiosity, what class are y'all intending to main?
  12. Ratface Member

    Probably A zerker or paladin, maybe an SK. Something tankie anyways because I've never played a plate tank in EQ2. Possibly a Ranger or warden as an Alt.
  13. Katz Well-Known Member

    Probably a warden.
  14. Scott4323 Active Member

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  15. Scott4323 Active Member

    Cool I think it's working, also, very interesting so far.
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  16. Pnnylnskywlkr New Member

    Awesome! Glad to see others like us. Played Templar on the beta and liked it enough to roll when server opens. Typically played scouts and mages before. Time for a fun change.

    (Scott's wife here, FYI)
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  17. Choot New Member

    We are still haggling over classes in our family. Right now I''m going Dirge/Zerker, My wife is going Ranger/Druid, my son will be Templar/mystic, daughter is Monk/Dirge (hence my uncertainty) and youngest daughter is going Conjuror/Necro. Three of us wrapped up our Beta 150 quest achievement last night, anyone else doing that?
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  18. Scott4323 Active Member

    Yeah we did Tuesday, kinda a headache. Also, I felt like the others in the beta forum-The combat xp rate is no joke, leveling will be hard.
  19. Dauvien Member

    This sounds like the kind of guild I would want join (along with a friend of mine). We'll be around launch day, I plan to main a Guard (Onodi) but I'll be making 3 adventure alts (coercer, inquisitor, and a ranger) along with 5 additional TS only toons (plenty of flexibility to fill a group or help make an item). My friend is going to main a Beastlord, but he's also bringing 4 additional slots to fill (just not to sure what yet but he leans to healing and dps).

    I'll keep an eye on this post, I would be able to assist in the creation of the guild just need to know who to reach out to.

    Love the game (more hours logged here then I care to mention). Just started back into Live little over a month ago after a 2 year break but the stat-flation has me really soured. Joined the beta shortly after it went live and enjoyed my trek to 150. Looking forward to less hotbars, good chat, and helping out.
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  20. Scott4323 Active Member

    Sweet a fellow guard main! Guardians totally rule!! =)

    I'll post my name here, planning on using Radius or Arctangent unless taken
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