[TLE] guild idea? For casuals 1-3hours a day

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Scott4323, Jun 13, 2017.

  1. Nordrassil New Member

    Definitely interested in this. Mained Wood Elf Wizard from Launch in 2004 with a Paladin alt till EoF then played a Fae warden up until about 2011 (TSOor the one after it?) then did wow from Cataclysm till just before MoP then again from Warlords of Draenor and Legion till just last week. Former eq2 guildie talked me into trying out FG. Joined the Discord already "Rangband"

    Thinking Warden for main or Templar, Good aligned of course.
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  2. Scott4323 Active Member

    Welcome Nordrassil see ya in game!
  3. VeilShard Active Member

    Personally I love necros but wanted to play in the good cities this time around, since there's no guild halls and we're kinda stuck there, so most likely going with conj at first. Who knows though .. I may just play something totally different
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  4. Trox New Member

    Ok think I've finally have my main sorted out; going to be Gnome Assassin ( subject to change of course). Now to figure out my second main, third main, first alt, second alt.....ughh.
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  5. Scott4323 Active Member

    I'm somewhat jealous as I love assassin lol
  6. Pnnylnskywlkr New Member

    Alright, here's the survey for choosing our guild name! Thanks for posting suggestions in the general thread. I'll post some background/definitions on some of the names in a few moments. Link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/Z2QFB8T

    The Lucan Guard – Named after Overlord Lucan D'Lere. || Pick Up Guild – Classic suggestion with ‘group’ changed to ‘guild’ ||Filthy Casuals – a name to rock what we are, hard core casuals in a whimsy manner || Creeping Crud – EQ1 spell which covers your target in oozing filth || Norrathians for Hire – suggestion from chat to convey a mercenary feel || Quod Circum – Latin for ‘revolving’, or circus/ring/goes around, conveys that revolving door type of sentiment || Far Seas Requisitioners – the Far Seas Trading Company is kind of us in game, they act as a lifeline between societies great and small, often rescuing survivors while gathering resources || Swarm Synergy – from two words basically meaning ‘to occur in groups, to fly together’ and ‘when combined produce an effect greater than the sum of the individuals’ || The Convolution Company – suggested to have ‘the _ company’ and convolution is ‘rolling together’ like us || Spirit of the Wolf – EQ spell increases the movement speed of an ally while out of combat. || Voices of the Convergence – another take on our theme, and the word was suggested that we are banding together || Legendary Alliance – we’ll become legendary for our casual yet bomb playing || Rebels with Tradeskillz – we gots the skillz yo

    To watch the results: https://www.surveymonkey.com/results/SM-KJJCVBMP/
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  7. Smip New Member

    Been lurking on the thread and finally saying hello! I am going to be part duoing part 2 boxing (in order to keep my friend appx same lvl as they have loooong work hours) Been playing on and off since the start. Was wanting to come back recently in general, but was sort of bleh to having to relearn what has changed for stats again. Never fully learned it before the last time I came back lol. So ya this will be perfect starting from the beginning. Looking forward to meeting everyone! (not 100000% set yet on class but will be doing woodworking for TS)
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  8. Shoomy New Member

    Am interested to join. Playing in EU timezone, and probably main a Mystic. Always play a few hours in the evening and a few more weekends when I have time. Last I played EQ2 was a few months ago, but couldn't really get into it at level 100, to confusing in what to do. Am looking forward to start over with FG.
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  9. Scott4323 Active Member

    Welcome Smip and Shoomy! Glad to have both of you! Don't forget to vote on guild name!
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  10. Krycek New Member

    Hello, this Guild sounds ideal for me. I'll be pretty much a total EQ2 noob. I played back when it first released back in '04 I think when it launched? Never got far cuz friends "made" me play that other mmo that came out in '04. Undecided as to what class to play cuz there's a few that sound fun. I've umm narrowed it down to bard/chanter/rogue haha. Leaning toward troub or illy but there's a few days still for me to waffle back and forth!
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  11. Trox New Member

    Yeah even more victims........errr I mean people to group and chat with. Welcome Smip, Shoomy, and Krycek.
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  12. Dauvien Member

    Ahh yes City of Heroes... I hear that was really good I think I read reviews were some people said "WOW its the best" back in 2004. Shame that one isn't around anymore... and I'm pretty sure the review was for CoH.
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  13. Pnnylnskywlkr New Member

    Welcome! Join us over at discord if you like. Link should be on a previous page somewhere....
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  14. Mauj New Member

    Hi everyone,
    Early EQ2 player that left for several years coming back to play on Fallen Gate. I am a late night PST player who is likely rolling SK or Zerk (I'll decide during log in). This guild sounds great, and I look forward to join up on Tuesday.
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  15. Scott4323 Active Member

    Welcome Mauj!
  16. Balelor New Member

    This is perfect for me, if there is still open spots. I will be starting a ranger on Fallen gate name Balelor. I am a casual player, couple nights a week for a couple hours. I am a EST evening player. I have played EQ2 from the beginning off and on, never finding a great guild like I was apart of for EQ1. Hope to see everyone online Tuesday evening!!!!
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  17. Moonpanther Well-Known Member

    Please let me know when you start the guild would be very interested. I'll name my new toon Moonpanther.
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  18. Scott4323 Active Member

    Welcome Balelor there are infinite spots with us yes come and play!

    Welcome Moonpanther!

    Both y'all join our discord channel!
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  19. Pnnylnskywlkr New Member

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  20. Kneegan New Member

    This sounds like it's right up my alley. I'll be playing a Temp and if I can talk the wife into it, she'll probably be some kind of scout or caster. See y'all tomorrow night!
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