[TLE] Adventure Pack Poll Results and Upcoming Expansion Vote

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  1. Phyr Member

    we'll see what 2/3 of the server wants. if most of the server is at Cap already then we will get DoF if not then we wont.
  2. Ozmodaous New Member

    I guess I will be one of those folks that you called out that will disagree. What has always been cool about this game is the other stuff to do even if you are at the top. I have one friend that created a several other characters. Some love harvesting of all things, and don't forget that whole mentor thing. I for one plan on making sure my friends that don't have as much time to burn through the content catch up a bit. Not to mention that guild needs leveling. :)

    On another note, those folks that are top level, I think are probably the largest money earning folks. Not everyone has been able to farm the top teir rares and dungeon items. Voting yes for them means they go from being seniors back to freshman.
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  3. Corpsereaver New Member

  4. Thinwizzy Active Member

    I agree. Especially with how easy the content is at 50, I feel like staying in classic for another month will really hurt the population at cap. There is not enough challenging content to play for two months. It blows my mind that people thought releasing the adventure packs before DoF meant pushing back DoF. That was never even implied. Neither one of those adventure packs will be challenging enough to last for two whole weeks, and especially not for a month.
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  5. ThEnDoeSuck New Member

    "We sent out a vote for the Adventure Packs -- “Splitpaw” and “Bloodline Chronicles” – asking if you’d like us to release them before the first expansion release, Desert of Flames. The final tally was YES with 80% of the votes."

    one poll for both servers?
    (i very much hope) the expansion unlock polls will be done for each server separately?
  6. Thinwizzy Active Member

    People can still harvest and mentor even with a new expansions. Guilds are super easy to level. We made a guild last week (Wednesday I think) that is already level 30+. You can't expect to maintain a healthy population telling people to go harvest stuff or mentor people to do the leveling process they just did. If people don't have challenging content that is worth doing over and over again, population will drop and these servers will fail.
  7. Odyssey Active Member

    The issue is the majority of the population is not at 50. I would guess not even half the population is at 50% yet. Those people who are at 50 will have Splitpaw and Bloodlines to do but I wouldn't hold my breath for a yes vote.
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  8. Moonpanther Well-Known Member

    AHHH ok thanks, must have missed it lol
  9. Thinwizzy Active Member

    Problem is, Splitpaw and Bloodlines will last two, maybe three evenings tops.
  10. Ozmodaous New Member

    I guess at the end of the day you have to ask what your expectation is for this server. I don't think there is going to be a sweet spot for those folks that play with great focused intention. I put it that way because I know some folks are really good at leveling. They may get three levels to my 1 in the same amount of time. I think your story will be the same in 3 - 4 weeks if DoF releases. I'm max level and I'm bored. I don't personally think that the intention of these servers is to please the very focused and driven crowd. But that is just my opinion. My guess is their intention will be wherever the wind blows them.

    In summary I guess for me I see a guild out there named Nostalgia wherever it seems that I am hunting. And that sums it up for me I guess. Re-experience a time in EQ that was there originally.
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  11. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    read what they said its one vote per account all toons get a vote but only one is counted
    anyway why should people be in such a hurry to go through the expansions you can do that stuff on the regular servers enjoy going it more slowly
    and give us low pocks a chance to get there too
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  12. Marthisdil New Member

    Why? People who pay should have a say - since you have to pay (either with money or krono that were bought with money) what difference does it make?
  13. neverlefthanging New Member

    It's not that the hardcore crowd or even the less hardcore crowd wants to rush this to 100 or AoM. These players just want to rush to content that is FUN and rewarding. That wont happen till at least KoS. I expect KoS, EoF, and RoK to stick around for months once yes voted.
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  14. Thinwizzy Active Member

    The difference between classic and DoF and the next few expansions, is we have hope of content getting harder. With classic being as easy as it is, there just isn't enough to do. I play on Deathtoll, I don't expect it to pass RoK. I will even be slightly surprised if it gets that far. I just want the content to be worth doing, which right now its not. If there is content worth doing, there will be good fights over it. If that happens, I fully expect this server to stay full and healthy for some time, while progressing through the expansions slower than Stormhold. If all of that is to happen, we have to get out of classic without people getting bored and leaving.
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  15. Shasta Active Member

    What's wrong with two, or three evenings when most people are taking their time, and have other things we schedule EQ2 around? So why is Daybreak Games obliged to entertain you seven days a week for fifteen dollars a month? I mean can't you just stop the 10 complaining forum posts a day, and take it easy for a week or two while you wait for the next bit of content? I don't understand why you expect the game to be your only source of entertainment.

    There is plenty of content for most gamers to wait two, or even three more months, especially people who are married, work full time, or have other hobbies. Also I think you are way, WAY off in your estimation that waiting will impact the population much. People are going to play through to at least KoS no matter what. If you are bored, you can do something else, and come back in a couple weeks, then EVERYONE IS HAPPY!
  16. neverlefthanging New Member

    I work 50+ hours a week, am gone almost every weekend, and have still have run out of content to do. I really don't want to become an altoholic and those that are altoholics shouldn't hold back those that aren't. The same argument that those who dedicate to 1 toon and have run out of content shouldn't have to wait months for something new to do while paying a sub. Rushing to DoF or KoS isn't an indication that all xpacs will be rushed. Most of the hardcore crowd that I know would be just fine sitting at KoS for months. There is just no reason to stick around with T5 and T6 for that long.
  17. Gnomad_Madgon Active Member

    Less then 2% of the population on Stormhold is level 50. Perhaps it is as high as 10% when you take in to consideration the altoholics. All of the Splitpaw zones automatically scaled to match your level (between levels 20-50), except for the raids. These two adventure packs just give players more options from levels 20-50. I could be wrong but I dont think we will see a 2/3 majority vote of yes on the expansion release vote beginning on August 21.

    Currently there are 449 level 50 adventurers on Stormhold.
  18. Darksong New Member

    I would be surprised if the population voted for the next expansion, if people want to rush through the best idea is to just play on the normal servers. I think we will be on Classic for a few months yet, I for one would probably quit if we start moving too quickly towards 100 within the year..
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  19. Ozmodaous New Member

    I agree with you I think for the most part. I think my concern is that once the gate is open it doesn't ever go back to closed. And I only have that small sweet amount of time to enjoy the gate being closed.

    I respect your opinion as I think you said some good stuff there. From my own personal standpoint I'm not ready yet. I haven't been able to do the rounds in Nek Castle yet. Although, I may feel differently in 11 days or however many it will be. Eleven days is a long time.

    On another note too, just to bring them up, I have seen a lot of new players come to this server. So I think we are getting "old" and new alike.
  20. Shasta Active Member

    Itemization was so different in the original DoF that there is ZERO reason to think it will be "harder". It won't be harder, and the same people will be back here posting everyday about how they are "bored", or need to be "challenged". It's typical. What's more, is once we head down this road there is simply no turning back. I wish people could just chill out, and relax a bit. The game is ten years old, and here we are again, why rush it? Go do something else if you are bored.

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