[TLE] Adventure Pack Poll Results and Upcoming Expansion Vote

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  1. Halfpint503 New Member

    I fully understand both sides of the debate and I am sure there is a compromise. I am trying to enjoy all the content at level. Doing as many quests and earning all the achievements as I go. Trust me when i say I don't want the level 50s getting bored but I thought the point of a Time Lock server was to experience all of the content at level? Have they really achieved and experienced all of the content available? If you are bored on Stormhold perhaps you are on the wrong server? I plan on voting No the first go around and yes on the second. In my opinion that seems like a good compromise.
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  2. Gallen New Member

    Well I'll be voting no, the whole appeal for me is going back in struggling again, having to work to level up and complete quests, if I wanted to get to level 50 as quickly as possible I would have created a char on another server.

    Have the people who are level 50 & wanting DoF completed all the HQ's, all the L&L, languages, factions, levelled a tradeskill to 50 also, got achievements for completing the quests in an area? I seriously doubt it and if you have wow! But I feel that would be a very small minority.
  3. Blaupunkt Active Member

    The thing is the people you are talking about are not interested in doing what you have listed as a whole, in general all they want to do is raid at end game, they will only do L&L or HQ if it will benefit them at or getting to end game, they grind for maximum xp get to end game then moan there is nothing to do, just look at any MMO on the market, 12 and 24+ man raiding was one of the worst things to happen to MMO's IMO! And I used to raid a lot back in the day.
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  4. clapisback Active Member


    I'm overseas, but looking at the time... does that mean Splitpaw will be available in about 5 hours from now?

    Also, I forget, but what was the level range for it? I've been away but my highest toon is only 25 on TLE. Thanks.
  5. clapisback Active Member

    Nevermind about the level range, just checked and it's 20-50 woot. But yeah is it gonna be available today?
  6. Dewie New Member

    I find it interesting that the wording of the question was which one first, not "do you want this activated now" - had it been phrased to be "activated NOW" I suspect many would have answered quite differently.
  7. Adevil Well-Known Member

    They just patched the servers, so yes, it should be available now.
  8. Puckbone Member

    Can we move everyone who votes Yes to release the next expansion to the Prison Servers, please?
  9. Mugrot New Member

    I assumed the restart this morning would add the content, but didn't receive the old quest item in mail to start the access quest. Is Splitpaw in yet?
  10. Blaaahblahblah New Member

    While I will vote no for the next expanion as well. I do think they are being more then fair with a 2/3 vote required.

    If 2/3 of a server wants it ~66.6% that should be good enough.
  11. neverlefthanging New Member

    Considering only 15000 of these are level 10+ and only 7000 are level 20+ and 1000 level 40+. Assume each account has at least 2 toons and that most of the toons below level 10 are name holders, or alts. How many active accounts do you think Stormhold really has?
  12. Haldo New Member

    Easier way to tell is to go to Thundering Steppes, and see if the extra gnolls (like the abductors) have been added. They might have just forgot to turn on the email part.
  13. Adevil Well-Known Member

    The abductors were always there. Or they were a couple weeks ago...I ended up in Splitpaw then and /bugged.
  14. Haldo New Member

    Hmm, that's weird. Are you on Deathtoll or Stormhold? I ran by that area a few weeks ago and the whole gang of gnolls were not there, nor were the bone like structures they gather around - only the original gnolls from launch were present. Personally, if I got zoned into Splitpaw accidentally before now I'd probably have A) freaked out, followed by B) petitioned it and tried to make it clear I didn't do it intentionally since I heard they have banned people before who went into zones that weren't suppose to be available.
  15. Adevil Well-Known Member

    Stormhold. As I recall they aren't up all the time, just often enough to be downright annoying.

    Edit: I was zoned into Splitpaw during the beta, too, and bugged it then as well.
  16. Haldo New Member

    Turns out you claim it from the terraporter - it doesn't show up in your email like on the other servers.
  17. Desaad New Member

    Exactly. There's nothing wrong with taking time to enjoy the game content. That's kind of the point. If the people who rushed to cap are bored, that's their problem. It's no different than someone buying a game like Skyrim, playing the main quest to its completion while ignoring the rest of the content, then complaining because the game is too short. I don't think it's people like you who need to compromise or people like me who should feel like I need to hurry up. Maybe it's the people who are already sitting at 50 and complaining who need to find additional hobbies or ways to spend their time productively so they aren't feeling such a void in their lives from lack of new game content.
  18. Ilovecows Active Member

    I plan on voting yes for the DoF vote. It isn't that I want us rushing through every expansion until we hit AoM (I really never want to get close to that expansion), but that the classic content is a little lack luster and I've pretty much already thoroughly completed much of the content. I've enjoyed doing many of the HQs, run all of the instances/dungeons and done a good number of quests in various zones. I just want to move on quickly to the more interesting content that comes ou with DoF, KoS and EoF. I do like classic content and if want to do more of that content I have alts for that. Unlocking DoF won't suddenly lock vanilla content. I'm sure I will be outvoted, but I am ready for the DoF content to be unlocked for at least a couple months.
  19. Pumarah Member

    Personally I felt they should have votes Splitpaw and Bloodlines separately allowing folks to savor the one before the other possibly, by voting one up, and the other down.
  20. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    I have played the game for 5 years and the servers where still a little more full
    But to me the locked servers are totally different
    you see I had a hard time to find anybody to run an instance on the same level lets face it mentoring is just not the same
    to me the beginning was something new that I never saw
    and so many people being at the beginning and still coming into the game now makes the experience different
    I did not know about the public quest I never heard of the armor quest
    we had to start our guilds together
    Its not like when I started where I got invited into a guild level 80 back than
    was handed 6 44 slot bags and a full armor set imbued and with adorns
    Its so different having to struggle to get a good cloak
    making friends is so much more easy.
    I am taking my time , if you think raid gear is bad how about no gear or close to no gear.
    people that went up to the cap in less than a month don't have a live I think
    somebody said earlier go outside and smell the roses
    I spend way to much time playing as it is and I have a hrd time to make it to the top with both adventuring and crafting
    I harvest all by myself collect shinies unless a big old troll stands on it and that's what I think a game like this should be

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