[TLE] Adventure Pack Poll Results and Upcoming Expansion Vote

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Windstalker, Aug 18, 2015.

  1. Alenna Well-Known Member

    well then they should have thought about it before they rushed to the end. Those of us who stopped to smell the roses have plenty to do.

    just getting 2 of my toons to 20 now. and not going to be interested in rushing the last 30 levels.
  2. Soluss Member

    They sent an in game mail to all the characters on the server.
  3. Tehrror123 Member

    Are these votes separate from PVE server? If not, they MUST BE, the majority of us on Deathtolll do NOT want xpacs released to fast so if they aren't can u PLEASE make sure Voting is separated by Server???
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  4. reactivegnome New Member

    I agree with this statement.
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  5. Filly67 Well-Known Member

    The vote that is up would release the next expansion if there is a 2/3 vote, two weeks after the packs come out. That is only if the yes vote wins. Players decide.
  6. Filly67 Well-Known Member

    That's why there's a vote.
  7. Aliramar Member

    Seriously? Okay, at this rate we won't see DoF till the end of the year for sure..
  8. Thinwizzy Active Member

    Please guys, let's at least get to KoS before we stall out for more than a month.
  9. Arconiat New Member

    It's called Democracy
  10. Eksaksudan Member

    And it is very bad.. Let's be honest - original content is crap:
    1. Absence of AA and interesting instances for group
    2. Very easy raid content, tank'n'spank encounters (except contested Vox), 90% of raid gear - useless crap.. worse than mastercraft, treasure/legend items.
    3. Badly balance of classes and itemization - remote "blue" stats, at all classes autoattack - the main DPS /facepalm

    But DoF won't solve these problems, necessary KoS or EoF once
  11. Kraetec Active Member

    I agree. I plan to vote 'yes' and will probably do so until at least KoS is unlocked just because one month of nostalgia for 1-50 and then 50-60 is enough for me. I was playing the game full-time back when all of this launched, so I did enough time on this content so that a short bit of nostalgia is plenty.

    Everyone gets their panties in a wad though when you talk about stuff like this because they have some strange notion that future content is what caused people to want to leave the game. When, and let's be real, I think most of us quit because we just got tired of playing same game for so long (that or some other game came along that got our attention.)

    Anyway, I firmly believe that EVERY expansion pack that is released on the TLE will bring a NEW wave of nostalgia just the same as what I experienced when the TLE server opened -- so, I have no problems in moving things along. However, I do know that a lot of folks feel that somehow they're not seeing everything unless they have time to level all of their characters to 50 and get prismatics for all of them.... Personally, I want to see some of the later expansions on the TLE servers...and I just don't think that the population will remain high that long if we take 2-3 months for every unlock. (That would be over 2 years!)
  12. Ajjantis Well-Known Member

    Need Clarification on this one
  13. Aliramar Member

    It's called 'bad choices' if you ask me, but I understand, it's just a business and they're interested in extending their milk cow's lifespan for as long as possible. My guild mates getting bored. We've already killed everything with 3 groups and bad classes setup, expect for Vox (it's just a matter of one week or so tho). There's nothing more to do in the game. Vanilla content is seriously lacking, no interesting instances, no interesting raid loot to pursue, no AA to grind itc. What gonna keep us in the game for another month or so, especially when there's no hope for DoF in foreseeable future? Sadly, but I understand that raiders like us make up a very small percentage of TLE player base, vast majority of the population just logging in for like 1 hour a day to roleplay/chat/socialize, harvest and smell some flowers. So DB don't care about us much.
  14. Blaupunkt Active Member

    was going to post something similar, that only way DoF,KoS and possibly one or two Xpacs after are going to have any challenge to them is if we don't rush to get there and hopefully the devs will then have enough time to adjust, tweak or what ever it is they need to do to make it more challenging again.

    Just imagine how easy current game play machanices will be if we add AA trees, actually no need to imagine just go roll a new toon on live and see!
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  15. Bekkr Well-Known Member

    I'll be honest: I'm having more fun playing this game than I have in literally years. My highest level character on the TLE server is 25.

    The original content is great if you are interested in more than just getting to max level as quickly as possible, IMO.
  16. Shasta Active Member

    two words; Relic Keeper

    Vote NO for DoF in September
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  17. Nantoh Member

    My toon there is 14 haha.Conglatz to ppl who win the race.
  18. Roldy New Member

    Bitterly disappointed that we are being rushed through the content like this! I've been having such a great time playing through the game in it's vanilla state. I would have hoped that we would have a vote before new content of any persuasion is thrust upon us.
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  19. Windstalker Executive Producer

    There will be unique polls for Deathtoll and Stormhold as far as expansion release polls go, just to clear that up.
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  20. Tomoz New Member

    Haha, even if all you read was the title of this thread....it has both 'poll' and 'vote' in it

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