[TLE] Adventure Pack Poll Results and Upcoming Expansion Vote

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  1. Windstalker Executive Producer

    Good day, Stormhold and Deathtoll inhabitants!

    I’ve received a lot of questions about the shape of things to come on the TLE servers, so here’s a few answers.


    We sent out a vote for the Adventure Packs -- “Splitpaw” and “Bloodline Chronicles” – asking if you’d like us to release them before the first expansion release, Desert of Flames. The final tally was YES with 80% of the votes.

    Both of the Adventure Packs will release this Thursday, August 20 during an update and will be live approximately 9am PDT.


    The expansion release vote will begin on August 21 at 12pm PDT through August 28 at 12pm PDT (one week).

    A “Yes” vote will result in the expansion opening on Thursday, Sept. 3 during a hotfix and be live about 9am PDT.

    If the vote is “No” then the expansion will not release and the same vote will resurface again on September 21.

    Details for the vote are:
    1. All levels (tradeskill and adventure) can vote Yes or No to the Desert of Flames expansion releasing on September 3, just over a week following the completion of the vote.
    2. We only recognize one, and only the first, vote per account (though all of a player’s characters on TLE will receive an in-game vote in their mail).
    3. It will take a majority vote of 2/3 (or more) of the server votes to unlock the next expansion.
    We’re enormously grateful for the support of all of our players and we’re excited about how the Time-Locked Expansion servers are moving forward!
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  2. Josgar Active Member

    Woohoo! New (Old) Content!

    Be careful on the roads in the Thundering Steppes!
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  3. Arconiat New Member


    Ha Josgar, Just the other day on Stormhold i was being careful on the roads in TS until i realised the adv pack wasn;t live so i was safe lol
  4. Kirce New Member

    please, please restrict the vote to level 4 or 5 and above. We dont need people from Live coming on with lv1s and spoiling the TLE vote
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  5. Momo Well-Known Member

    Honestly, I've been thinking along those lines before, but really, why should they? Everyone whos interested plays anyway and who ist just won't care methinks. Mehopes.
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  6. Panamon New Member

    I would say more like level 20ish even though the game goes by fast til 20. I liked the previous cap of 30 myself, takes a bit of commitment to get that far. Was sickened to hear they let that level 30 min to vote go, I think it will hurt the voting results.
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  7. Thinwizzy Active Member

    I like restricting the vote to level 20 or 30 and up. The people most effected by new end game content are the people who are already playing the end game content. Especially restrict it on Deathtoll, where there are a lot of low level lockers that never get to end game, thus are not really effected by the level increase or new raid content.
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  8. Phyr Member

    I for one am glad that i get to vote even tho i only have a lvl 22 and 23. Just b.c i dont run to the end dosnt mean i should get a vote on how the server gose. I play here as well.
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  9. Moonpanther Well-Known Member

    Just curious, not complaining, but where was the poll done on the adventure packs? I didn't see that poll at all. Thanks in advance
  10. Goldheart Member

    Great, so TLE is turning into just another "race to 100". What was the point of TLE again?
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  11. Sovgodt73 New Member

    I totally understand what Dom's saying.
    I had no vote asking if i wanted Splitpaw now...only a vote asking if i wanted it before DoF.

    Splitpaw have a good fun questline bouth solo and group + raids. And we get it for 14 days and then raise to 60 where Splitpaw dosnt matter anymore?

    I would wish for a Splitpaw vote also and have that to enjoy atleast for 1 month :(

    The main reason my wife and i play this game again, are the possibility to start all over. Not to rush to 100 in 11months :(
  12. Thinwizzy Active Member

    They are releasing the vote on the exact timetable that the said they would when this server launched. I don't understand what you are upset at.
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  13. Locrian New Member

    How is Splitpaw and Vamps. being released making the server a race to 100? Why is it every time a vote of any stripe is even mentioned all the "casuals" have to come out and *****? I really doubt DoF will be voted in first go, so for sure relax. It's hilarious how a lot of "casual" players gripe about people "blowing through content" when they're happy to sit in gen chat for 8 hours doing nothing but complaining.
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  14. Desaad New Member

    I think this is a very fair way to handle voting. There's no need have a level requirement to vote when it's 1 vote per account and when every account is a paid membership. I'm also very happy that it will take a 2/3 majority to open the next expansion rather than a simple majority. Very pleased with the TLE experience, DBG!
  15. Ozmodaous New Member

    I think it is interesting folks are assuming we are going to vote yes on the first round for DOF. I for one will be voting No, and I know several other folks that aren't ready to move on just yet either. The "yes" vote to adventure packs made sense because they are of the current level.
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  16. Nelurek New Member

    I received mail (in game) with the poll attached.
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  17. beagley Well-Known Member

    In-game mail poll on the TLE server
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  18. Desaad New Member

    Absolutely. I am ambivalent toward the adventure packs coming out early, but definitely voting no on DoF.
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  19. neverlefthanging New Member

    Voting no on DoF will just leave half of the population only logging in for raid times. There just isnt enough content to keep that % of player base interested for another month. Im sure most will disagree with that statement, but we shall see.
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  20. Kraetec Active Member

    If you think that DoF is going to be unlocked next week (with a 'yes' vote by 2/3rds of the population), then I think you're going to be disappointed. I could be wrong, but I'm fairly sure we'll be lucky to see a 'yes' vote by 2/3rds of the population even NEXT month.