[TLE] Adventure Pack Poll Results and Upcoming Expansion Vote

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Windstalker, Aug 18, 2015.

  1. Grouse Active Member

    I am having fun entering areas that I haven't seen in ten years. There are areas in Antonica that I completely forgot existed. DoF is my favorite zone... But I am no where ready to face it on Stormhold ... and won't be for quite awhile.
  2. Aliramar Member

    Not trying to be hostile at all. But people, you got to understand one simple thing. If you're enjoying smelling flowers and kissing squirrels in low level zones, new expansion unlock won't affect you and your gameplay style in any way. So why ruin other players fun by voting no..?
  3. Blaupunkt Active Member

    The problem is you are only seeing it from 1 point of view, namely yours, you are not looking at the bigger picture, so lets try now..

    1. If it took people roughly 2 to 2.5 weeks to grind 50 levels, some less! then moan they are board with nothing to do how long do you expect it to take them to grand 10, id say a few days for some less than a week for the rest, some say they just want to get to EoF or RoK, they say that now but if its still not challenging enough for them they will be the first to moan.

    2. Once they hit max level in DoF how long before they start moaning there is nothing to do, everything is to easy, id give it another 7 to 10 days then its crying we need the next Xpac to be unlocked.

    3. Moaning how easy it is now, does anyone really believe that DoF will be any more of a challenge than what we have now ? if you do you are deluded, once we get to KoS and the AA trees open up its going to get even easier that is unless the devs have managed to re work the difficulty scaling.

    4. I believe the reason a lot of people do not want to rush the opening of future Xpacs is nothing to do with limiting any ones fun but potentially for the good of the server as a whole, as max level gets higher the potential for the player base to be stretched is greater, the more stretched it becomes the less chance people have for doing group content unless you are at or close to end game, the more it becomes like the live servers, which most do not want.

    By voting No this time round at least will not damage the server in any way shape or form, the majority are not going to leave the server in protest, after all the majority voted No!
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  4. SeaJae Member

    Please tell me all of the great things you can do end game. Let me remind you that vitality potions have been out for a while, and there are no AAs, a good chunk of the loot isn't optimized in raids, there aren't too many heroic zones to do at 50, and tradeskilling isn't a reason to hold back an expansion.

    The first expansion alone is enough as there is SOMETHING for end gamers to grind for. Right now, we're sitting here with our thumbs up our butts. I have THREE level 50s just because there is nothing to do. There's no reason to raid, as the quested gear I've obtained is essentially better (there are very rare instances where I find something in the raid that would be a 0.5% upgrade), and masters are useless (aside from level 50 masters) because the expert versions are BASICALLY the same thing.

    I've been spending the last week farming nameds to make money for Kronos. This is not my idea of fun. Before you say something related to someone who rushes to end game, let me remind you that I have three 50's. It isn't hard to do, and there isn't enough content in vanilla to justify staying here for much longer.

    I can't keep playing this server when there's nothing for me to do but farm the same nameds on a conjuror because my main can't even solo much, and raids aren't worth doing. I've gotten ever L&L and every language possible, I've gotten my prismatic, I've killed every epic mob apart from Vox for obvious reasons, among other things. I WANT KoS. I want to grind out all of my AAs, play around with what works and what doesn't, play around with different builds, do all of these raids, grind ACTUAL end game instances with groups, and FIND gear thats actually relevant. This vanilla game isn't up to date, and I can't really sit at the broker for no reason for too much longer. It's nuts.

    95% of the people voting no I've noticed are people who just recently started, or are in their 30s on their first toon. I don't understand why they want to vote no, when expanding to DoF will not limit them in any way. DoF only opens up a 45-60 level range, it helps anyone whos just sitting here out, and if you're in your 30s, it helps you out in a mere 10-15 levels. Not only that, but Sinking Sands is much better than vanilla in terms of gear, and repetitiveness. You're actually going to enjoy playing in it. 20-40 for me in vanilla was a huge grind fest (minus questing in EL, but this was prior to any vitality so I got 2 levels at most from it).

    I'm just interested in an honest perspective from someone who is against moving forward. I'd like to know your play time, your level, and how expanding to just DoF effects you as a player.
  5. Blaupunkt Active Member

    I did not say there were "great things to do", I stated some reasons not to move the server forward. if you have 3 level 50's already then you really must have a lot of free time.

    Me ? well lets see, I am self employed, I work 7 days a week, we have an 8 month old baby, I can no longer play 7+ hours a day like I used to many years ago, I fist played EQ2 from the release of DoF so I know all about what it is and isn't, I have no desire to use vit pots or xp pots if they were ever released, it is not how I play these types of games.

    As I said in the post above DoF will be no different to what you are playing now in terms of difficulty and neither will KoS, KoS was one of my Favourite Xpacs I made the most friends, started raiding etc have some great memories, again unlocking this Xpac in a couple month or so will not increase the difficulty we are using live server game mechanics with old xpacs that have not been updated. I have seen nothing in any of the update notes to suggest the devs have tweaked anything to resolve any of this, if the vote was to unlock DoF and on the 1st of sept they do, with in 15days I am willing to bet if not all then the vast majority who are moaning now about lack of things to do, how easy it is will be the ones moaning again

    when KoS was released I must have ran those instances 1000's of times helping guild mates who needed update or had not been or because someone wanted to do X instance, I did it because I found it fun, not because I needed anything from Nest, or Den of the Devourer, PoA etc, on my monk I used to take guild mates on a tour of poets palace, after all I could solo it so why do it on my own to farm masters when I can help someone get through it and they might get something they need.

    I am currently not in a guild but I have been thinking about it, I would rather take a group of poorly equipped players and try and doing an instance/dungeon and maybe wipe and fail a few times than run with a bunch of elitist must have perfect group setup type of people, over the years I have found the latter to just be in it for them selves and the "other" type of players to be actually playing the game to have fun, for the right reasons if you like.

    To give an example. when estate of unrest was first added I ran it a couple of times with the people I raided with, after a while we couple do the entire thing in a few hours, it was easy, but it was boring like being a robot at a key board, we all had a set roll to play and it was all about doing it as fast as possible, in my wifes guild I asked who had been and the response was noone, so I offered to take a group of them, they were as casual as you can imagine, you could not get a less perfect group set up if you tried, the first time we ran it, it took 2 days over 10 hours in total! yes you did read that right, I cannot even begin to remember how many times we wiped, but you know what it was fun we talked and we laughed in group chat, once one of the raiders in my guild asked if he could come, i warned him how slow it would be, he said it was ok, all he did was moan to me in /tells and when we finally finished he said he would never come again and could not under stand why I would group with them, that night was one of our fastest runs, about 7 hours!, in future Xpac TSO and SF the raiding guild I was in would not do some instances if they did not have perfect group or if it would take longer than 30mins to complete they point blank refused to do it in guild chat, to me that it not playing the game.


    I should have added, maybe the people who are level 30 - 40 do not want to move the server on because there is a chance once the server moves on to the next Xpac that is all people strive for, the older if you can call it that is by passed as people who were not "rushing" now try and speed up as they see the end game moving further away from them, I have seen this happen in this very game when you did not vote to release the new Xpac you had to wait 10+ months.

    I know you and all the others who want it opened asap will not agree but thats how i feel.

    Also when we all started this new TLE server we knew it would be voted on everyone knew that it would take a majority, so WHY all the belly aching from people because the vote might not go there way, the people wanting DoF knew that it might take months to come just as the people who want to go slow knew there might be an Xpac released every 6 weeks ;)
  6. SeaJae Member

    I appreciate your well thought out response, but right there, that little snippet from your message is a key thing. It is your choice to use (or to not use) features in the game, or to wait on it. Same applies to a new expansion. Im sure some people will complain in two-three weeks about being bored again, (a lot less than now because there is much more end content to do in DoF, as opposed to Vanilla EQ2) BUT those who do not want to use those DoF features don't need to! The only reason I see someone voting no is to limit people who are ready for it so the people who are behind can play catch up. =\
  7. Blaupunkt Active Member

    I am sorry but if you think my not wanting to use Vit or XP pots is the "key thing" out of all I have posted then you just dont get it, thats fine, maybe someone else will try and explain it to you :)
  8. SeaJae Member

    Related to unlocking content that doesn't really effect you right now, I think it does friend =\
  9. Neurology Member

    Makes me sad characters any level can vote. Anyone under 30 right now probably won't even be 50 nor have experienced half ot the end game content in time for next vote any ways. It's frustrating my vote gets cancelled out by some level 12 Ogre picking his nose in Freeport playing 2 hours a week.

    Also, I don't understand why people are so against DoF? Or Progression in general? If the vote goes to yes there's absolutely nothing else you'd be missing out on. The same people you group with and level with will continue to level at the same pace, there will just be more content added and available to the game, so you don't hit a road block at 50.
  10. Neurology Member

    Pull out game weak son
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  11. Blaupunkt Active Member

  12. Bekkr Well-Known Member

    I believe he is trying to express to you that the reason for your fatherhood and subsequent lessening of available playtime is due to your inability to properly practice a certain method of birth control.

    I think.
  13. Master Nala Member

    Question for you. Why are you playing on this server? All this content is available now on the live servers. If you wanted to start fresh and grind to raiding, why not just do that on a server where you can do it efficiently?

    I'm not trying to antagonize anyone either. I am just trying to understand why you aren't playing on a server where all this content exists right now.
  14. Gorjuss Member

    This isn't a dig at those who chose to move on to 50 and sit and wait it really isn't this is a legit question.

    Even with the TLE the itemization is the same as it is on the live servers until you get to Velious where things start getting nuts on the stats. That being said, if you just wanted to play until KoS and stay at KoS awhile why can't you just roll a toon on the live servers and level lock at KoS? Nothing is different between the 2 types of servers up to Velious. Most of those at 50 currently want AA and KoS, both of those things you can and always could get on the live servers. So, why are you all on the TLP servers and in the forums asking for more content. Some I've seen even want to just go ahead and unlock to KoS and be done with it. That makes little sense to me as far as joining a TLP of any kind.

    I began playing on the TLP servers because I missed the starting of the game. I began playing around the release of RoK. It's nice for me and those who have in the past skipped EQ2 because lvl 100 is daunting and the low lvl zones on live are dead. I've been told to solo group zones since I started playing so way back in 2007. Honestly I would prefer DoF not be released yet but it's not a huge deal breaker for me, on the other hand I HAVE played almost every day 2-8 hours a day and my highest toon is just now 33. I have 2 toons which means I am almost constantly out of vit and getting to 50, unless I am sticking strictly to dungeon runs isn't even possible even with the amount of time I am playing. I apparently wrongly assumed that adding Splitpaw and Bloodline (while won't help the people who already made it to 50) would slow down some of the rest of us because it's more content.

    In the end the TLP (with the exception of the PvP server maybe) isn't really the place for folks who don't like quests, for the most part. If dungeons and raids was all I was into it would have made more sense for me to just join a progression raid guild and level locked a toon on live where i could have my claim items, level when I wanted to and move on in content when I wanted to.

    Like I said this isn't a dig at anyone, I just think everyone including those of us who are overly slow at leveling should take a step back and figure out what it is you want. Maybe, as much as you would like it to be, the TLP isn't for you nor your type of game play. That goes for those on both sides of the coin. The constant arguing back and forth with often times rage is in the end what will kill the fun for those who've left the game before or those who are new to the game.
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  15. Eksaksudan Member

    Vote against DoF only those players who didn't reach even average lvl, TLE shards its not Vanilla eq2, its today's AoM eq2 with broken itemization and broken class balance.
  16. Eksaksudan Member

    The same question to you.. We here because want to play the actual version of content, why not on "live" servers? Because EQ2 died a long time ago..
  17. Master Nala Member

    For me, it's refreshing not to play with all the bells and whistles that have been added over the years. Not to look at the deluge of abilities, zones, features, etc. that have been added over the years. Vanilla is a simpler game. Not so massive and empty. If you're saying that the live servers are barren and empty, I would agree, but spreading the game out will only hasten that, not staunch it.

    I had actually quit EQ2 and hadn't played since a couple of weeks after AoM came out. I just didn't care anymore. I'm loving starting fresh where we began. I want to savor the experience, not see it be an endless race. "The game starts at level cap" isn't the game I'm looking for right now. So that's why I'm on this server and why I will vote no at least twice on moving on to DoF. And if this server gets to RoK, then I'm voting no for every expansion raise after that, no matter what, because IMO that's when it started to go off the rails.

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