[TLE] Adventure Pack Poll Results and Upcoming Expansion Vote

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  1. Filnydar Member

    2/3 is a lot, especially with premium members from live servers able to create a level 1 on Stormhold just to vote.

    My fear is to see the server being locked in Classic until it dies from attrition in 6 months.
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  2. Optimo New Member

    I'm an MMO vet but an EQ2 noob, so assign what weight you will to my two cents...

    For whatever reasons, I just never really gave EQ2 a serious try over the last decade. Took a couple toons into the 20's / 30's on live, but it just never "stuck" with me. EQ2 felt pretty soul less; empty world in the early levels, almost exclusively solo leveling with a merc, too much instanced content, etc. That is, until I played on TLE.

    This is the single best MMO experience I've had in a long long time. I'm having an absolute blast. It's truly a unique game and great community (on the TLE PvE server, can't comment on PvP side of things). I've heard pretty lackluster reviews of the current state of the game on live servers, so I'm not sure why anyone would be pushing to homogenize this unique TLE server experience.

    I would guess that most players on the TLE servers are long-time EQ2 players that played at or close to release and are looking for the nostalgia of going back to beginning. I would also guess (hope?) that a majority of those players are older gamers who have careers and/or families and/or lives outside of EQ2 that would promote a more leisurely and healthy pace of content absorption. But then again, I'm an EQ2 noob, so I don't really know sh*t about the community except from my limited experiences on the TLE PvE server which thus far have been extremely positive.
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  3. Kindread Active Member

    485 level 50s on SH
    339 level 50s on DT

    (I am one of those level 50s)

    We wont see DoF released next week, the severe majority are still leveling.
  4. Chocoholic Active Member

    I'm really glad they went with 2/3, rather than something like 51% majority passes. So that whether yes or no, at least a significantly larger portion of the population has cast the deciding vote.
  5. Desaad New Member

    This is pretty much my story exactly. I started playing shortly after launch but didn't stay more than a month or two. Over the years I have come back for a month or two max almost every year, and as much as I wanted to like it, it just didn't inspire me to keep logging on. I almost didn't come back for TLE, but decided at the last minute to give it a shot. I'm so glad that I did, because this is the most fun I've had in an MMO since WoW in 2006.
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  6. tjhanson New Member

  7. bardbear New Member

    What's the total number of accounts (or characters). The total number of 50s isn't that meaningful in a vacuum.
  8. Eksaksudan Member

    If 2/3 vote "Yes" Dof released in september its 2 week
    I am afraid of it too, if players vote "No" twice.. that in 3 months in game doesn't remain no one good player-raider, for 50 lvl there is no content, "first prismatic"carried out for two evenings.
  9. Adevil Well-Known Member

    What wasn't voted on? We were polled about Bloodlines and Splitpaw, just weren't given a second vote for when. DoF will be voted on in a poll on the originally laid out schedule.
  10. Eksaksudan Member

    I love becomes stronger, but now in game on a cap it is impossible, rewards for raids and instancess 50 lvl are absolutely useless, especially for mages where I use some items 20-30 lvl, which much better than items from raids/instancess 50 lvl.
  11. Sogapa Active Member

    I'm not sure why so many people are responding like you are. Are you ASSUMING that people will vote Yes, or do you think that somehow the addition of bloodlines and splitpaw constitute "rushing through the content"?

    FYI Bloodlines Chronicles is a level 30ish adventure pack. It's greyed out by the time a character is level 50. IMO it should have launched with vanilla. I'm only mid 20s adventurer/30 ts, so certainly not one who is 50 already, but nothing I am seeing posted here by the devs indicates that things are going faster than I previously thought. This was the first I heard of the minimum level being removed for voting though...

    For those who think that stagnating at 50 will lose players. The opposite is also true. Advancing too quickly will be just as likely to lose players as you will see the same things happening as you do currently now on live. There is a mid point or sweet spot you need to find in order to advance at a pace that does not cause significant player loss. I don't expect the first vote to pass, I do expect it to pass the second time.
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  12. Wulfhammer Active Member

    This is how you play an MMO people !!

    Erm.....Let me think..............................................................................................NO
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  13. Eksaksudan Member

    For those who feels nostalgic at the low levels in no difference what expansion now..
  14. Xerish New Member

    IF you are 50, start an alt.. if you have 2 50s.. good lord man go out in the sun!

    Probably wont pass this month but I highly imagine it will be voted in next round. Many of us are old school EQers with kids/jobs. We grow slower at leveling/raiding at our age.
  15. Desaad New Member

    There's actually a precedent for this in pretty much any successful MMO, that people who left from being bored will come rushing back for new expansion/content. The ones who are more at risk of leaving permanently are those who feel they are missing out on content by having to rush through it to stay caught up.
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  16. Kindread Active Member

    29,669 characters on Stormhold ... we as players cannot get data on number of accounts.
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  17. Kindread Active Member

    I think this is what most people are expecting.

    2 months per expansions until AAs are released, then we may see a 3-4 month expansion lock.
  18. neverlefthanging New Member

    Releasing new content does not prevent anyone from playing their own way or leveling at any speed they wish. But not releasing content will cause players to stop playing. So enjoy the nostalgia of T5 vanilla, after 1 or 2 no votes it will just be another empty server.
  19. Tressler New Member

    So you're saying if 485 people that are now 50 leave out of 29,669 total, that will make another empty server?
    ......I guess.
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  20. Chocoholic Active Member

    Wow, 29,669 on Stormhold - that's more than I thought, makes me so happy I am going to pour myself a glass of wine.

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