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Discussion in 'Guide and Player Events' started by Gryger Halifax, Nov 10, 2012.

  1. Darda New Member

    Please please please run the Sleepin' Ugly quest again! Pretty please with cookies and pies and uhm...well, PLEASE!!!!

    Darda and Erydor =)
  2. Darda New Member

    Please advertise more stuff :) Last month was great with all the stuff you all did and now it seems everyone went MIA except for a few same old things on Thursday nights. We love the guides and hope to hear more about what you will be doing ahead of time =)

    And again asking for Sleepin' Ugly, sometime in the later afternoon and evening and let us know here please!!!

    Purty purty please!!

  3. Dinendall Senior Guide

    News reaches me from afar, tales of adventure and opportunity are yours for the taking....

    Monday 24th June - 4.30pm - A Coldain dwarf is looking for help with his research into what could be a new intelligence. Seek him out in Frostfang Sea on the New Halas docks.
    Tuesday 25th June - 2.30pm - The Bloodskull Orcs in The Commonlands seem restless...... perhaps you should investigate this?
    Friday 28th June - 3.00am - A Kerran hunter will be seeking your assistance in Darklight Wood with his latest order. Maybe you could help him out?
  4. Darda New Member

    Where are you all hiding? =) More advertisements please! =) May was great with all the happenings that happened!

    And still putting in a request for Sleepin' Ugly on an evening post 6pm PST =)

    Thank you!

    Darda and Eryndor
  5. Gryger Halifax Guide

    A balmy breeze courses across the Dead River docks in Thundering Steppes, bearing the scent of the sea and the sound of crying gulls. Also carried on this breeze is the troubled mutterings of a distressed Halfling... Perhaps you could help?

    Mon 07/22/2013 @ 1800
  6. Gryger Halifax Guide

    Taking another pull of strong Dwarven Ale from my Stein of Moggok, I looked across the table at Zedmort.
    "So," I said casually, looking down at the map of Norrath he had unrolled before me, "you're absolutely certain you want to do this? Not all of Norrath is as hospitable as Qeynos. Brell's beard, there's parts that make Freeport look downright amiable!"
    I've known Zedmort Fizzlepants for many years, always kept to himself and his tinkering; never one for adventures. What was with this sudden obsession to see the world?
    Zed chuckled. "Oh, I'm not worried. Everyone loves Tinkerfest! I think it's high time I got out there and saw some of these fantastic places you are always talking about, maybe meet some of these fine folks you're always running into."
    "Well, if you're certain, I guess there's no stopping you... Safe journey!" I said, raising my stein in salute.

    And there you have it folks... Keep an eye out in Norrath during Tinkerfest for my friend Zedmort Fizzlepants. If you see him, be sure to give him a warm welcome! He's got plenty of snacks and perhaps a little something more!

    Also, be sure to keep checking back here and also in Level 1-9 chat in game for other Tinkerfest fun!
  7. Dinendall Senior Guide


    Keep an eye our for my friend Cogford Sprockbit throughout the Tinkerfest festival. He's always up to something and generally a lot of fun to be around. Enjoy his company!
  8. Dinendall Senior Guide

    News from the city of Freeport and the far northern city of New Halas

    Wednesday 7th August - 3.00pm - The locals in Freeport have heard that a new businesswoman is heading to the city to look at investment and opportunities. She's quite demanding and may require your help. Look out for her wandering the streets of Freeport.
    Thursday 25th June - 2.00pm - A renowned minstrel will be seeking your assistance in Frostfang Sea at the New Halas docks. Drop by and see if you can help him out.
  9. Dinendall Senior Guide

    The businesswoman has sent word ahead - her transport encountered a band of Orcs in the far western Commonlands and as such, she doesn't anticipate getting to Freeport until 30 minutes after her scheduled time.
  10. Gryger Halifax Guide

    My sources throughout Norrath tell me that Zedmort has been making his way across the land! Hopefully you have had a chance to speak with him... If not, I am told he intends to spend some time in Greater Faydark today (Saturday) around midday.
    He appears to have stumbled across an old book of some sort and may need a hand in gathering materials for the research project it contains.
  11. Gryger Halifax Guide

    The word on the street is that Zedmort is on the move! He's trying to wrap up his research before Tinkerfest ends, and he could really use your help! He'll be stopping at various cities along the way, so keep an eye out on Level_1-9 and come lend a hand!
  12. Gryger Halifax Guide

    High above The Shattered Lands, a flummoxed Froglok could use a hand in the Tenebrous Tangle!

    08/22/2013 (Thursday) 6:00pm
  13. Msfeelgood New Member

    Would welcome any and Guides to join in my monthly guild events. I will be having our August Guild Event this Sunday the 25th at 3pm est. Feel free to contact me in game (usually on Lilnaive). If not this month, then I hold them every month :)

    ~Guild Torque
  14. Gryger Halifax Guide

    Good morning!
    Unfortunately, I am unable to attend this month's event. Please, give us a "heads up" when you're next date is set. If there's one thing your Permafrost Guides like to do, it's party! ;)
  15. Gryger Halifax Guide

    So I was taking a quick trip out to Sayers Outfitters in Antonica, and along the way I ran into this rather worried looking Prince. It would appear he needs some help breaking a curse. He said he was going to consult with some mages but promised to be back on the road between Qeynos and Sayers Outfitters later.

    Wednesday August 29th @ 6:00pm
  16. Darda New Member

    Thank you! It was like a guide-a-polooza night! We got to go fairy bashing too, although we missed out on Kael but we have already adventured deep into its depths! But thank you for letting us aid the prince and his ahem, "true" love and all...and always a pleasure to bash up on some fairys...although the lantern Eryndor gave me seems have a fairy leg sticking out of it...he called it I am supposed to hang that in my summer house or something...

    Thank you again for taking your time to entertain two wood elfs tonight!!

    yay for the guides!!

  17. Gryger Halifax Guide

    You're most welcome! Glad you were able to help our Prince!
  18. Gryger Halifax Guide

    So because of work and other RL beasties, I find myself home for the Labor Day weekend with lots of free time...
    I am pleased to announce the first ever Gryger Halifax "This is how I role" marathon!
    Get it? Role? Roleplay?
    Hey, these are the jokes folks...
    Seriously, keep an eye out in Level_1-9 chat. I'll be on and off all weekend and Labor Day. I might run a quest, or just wander around, looking for people to talk to. I'll try to post here as well, but just remember, this is gonna be completely random.
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  19. Shakacon Member

    SWEET! Hi Gryger! You have made my day. The last guide quest I was able to take part of on Permafrost was two years ago. They always seem to happen during the day when I am at work. I totally want to do a guide quest. All of my friends who get to do them on other servers keep teasing me.....
    There are two quests that I totally am dying to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    KAEL or be KAEL'ED
    If you post when you are going to be running these or any quests on Permafrost during this weekend, then I will totally be there! Also, if you do the two above, I will bring all my guildies to do it too!
  20. Gryger Halifax Guide

    Shakacon, you bring up a great point! A lot of people probably miss these fantastic quests. Let's take advantage of this holiday weekend! Permafrost, I am pleased to announce:

    A Fascination with Kael'ing? Axe me all about it!

    "The one with the cool mushroom hat" 06:00am & 12:00pm
    "The one with those axes for your house" 08:00am & 02:00pm
    "The one with the awesome giant illusion" 10:00am & 04:00pm

    As always, these quests are scheduled for Pacific Time and will be run on Sunday.

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