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Discussion in 'Guide and Player Events' started by Gryger Halifax, Nov 10, 2012.

  1. Elyshka Senior Guide

    Did you know that the Guide Program is also on Facebook? Picture postcards are shipped from all over Norrath and Telon and compiled into this great, online scrapbook.

    Check it out! You might even see yourself on there!
  2. Elyshka Senior Guide

    *drags a step ladder in and props it up against the bulletin board... stretching up on tippy toes, manages to affix a scroll to the wall*


    *checks that it's posted straight and nods, then gathers up her ladder and wanders off again muttering something about getting some Luclin boots*
  3. Gediva Senior Guide

    I heard a rumor of some odd shenanigins going on in Steamfont Mountains tomorrow afternoon. Seems a wacky gnome tinkerer got his tinkerin' bot all out of wack...and needs some help straighten' it out of all things!

    So, head on over to Steamfont Mountains around High noon, on Sunday, April 21st and see if you can lend a hand with some minor "repairs and adjustments!"

    *mutters darn gnomes and their tinkering mischief....
  4. Adegx Active Member

    Requesting Kael event soon. The one with the kromzek illusion.
  5. Elyshka Senior Guide

    /em dances around, singing to herself, "I heard a rumor! Ooh ooh! I heard a rumor! They say you got a broken hea..."

    Oh... Ummm, hi. I didn't know that anyone else was in here. :oops:

    You heard that, didn't you? Ah well, I might as well tell you what I've heard, since I already blabbed about it. You'd better grab a quill and some parchment -
    • Monday, April 29th @ 12 pm - A little troublemaker has been caught recently, stealing produce from the merchants in Gorowyn. He usually shows up around lunch time. Perhaps you can catch him skulking around the cave near the docks?
    • Tuesday, April 30th @ 2 pm - A member from Clan Stormshield will be back on the Walk of Glory in the Eastern Wastes, stirring up trouble and looking for stout adventurers looking to make a name for themselves.
    • Wednesday, May 1st @ 7 pm - A wee Fae finds herself braving the wilds of the Loping Plains in search of some very vital things.
    • Thursday, May 2nd @ 5 pm - Ruthy Bravebloomers, the Plunderer of the Crocodile Sands, will be pulling into port in the Commonlands to check in on the Aether Racing track. Grab your flight goggles and give it a whirl! Be sure to tell Ruthy that I said hello!
    You won't mention that whole dancing thing to anyone, will you? Oh, I'm so embarrassed!
  6. Adegx Active Member

    What timezones are these written in?
  7. Arastir Member

    Pacific time, see the first post.
  8. Elyshka Senior Guide

    Arastir is correct!

    You'll note in most Guide signatures that all times refer to Pacific time zone unless otherwise specified. :D
  9. Gryger Halifax Guide

    Many of you aren't aware, but your favorite Barbarian knows a few 'sayers of sooth" in Norrath, and they assure him that on Sunday (May 5th) around 11am, the following will occur...

    A howling wind courses across the vastness of the Commonlands bearing the hollow cry
    "LOST! All is lost! My soul, trapped here for all eternity! Will no one come to my aid? My bones, desecrated by pillagers lie forgotten along the shore. All I need is someone of stout heart to restore my shattered remains so I may move on! Will no one help me?"

  10. Elyshka Senior Guide

    Goodness me, it's almost summer in Norrath again, isn't it? It seems that time moves more swiftly with each passing year, doesn't it? Of course, I certainly don't mind the warmer weather. It gives us all a chance to get out and visit with the neighbors, perhaps lend a hand in the garden or share a meal with friends. Oh, speaking of lending a hand, there's a few folks looking for a bit of help themselves. Perhaps you could spare a moment of your time and aid them?

    • TONIGHT!! Tuesday, May 7th @ 8 pm - A royal gentleman requires help freeing a maiden from a curse in Antonica.
    • Thursday, May 9th @ 10 am - A distraught othmir has been seen pacing the shores of the Thundering Steppes, not far from the docks. I wonder what has him so upset?
    • Friday, May 10th @ 12 pm noon - Warning! A dangerous pie thief has been spotted in Greater Faydark! Whatever will that poor girl and her Granny do without those tasty treats?
    • Saturday, May 11th around 9 am (those halfling breakfasts do have a tendency to run long on the weekends!) - Bards + table saw = a possible career change (yikes!) Craftsmen are sought to help a poor troubador in Antonica who is in desperate need of supplies for a concert.
    Keep in mind that these are only a few rumors heard recently, so keep your keen ears listening for shouts of distress. You never know when something may pop up!
  11. Darda New Member

    Darn it! I missed them!

    Please do the royal gentleman and cursed maiden one again! Purty please!!!!
  12. Elyshka Senior Guide

    Rumor has it that the pie-thieving rascal has gone into hiding until the heat is off. I suppose that the young girl will just have to bake some more pies before heading out to Granny's...

    (Note - This event is postponed due to the Real Life monster taking a chomp out of someone's tushy today. Stay tuned for an update to when this event will be rescheduled [likely later in the week] - Same gorger time, same gorger channel!)
  13. Gryger Halifax Guide

    I poured the tea into a heavy wooden mug and handed it to my guest, thankful, one Barbarian to another, that I didn't have to use my fine porcelain... Barbarian hands are ill-suited for such dainty things!
    "So, Hannah..." I started, adding a hefty dollop of bixie honey to the brew, "What are you planning for the weekend?"
    My visitor, an old adventuring friend quickly brushed away a heavy tear.
    "Oh Gryger, since my children are all long grown and gone, I DO miss the old games we used to play!"
    I nodded to myself. Hannah had once been an adventurer of great renown, but had left "the life" so she could raise a family.
    "Maybe you could find some new people to play with?" I suggested, offering her a jumjum cookie.
    Her eyes glittered, the old gleam returning.
    "I could! I certainly could! And I know just the place! In Greater Faydark! The fae are all children at heart, and they love to play games! What a great idea!"She exlaimed, taking a second and third jumjum cookie.
    "Splendid!" I said, taking back the plate. Let's not go overboard with the hospitality!
    Hannah jumped up from her seat and gave me a quick hug.
    "Have a good time!" I said, waving farewell to her from the doorway.

    So, good folks of Norrath, would you care to assist Hannah with a little game this weekend? She'll be in the Greater Faydark on Sunday May 12th around 11am Pacific Time. Help a Mother relive some happy moments!
  14. Gryger Halifax Guide

    My apologies everyone, I had computer issues that forced a reformat and I am still restoring backups... I will be unable to run the event today... I will reschedule and post the new date here as soon as I can... Sorry!
  15. Gediva Senior Guide

    Avast ye and Arg! There be a rumor of a sea-farin' pirate showin' up on the docks of Butcherblock tomorrows (Friday May 17th) around high noons seekin' yer help with somethin' piratey!
  16. Gediva Senior Guide

    This just in! A curious gnome is seeking some help with an illuminating problem in Greater Faydark, today, Sunday, May 26th around 2pm! Don't leave him in the dark!
  17. Elyshka Senior Guide

    Psst! C'mere! Yeah, you! Over here! I've got something for ya!

    *slips a note from under her cloak, presses it in your hand, then slips back into the shadows*

    • Saturday, June 1st @ 7 pm - This fella insists that he hasn't been drinking, but surely he must be in the cups if he thinks that he saw what he claims. Help suss out the mystery in New Halas before these rumors create a panic!
    • Sunday, June 2nd @ 1 pm - Calling all cooks! There's culinary craziness in Kelethin and this poor guy wants NO part of it. Come keep him out of the stewpot!
    • Monday, June 3rd @ 1 pm - Avast ye landlubbers! The Pirates of Ak'Anon will be dropping anchor in the Frostfang Sea to check on their Aether Racing track at the Halas city festival. Be sure to say hello to Ruthy Bravebloomers if you're willing to give the track a spin - she might have some special booty for ye!
    • Tuesday, June 4th @ 4:30 pm - The Hua Mein are renown across Norrath as first rate craftsmen, and the one visiting the Village of Shin today is no exception. Unfortunately, he's so very far from home and is a bit out of his element when it comes to supplies. Perhaps some kindly travelers passing through the area could see fit to lend a hand?
    *Please remember that actors for these events do not respond to /tell. Also remember that the actors for these events are players, just like you, who volunteer their time in the Volunteer Event Guide Program, and for this reason the event may be delayed or canceled without notice.
  18. Shakacon Member

    Hello Guides of Permafrost,

    I just found out about this place! How cool! I would REALLY love to see the guide quest Fungoid Fascination!
    My friends are taunting me with their mushroom cap and I really, really, really want one.
    Will you be offering this quest soon? (FYI I live in east coast and play at night on weekdays and play all day most weekends). Just let me know when and I will do my best to be there. I will tell my friends and my fellow guildies about it too!
  19. Elyshka Senior Guide

    It's so exciting to hear that folks are eagerly anticipating helping out! I've had my ear to the ground lately for rumors to share, and there have been some rather juicy bits of gossip floating in the breeze.

    • Tuesday, June 11th @ 2:30 pm - Tragedy has befallen the Loresinger clan, as one of their most prized tomes of lyrics was destroyed. They are seeking help from artisans in the Faydwer to replace this most precious artifact. Look for Oayenna Loresinger on the docks of the Butcherblock Mountains if you can assist!
    • Tuesday, June 11th @ 5 pm - Are the strange fungus creatures clever, or are they just meant to top flatbreads? This Coldain researcher means to find out! Meet with him on the docks of the Frostfang Sea to lend a hand!
    • Wednesday, June 12th @ 11 am - The unusual spectre has returned to his haunt on Orc Hill, shrieking for justice and revenge. Can you calm his disturbed soul? Venture to the Greater Faydark and find out!
    • Wednesday, June 12th @ 7 pm - Was he holding the blueprints upside-down? Perhaps he thwonked when he should have thwangled? There's no time for excuses, only repairs! There's a tinkerer in Gnomeland Security in dire need of assistance before it's too late! Make haste to Steamfont and follow the shrieks.
    As always, the typical disclaimers apply:
    *Please remember that actors for these events do not respond to /tell. Also remember that the actors for these events are players, just like you, who volunteer their time in the Volunteer Event Guide Program, and for this reason the event may be delayed or canceled without notice. All times refer to US Pacific timezone unless otherwise stated. Not all events are scheduled in advance, so keep your eyes peeled for shouts in-game as well!
  20. Gediva Senior Guide

    I heard a rumor about a happening tomorrow!

    Friday, June 14th around 3pm, head to the Greater Faydark and see what all the ruckus is about! Apparently some little guy is rather adamant about not becoming part of some crazed halfling's dinner plans! See if you can lend him a hand!

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