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Discussion in 'Guide and Player Events' started by Gryger Halifax, Nov 10, 2012.

  1. Gryger Halifax Guide

  2. Lucus Well-Known Member

    Hey guys i have a little request of you for future events you reckno when you post you could put in a hyperlink to the quest page on zam or wiki for those of us that aim to get all the guide quests completed. (while labeling the hyperlink text something else for those that dont want the spoiler)
  3. Squeecha Senior Guide

    Not possible unfortunately, Lucus.
    The vast majority of our quests aren't listed there as they aren't Quests in terms of something showing up in your journal.

    Plus, we may change the details of various ones from time to time, so even if we could link them, the details might not be accurate.
  4. Gryger Halifax Guide

    A cold wind blasts through Halas, bearing with it a cry for help!
    Oh bother! I'll never have everything I need before I have to go to Qeynos tomorrow! I'll do the best I can and hope that the good tradesfolk of Norrath will lend a hand... I'll just wait until tomorrow afternoon before asking for help..."
  5. Baydeena Senior Guide

    We haven't appeared very active according to these forums but your Permafrost Guides have been out and about every opportunity they get.
    Today we had the pleasure of joining in with some fun and games run by the members of the Kyndred Guild. There were so many players around that I just had to chat to that I totally forgot to use my gnomish scene capturing device until most of the people had left.

    If you would like to run a player event and would like your guides to attend, please feel free to leave a message here for us and we will do our very best to join in with your plans. With the planning and organisation we saw today, many of you have the skills to be guides too! :) hint, hint!!

    Thank you to Malcomb, Niaya and their team from the Kyndred Guild for inviting us along.
    I'll publish the photo in a separate message as these boards are a bit choosy :)
  6. Baydeena Senior Guide

    Here it is - I hope!
  7. Lyerra New Member

    Will there be any Erollisi Day related events on Permafrost this year? The reward for the guide quest "Love potion number one" looks pretty good...

  8. Darda New Member

    Please run the Love potion quest again before the holiday ends...i missed it yesterday =(


    PS I miss the advertizing you all used to do here =(
  9. Cuteypie Member

    Will there be any chance for some Brewday guide events? I was really hoping for the event where you get the "a keg of Halden's private reserve" or something along those lines.

    P.S.: I've totally missed you guys. It almost seems like youare barely out anymore, and that makes me sad. :'(
  10. redwoodtreesprite Well-Known Member

    Yeah, don't let the cold "Permafrost" weather keep all the guides from doing guide quests, and please do post here when one is going to happen.
  11. Gediva Senior Guide

    This just in!

    Today, Sunday, March 24th around high noon, head to Greater Faydark and see what has a spirit all in turmoil and unrest!
  12. Gediva Senior Guide

    Monday, March 25th, around noon, be on the look out for a busy Kerran Hunter expected on the docks of Enchanted Lands seeking your help!

    Tuesday, March 26th, around noon, head to the perilous lands of Eastern Wastes in search of Coldain adventure at the gates of Kael Drakkel!
  13. Elyshka Senior Guide

    Well, that was... odd. I was just bringing in my last set of crates from the docks to unpack and I ran into a very frantic ogre. He ripped a page out of my journal (without asking, I might add!) and scribbled some notes upon the parchment. Oh, don't touch the little portrait there - he licked it to get it to stick to the paper.

    As best as I can tell, he is looking for someone and is desperate for help locating her. He mentioned something about a search party organizing this Tuesday at 7 in the evening, so if you find yourself in the area you might wish to lend a hand?


    /em tacks up the flier then wanders away, muttering to herself "...and then he just licked the paper. I mean... " /shudders
  14. redwoodtreesprite Well-Known Member

    The poor sweet thing. My gals on this server are too young to brave the Feerott to help, but she is such a dear brave gal. Please do help if you can. It is well worth doing. (Excellent roleplaying on this one BTW. :))
  15. Gediva Senior Guide

    I noticed a note tacked to the door:

    Seeking some discrete assistance finding my "misplaced" research notes and schematics. Reward will be offered. Interested parties should meet in the Combine Camp in the Withered Lands at high noon, today (Friday, March 29th) with urgency and intent!
  16. Elyshka Senior Guide

    A spring breeze whips around you, stirring up all manner of debris on the ground. A scrap of parchment collides with your ankle, held fast by the blowing winds. Curious, you reach down to collect it and cast your eyes across what looks like the top few lines of a page torn from a calendar -
    • Sunday, March 31st @ 2 pm - Isle of Mara, dragon tails! Or was it tales? (Note to self - bring comfy cushion for sitting.)
    • Monday, April 1st @ 5 pm - Visit the pirate in Antonica. (Note to self - must find flight goggles, aerodynamic trousers, burn cream.)
    • Tuesday, April 2nd @ 10 am - Silly games in Gorowyn town! (Note to self - practice calisthenics. Must be limber and quick!)
    Unfortunately, several entries seem to be illegible, smudged by raindrops and mud. You fold the parchment and tuck it into your pocket, making a mental note to pay closer attention to shouts for assistance over the next several days...
  17. Gediva Senior Guide

    I heard an interesting rumor about an Arasai seeking help with some illuminating research tomorrow, April 1st @ high noon on the docks of the Enchanted Lands! Perhaps this will be worth investigating!
  18. Gediva Senior Guide

    Sorry for the confusion...that Arasai will be in Darklight Woods on April 1st. Perhaps the excitement of the holiday got him all confused!
  19. Elyshka Senior Guide

    You feel the parchment growing warm within your pocket. Curious as to what could cause such an event, you quickly pull it out and unfold it. The letters shift to and fro before your eyes until finally settling on the following -
    • Tuesday, April 2nd @ 7 pm - Silly games in Gorowyn town! (Note to self - practice calisthenics. Must be limber and quick!)

    You note the trickster's changes with a nod and return the paper to your pocket.
  20. Elyshka Senior Guide

    Oh my gosh! Have you heard? The Riddlemaster is coming! They were passing out fliers in Greater Faydark. Here, I got one for you too!


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