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  1. Elyshka Senior Guide

    Greetings citizens of Crushbone!

    Now that we Guides have been given our quills back, it's finally time to pull out a brand new parchment scroll and get things hopping again around Norrath! Let the rumors commence!

    As always, any times listed will refer to Qeynos time (that's Pacific time for those of you on alternate planes.) Please remember that we will do our very best to post rumors in advance when appropriate and will try provide notification in the event of time/location changes or cancellations, however it is not always feasible to do so. Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated.

    Interested in applying for the Guide Program? Click here for an application!
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  2. Elyshka Senior Guide

    Now that the formalities are out of the way, we can finally get down to the good stuff! I've been DYING (figuratively, of course, so any of you necromancers out there, don't you start getting any wise ideas...) to tell y'all about all the stuff I've heard lately!

    • Thursday, November 15th @ 9 am - It's all very hush-hush mind you, but there's a fellow that's been hanging around the docks of Gorowyn lately, looking to hire some folks who are good with a fishing rod. He shouldn't be too hard to find. Just look for the guy in the brown coat.
    • Thursday, November 15th @ 6 pm - Another of the Tinkerspark brothers will be at the New Combine Camp in the Withered Lands seeking help with a bit of research. If you haven't already assisted the family, be sure to stop in and lend a hand.
    • Friday, November 16th @ 11 am - A kerran middle-man will be seeking experienced hunters to fill an order. Interested parties should meet with him near the Commonlands docks.
    • Sunday, November 18th @ 2 pm - Curious tales of a haunting within Greater Faydark have been racing through Kelethin like wildfire. If you happen to be in the area, listen very closely and perhaps you may even hear something ghostly yourself!
    If I hear anything new, I'll be sure to pop in and let you know all about it! Be sure to stay alert for things that seem a bit out of the ordinary - after all, life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans. :)
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  3. Elyshka Senior Guide

    Just a quick note to mention that our secretive fisherman may be running a little late depending on how long the gods plan on rearranging the world. He'll be along as soon as he can sneak in.
  4. Sr_guide Kellin Senior Guide

    Today around 3:00 PM CST thats 1:00 PM PST a poor froglok will be seeking help for his family. Some nasty folk have burnt them out of house and home. He is seeking help in harvesting enough food for the coming weeks. You can find him on the docks of Nektulos
  5. Elyshka Senior Guide

    Hey everyone! I hope that today finds you all in good health and good spirits.

    I wanted to mention a few things that you might not know about in the hopes that it helps us all understand one another better when we bump into one another out in Norrath. :)

    The rumors that I post here are about special folk who may need your help with a task of some sort. They don't have any special knowledge about the world that we all live in or about anyone else in our world. Think of it as knowing several people in your neighborhood - You might know them all, but they might not be acquainted with one another.

    Sometimes they'll come to me and ask me to find help for them because I'm one of those lucky people who has time to go out and meet lots of folks. Sometimes they might be too shy to ask for help, perhaps they are unable to ask for help for some reason, or they may not even know that I'm able to help them because we haven't met yet. That's why I don't tell you about everything that might be going on around Crushbone. I know that it's exciting to anticipate some special event that's going to happen, but we just don't always know when someone will crop up needing a hand.

    Even if they are willing to let me tell folks about their dilemma, you may not always hear them hollering for help in the special adventurer or crafter communication frequencies that you all tune into when you enter Norrath. You may find them wandering about in the lands asking for your help. They aren't deliberately avoiding you - maybe something prevents them from doing so? If you do hear from them though, and you have time to help out, please go to them and offer to lend a hand. Some folk might be hard of hearing, so if you whisper at them they won't hear what you have to say. Speaking to them face to face will almost certainly show your willingness to help and they'll be better able to understand your offer for assistance. They are often very generous people and give what they can to repay any kindness shown to them.

    I hope that this clarifies a few things for folks because I know that I've had a few questions lately from adventurers wanting to know why the nice lady that wanted coffee didn't tell anyone ahead of time or why that strange furry guy who wants fish shows up in the strangest places but won't say a word in the adventurer channels. In the meantime, I'm keeping my ear to the ground for more rumors for you!

  6. Pijotre Well-Known Member

    Translation: Due to the great *cough* way the guide program is set up newer guides are not allowed to post on the forums or to advertise their events on chat channels so the only chance to meet them is by chance!

    All the more reason that I'm greatful that we have Elyshka, Kellin and Koaoi who post their events on a regular basis!!!
  7. Squeecha Senior Guide

    Not -precisely- true. The delays in posting lately has been due to folks needing to make their accounts and then getting flagged as a Guide here so that folks know whether they is real or Memor... err.. not real...
  8. Elyshka Senior Guide

    Thanks Boss Mouse. <3

    While that was not the entire reason I posted my message, it is true that Apprentices have not yet received enough training to be allowed to post on the forums. Would you hire someone at a bank and give them the keys to the safe on the first day? ;)

    What I did wish to impart to you all is that the folks who have tasks for you don't always make us aware ahead of time that they'll be needing help (sadly, we are not all are gifted with prognostication skills like that sweet halfling girl with the wonky crystal ball!), so we can't let you know ahead of time when all events may occur. They may or may not seek assistance in chat channels, depending on what their needs happen to be.

    We strive to bring you fun and interesting occurrences when they happen but we do ask that you understand that we cannot provide you with a complete schedule of every event. :)
  9. Crystarra Guide

    ...Ever wonder what happens when young Arasai (perhaps bored of their studies) let their mischievousness get the better of them? hehe... I hear tell that a group of tricksters are plotting and planning some sort of chaos near the commonlands docks. Keep an eye out for them late in the evening (around 9pm pacific).

    ...but don't tell 'em I warned you
  10. Crystarra Guide

    Sorry folks... might help to know which day... the mayhem I mentioned will take place tomorrow evening (11/21/2012)
  11. Elyshka Senior Guide

    My word! I am not sure if I'm tired of eating at this point or whether I'm ready to go back for seconds. Only time shall tell! Oh, speaking of time, I happen to have overheard a few things over supper last night and I have some times for you all to watch for, so grab a quill:

    • TODAY - Friday, November 23rd @ 1:30 pm - A ratonga has been planning a feast for his family in Antonica, but I'm worried about those loose buckles on his backpack...
    • Saturday, November 24th @ 10 am - A representative from Clan Stormshield seeks new blood to venture forth into Kael Drakkel and spy on the Kromzek. Meet her near the Walk of Glory griffon station for further details.
    • Sunday, November 25th @ 2 pm - The winged story seekers are back and planning on perching on the Spire Island in the Sundered Frontier for snacks, socializing, and most importantly - STORIES!
    • Monday, November 26th @ 6 pm - Tempers are flaring in Greater Faydark. Seems like some neighbors have been at each other over something big. Good fences make good neighbors? Perhaps we should find out!
    • Wednesday, November 28th @ 9 am - The furtive fisherman is planning on making a trip to the Frostfang Sea in the hopes of hiring some anglers to fill his basket. Seek him on the docks if you're interested.
    Have a wonderful week, Crushbone! We'll be seeing you in Norrath!
  12. Sr_guide Kellin Senior Guide

    Nov 27th Somewhere in New Halas a poor baby dragon has wandered away from his home. If your in the area around 4:00 PM PST 6:00 PM CST perhaps you can assist him in finding his home.
  13. Elyshka Senior Guide

    It has been many seasons since the people of Crushbone have called upon the Guides to take part in a wedding ceremony. Tonight, though... tonight was a very special night indeed.

    It is with great honor and my absolute privilege that I announce to you all the marriage of Thiston & Frehja from <Clan Mawr>.

    May all of Norrath celebrate with them on this most joyous occasion!

  14. Elyshka Senior Guide

    Frostfell is coming! Frostfell is coming! We are all SO excited! I've been eavesdropping high and low visiting folks all over, hoping to get some info on any special holiday plans but no one has slipped just yet... No one except one of Santa Glug's helpers, that is. I managed to bribe him with sweets convince him to share some of Santa's itinerary and it appears that we'll actually be able to see Santa Glug (in the good, green flesh!) in a lovely parade through the very center of New Halas on Sunday, December 23rd at 2 pm.

    Oh, I cannot WAIT! I want a new pony and some toe hair ribbons and a fancy rolling pin carved from bubinga and... Oh, nevermind that now.

    Since the 23rd is so very far away, I did some more snooping investigating, and found out a few things happening around Crushbone THIS week:

    • Friday, December 7th @ 2 pm - Oylenna Loresinger has decided that she would like to give copies of her family's treasured songs to her nearest and dearest but she's lacking one very important component. If you'd like to offer your assistance, meet with her in the Village of Shin.
    • Saturday, December 8th @ 1 pm - Tis the season for imbibing (especially if you're a dwarf like Haldun!) There's a drinking contest in Qeynos Province District. Bring a discerning palate and a gift for gab, and see if you can be the winner of Haldun's prized possession!
    • Sunday, December 9th @ 1 pm - Haldun, being the fair-minded dwarf that he is, will be holding another drinking contest in Freeport for those folk who aren't exactly ushered into Qeynos with welcoming arms. He'll have one more prize up for grabs to the winner, so be ready to wet your whistle and impress him!
    • Sunday, December 9th @ 8 pm - Today is the day that she has to pick her groom if she wants to be a Frostfell bride, but it seems like a kerran has her tongue! Come to Antonica, near the gates of North Qeynos and help our bride-to-be make her choice and be her voice.
    • Monday, December 10th @ 10 am - One of Kelethin's premiere bakers will be holding a baking contest (no cooking necessary, isn't that nice?) to gather new ideas for holiday parties. Belly up to the contest table near Kelethin Regional Bank with your finest dessert ideas and your recipe might be served to Queen Amree herself!
    • Wednesday, December 12th @ 1 pm - He's gearing up for the Frostfell festivities, but Blumrupp will need to enlist the help of the artisans if he's going to truly be ready for all of the concerts of the season. Meet him on the docks of New Halas if you think you can help!
  15. Elyshka Senior Guide

    Oh boy, did Haldun really tie on one this time. Helot and Ferbasach were such great company that he didn't realize how much he'd had to drink until he went to settle up his tab. He left word with the innkeeper that he's going to need a late check out tomorrow, so he won't be getting to Freeport until later in the evening. Please make note of the time change. :)

    Sunday, December 9th @ 1 5 pm - Haldun, being the fair-minded dwarf that he is, will be holding another drinking contest in Freeport for those folk who aren't exactly ushered into Qeynos with welcoming arms. He'll have one more prize up for grabs to the winner, so be ready to wet your whistle and impress him!
  16. Elyshka Senior Guide

    I'm sorry to report that Blumrupp is feeling a bit under the weather and has crawled back into bed for a long winter's nap. He promised that as soon as he's back to his normal, chipper self that you'll be seeing him (after all, a good party waits for no one!)

    /em goes to deliver some vulrich noodle soup and warm blankets to the poor fella
  17. Kanissa New Member

    Oh no, poor Blumrupp! I hope he feels better soon! *takes off her crafting cloak and bundles it up sadly*
  18. Elyshka Senior Guide

    Goodness gracious! Frostfell just started and already the Gigglegibbers are up to their hijinks! One such clumsy goblin was spotted just this morning in the Frostfell Wonderland Village already! Fortunately, a clever passer-by picked up a scrap of paper that the goblin dropped and look what it said!

    • Saturday, December 14th @ 11 am - Present delivery in Gorowyn!
    • Saturday, December 14th @ 2 pm - Present delivery in Qeynos!
    • Sunday, December 15th @ 12 pm - A representative from Norrath's snowpeople will be in New Halas sharing special Frostfell stories. (Be sure to bring a blank notebook if you'd like a copy of her tale to keep!)
    • Wednesday, December 18th @ 2 pm - Present delivery in Kelethin!
    • Thursday, December 19th @ 2 pm - Present delivery in Freeport!
    I can't imagine that this one goblin had a complete schedule of everything going on, so be sure to be like Pinchy and keep your eyes peeled for more holiday madness!
  19. Elyshka Senior Guide

    Confound it! Those goblins are tricksy folk indeed! They've got the DAYS written down correctly but not the DATE! Never trust someone who has to count on borrowed fingers and toes. Let's try this again, shall we?
    • Saturday, December 15th @ 11 am - Present delivery in Gorowyn!
    • Saturday, December 15th @ 2 pm - Present delivery in Qeynos!
    • Sunday, December 16th @ 12 pm - A representative from Norrath's snowpeople will be in New Halas sharing special Frostfell stories. (Be sure to bring a blank notebook if you'd like a copy of her tale to keep!)
    • Wednesday, December 19th @ 2 pm - Present delivery in Kelethin!
    • Thursday, December 20th @ 2 pm - Present delivery in Freeport!
  20. Sr_guide Kellin Senior Guide

    Monday December 17 1:00 PM PST, 3:00 PM CST There will be a poor Frostfell goblin needed aid with some lost presents.
    Be on the look for for him in New Halas

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