Summoners: Broken Mechanics

Discussion in 'Mages' started by Aniathor, Jan 17, 2014.

  1. tbone88888 New Member

    Thank You Kander. Please also consider the swarm pets as well as the primary pets sharing the stats from the items with reckless and uplifting, etc.
  2. Thand Well-Known Member

    how about making the other pets besides Fire pet useful past level 90 )
  3. Ucala Well-Known Member

    hmm, I like the idea, but useful for what?
    no matter what 1 pet will shine above the others so it will be used mostly always.
    unless you say make the scout pet godmode on AE fights and fire on single
  4. Thand Well-Known Member

    i would be happy if Earth Pet was a Better tank than fire pet
  5. Aniathor Member

    Kander, thank you so much for this news and update. We all really appreciate it.
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  6. Mae- Well-Known Member

    Making the tank and scout pet actually work would be a first step...
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  7. Kander Developer

    Code is looking at the bug that is causing stats from certain problem effects to not share today. My hope is to have a fix as soon as possible. I apologize that these issues seemed as if we were ignoring them. We are making a concerted effort to get fixes in as quickly as possible.

    We are also marching to get new content done for April and May, so the clock is ticking.
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  8. Cavandish Member

    Back when all three pets served distinct roles, Scout pet was the best at single target - Mage was best at Encounters and the tank pet was the only pet with any actual HPs. This was YEARS ago, once mythicals came out the only reasonable option became the mythical pet.

    Then came "pet stats" which were created primarily with the mythical pet in mind (a mage). More mothballs were packed around the scout and tank.

    With the next expac came the promise of stared stats, which was a VAST improvement to the class and also Epic Repercussion which was supposed to provide the mythical buff to all pets and thus make them relevant. Even in Beta the scout (now as a bard!?) was worthless and the tank pet was just...well some very patient Conjis liked it...strange folks those.Since then more years have come and gone.

    Adaptability was once a hallmark of the class, those of us who have been around to see it, miss it.

    Scout pet used to be fun i would love to have that option back, especially in BGs.

    I get the healer pet being weak, but she should at least make an appearance with communion and cast a group cure...or something? anything?
  9. Endymion Developer

    Just checked in a fix for this, it should be hitting live servers soon.
  10. Belton Member

    Yay! Thank you Devs! <3 We appreciate it!
  11. Tabri Well-Known Member

    Awesome ty so much :eek:
  12. Laita Well-Known Member

    A lot of what is mentioned here applies to channelers as well. We aren't getting the potency/CB bonus from a lot of these items to apply towards our pets, not as big of an issue as with the dps numbers of summoners of course, but does impact the amount of damage intercepted and such, still annoying and hopefully the fix will cover all pets of all classes.
  13. Kander Developer

    It should. Yes.
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  14. Leetch Member

    This is great news :)
  15. Scorchar New Member

    Thanks for the good news Kander!
  16. Pixilicious Well-Known Member

    Thank you Kander ! :)
  17. Gosh Member

    Thank you very much! :) /dance
  18. Gosh Member

  19. Attma New Member

    kander thank you so much for the updates, it makes me feel like me getting in trouble in the game play forum was well worth it if it helped alert you to this. you have my thanks. my conji is again becoming my fav class over my pali with the fixes so thankyou
  20. Ucala Well-Known Member

    the fixes are good, but they are pretty minor atm :p
    still missing all the big important things (finish neck/EV charm, etc)