Summoners: Broken Mechanics

Discussion in 'Mages' started by Aniathor, Jan 17, 2014.

  1. Aniathor Member

    SOE has the technology to make everything share I'm not sure why you assume otherwise. Everything NOT sharing was intentional. I have many sources confirming this, and furthermore am not shallow enough to not be able to come to this conclusion on my own. The fact that some effects DO share but the most powerful ones DO NOT share is no coincidence. It was a weak attempt at balance.

    I will give Ponts credit for simplifying this, and myself for refining it, although to my disbelief, it remains consistently true for all item clickys and effects I have seen:

    If not worded exactly as follows, the effect does not share with pets or dumbfire pets:

    Increases "X" of caster by "Y"%

    X cannot include: specific types of potency (elemental potency for example) & stats that do not appear in character window ("outgoing spell damage" for example)

    Y cannot be effected by raid members
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  2. Aniathor Member

    And to those people saying I haven't been patient enough, they are wrong. I've been waiting for YEARS for this stuff to work. I already posted the majority of this on the closed beta forums, and it was just ignored. I have directly contacted Xelgad about it, and got the response, "I'll get around to it when I get some time, but right now I don't have any." Well I'm out of time myself. This game is just one big headache to me.
  3. Pixilicious Well-Known Member

    Thank you Aniathor
  4. Leetch Member

    I don't understand why the decision was made for effects to not share with the pet. If that is what it is.

    I'm hoping its just a bug (possibly introduced with the removal of pets triggering procs) and that it will be fixed soon as I can't possibly imagine why this would be deliberate.

    For starters, how about making any spell *I* have to click count as coming from me? (Yes I'm happy to take the aggro for it as long as it shares effects). A wizard clicks a nuke and the effects are applied. A conjuror clicks dumbfires/soulburn/element blast (their highest dps spells) and they are not. Why not? Even a necro gets benefits applied to lifeburn. Conjurors are totally shafted on this.

    It just burns me that everyone else gets the new item effects boosting all their damage and I don't.
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  5. Aniathor Member

    This is it pretty much.
  6. Mae- Well-Known Member

    I'm not really sure where you get the idea that LB is affected by anything other than HP buffs. Potency doesn't affect it, CB doesn't affect it, Ab Mod doesn't apply, it doesn't double cast. Tell me again how Elemental Blast doesn't do any of those things? Oh wait...

    Yes, there are a couple of items that seem to boost the dmg of LB, I think they need to be considered one-off items, and absolutely not the norm.
  7. Treiko Active Member

    Considering how long it has been this way, I do not see a change in the immediate future... I would not suggest holding your breath. Yes, the problem was acknowledged, as are most problems. Means nothing until something is implemented in terms of change towards our ultimate goal here.
  8. Aniathor Member

    It's pretty obvious when someone comes around who hasn't played summoner and tries to comment here. Because the fact of the matter is the vast majority of items DID share completely ever since summoner pets started to share stats with their masters. The whole not sharing was a recent thing. Don't comment if you don't know what your talking about. Thanks.
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  9. Vladislav Active Member

    You sure about potency? Just run a test on a dummy a few times, every time I hit +25% pot AA, LB ticks go up around 10% in every category (Min, max, average, median)
  10. Tabri Well-Known Member

    Agreed completely
  11. Mae- Well-Known Member

    Positive, they removed potency affecting LB the same time they increased the HP pools. That endline ability does weird things to LB, I haven't tested but I saw some tests on flames that showed LB hitting for LESS while it was active.
  12. Wulwyrlyn Active Member

    I don't think the new charms from the new raid share w/pet, however, I could be mistaken as it was really late and I was tired. :\
  13. Treiko Active Member

    Can't tell who that is directed at... I seem to recall this being an issue for quite some time just from reading about it in the past. Perhaps I am getting issues confused - seems there is always something anyway.
  14. Leetch Member

    Hi Mae, Lifeburn damage comes from the caster, not the pet, so it is eligible for modification from item effects.
    Here are a few examples of items with effects on them that do effect life burn: \aITEM 1780041363 161058369:Medallion of Quivering Stone\/a \aITEM -1945214130 -1119978401:Torque of Divine Inspiration\/a \aITEM 316299475 589744537:Rod of Ruin\/a

    Yes EB is effected by those stats, but its not effected by any of the ones coming from item effects - for example the Finisher neck listed above or even potency clickies like this: \aITEM 820039000 1798795290:Totem of the Hierophant\/a

    And FYI, LB hits for MUCH harder then EB even with EB getting TW etc etc.
  15. Mae- Well-Known Member

    Seeing as this post is about sharing pet stats, I'm not gonna get into it with you, but first, Medallion of Quivering Stone increases LB because of the HP increase. That's kind of a no brainer. The other two are the items I stated (and you conveniently removed from your quotes) did in fact affect LB but they shouldn't be considered normal (and thanks to you, will likely get nerfed now if it wasn't intended). I just didn't want your misinformation that LB is affected by anything other than HP to go uncontested. You are the one that wanted to compare LB to pet sharing, I merely corrected you.
  16. Aniathor Member

    All I can say is, I miss the days of Elemental Blast being a big nuke in the grand scheme of things. On its BEST day it will avg about 1/5th of the total dmg of a proper lifeburn, and 1/8th of the dmg of a proper toxic assault. If you say otherwise, you're simply not doing it right or not on the competitive level I am on. The reason it is falling so rapidly behind is because the items that are making lifeburn, toxic assault, fiery blast, etc, hit for so hard do not effect pet modified abilities, EB being one of them. Granted EB does have benefits being that it happens more frequently, consistently, and is also harder to "mess up", the fact that it simply isn't benefiting from huge effects is just horrible design. Think about the long term. It should have been addressed by now, as this is not news to anyone. I have been providing feedback about this long before this xpac even launched!
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  17. Enigma Active Member

    I saw this problem coming from a mile away! this is why i stopped playing right before ToV came out until they fix this issue and the tank/scout/hydro/ooze pets i'm not gonna waste anymore of my time raiding. I still log in from time to time just to mess around and solo stuff just for fun but that's it.

    Sigmaz retired!
  18. Enigma Active Member

    Aniathor i am kinda surprised that you still play a conjy with all devs still not fixing old stupid issues since like day 1 of TSO!
  19. Aniathor Member

    Lol sorry Darkon for posting this so much later but I was reading over some old stuff and couldn't help but mention this. Unfortunately, I don't have to "Imagine" the problem you mentioned, I experience it frequently :mad:. All pets are currently targetable and yet this problem exists on 99% of any fight with an effect like that. Once again I'm not suggesting that dumbfires be untargetable, but regardless of their "targetability" this specific problem is unrelated to that mechanic. In fact the rage that ensued following our Draazak kill is what inspired me to create this thread. The mob being completely immune to all pets, even if they are up at the time the raid receives the buff from the item being used.
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  20. Darkon Well-Known Member

    Very sorry friend. :(