Summoners: Broken Mechanics

Discussion in 'Mages' started by Aniathor, Jan 17, 2014.

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    I'm sorry did you miss the original post of this thread?
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    Look guys, ever since the "dumbfire update" no item effect has only worked for "primary pets" and not dumbfires. It makes me concerned about the intentions of the update.

    \aITEM 820039000 1798795290:Totem of the Hierophant\/a is only useful for EB. It's 8 second duration, what did you expect? The only other thing we could ask for is it to work on our dumbfires, because they are directly in line with burst elemental dmg.
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    This is about as intelligent as Googling eq2 Conjurers and wondering why nothing comes up. Descriptions are often wrong. If you read the actual tool tip it says on any spell cast.
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    Yeah, I am confused about that as well. I remember well them saying dumbfires would share stats when they changed primary pets to no longer proc group procs. I will see if I can find the post where this was discussed.
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    Here's the patch notes that state explicitly that dumbfire pets share stats like primary pets:

    Quote with dumbfire specific notes:
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  6. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    Tonight raiding Djinn Master, all summoner main pets are being annihilated by AOEs. Did something today break them?
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    i noticed this in Vulaks domain today. Sometime a bunch of patches ago Main pets seemed to started sharing the Ae avoidance of dumbfire pets. either that or they where getting the Bubble aa protection even when fighting. mabey they fixed it. Another cause may be the new shearing are you by anychance using a Reckless Assault item like the Fanatics stud. The good news it the Dammage increase now effect pets the bad news if you are running full stacks pets taking 80 to 100% more damage just like the conjuror
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    In my defense I did ask if it was intentional. Yes, I should have read the tool tip but then again not all tool tips are correct either. I.e. even one of our spells - vampire bats. The tool tip states its only a damage over time where as if you compare it to fiery annihilation they both apply damage the same way. The tool tip reads applies insert#here dot instantly and every insert#here seconds. The description also reads wrong. Now for a straight tool tip - Solusek's Soothing Torch. It states in the description it triggers off heat damage, the same as elemental utility, but the tool tip says off a hostile spell and nothing in the tool tip about heat damage.

    Awesome find! Great way to defend the argument =D
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    When I read the post about finding and solving the problem, I thought WOW a good thing, but it's just a very very tiny workaround.
    Because of the thing that it's NOT WORKING with out dumbfire pets, the usage of eg
    \aITEM 820039000 1798795290:Totem of the Hierophant\/a is still not usefull.
    As Aniathor wrote, it's just a booster for ElementalBlast, but by using this item without the full benefit it's useless because we loose too much.

    The totem might be usefull if it gets the charm (optional) state, but this does not solve the base problem:
    Every change in this way does not work as designed with the big changes in SCARS OF THE AWAKENED that a dumbfire pet shares the primary stats with the primary pets.

    A pet (primary or swarmpet) should really share the main stats with the summoner.
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    I agree completely.
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    For future reference, anything that effects or triggers off a specific type of dmg is wonky. Always assume that a spell is the same type of dmg as you read in its own tool tip.
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    just for documentation and for understanding for the developers why transfering a buff to the pets is the wrong way here an example:

    This item produces around 70 potency by myself and because of this a conjurer gets 6 CB.
    The (primary) pet only gets the rise of the 6 CB, not the potency
    A dumbpet does not get the potency (tested by unchanged dmg output), so the rise of potency is useless

    That's unlogical because the pet should get the designed effect and not only the sideeffect.

    Transfering the Vigor Effect to the pet does not solve the Problem (because in this case the pet will
    benefit twice from the CB rise) the only way is putting the Primary stats of a char to pets (dumbpets
    and Primary pets)

    A lot of effects work perfect (eg ) but some powerfull still
    do not work (eg )
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    Items not effecting swarm pets is just stupid, in time summoners will be in the same boat again due to scaling issues (not being desirable in raid due to being far behind other dps) as the raid force gears up every other class gets full benefit of their items, why should summoners only get the benefit for only part of their arsenal ? do you think sorc would be happy if these items didnt effect eci, fb, plaugebringer ?
    If you are worried that summoners will be over powered after they share stats across the board 100% then it would be much fairer to adjust the amount of base damage the spells have,(if they turned out op) giving summoners half an upgrade compared to every other class is not the way to go.

    Before people start posting about summoner utility and how dps should be lower than other dps classes go take a look at just how much utility summoners bring.
    Now go have a read again, this time actually reading what summoners get not what you thought they get and compare it to sorc and brigs ect and then tell us summoner brings too much utility and should be lower on dps.
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    sounds intresting:

    Update Notes: Tuesday, March 4, 2014

    Pets will now benefit from stats granted by special effects.

    The Finisher and The Finisher II will now properly apply as potency.
    The Finisher and The Finisher II now activate when the target is below 50% health.
    The Finisher is now 75% potency when active and passively grants 40% potency to attacks all the time.
    The Finisher II is now 100% potency when active and passively grants 50% potency to attacks all the time.

  16. Jolemai Active Member

    Of course, it depends if the use of "pets" refers to primary or all...
  17. Iseous Active Member

    The previous update explicitly said primary pets, so I'm hoping this refers to all since it doesn't use the word primary.
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    Reduce pet summon casting time to 2 seconds or less. :) ?
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    Well done SOE - seems to work :cool:
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    Anything on the board about revamping the AA pets? Even upping their apprentice abilities to master level would be nice.