Summoners: Broken Mechanics

Discussion in 'Mages' started by Aniathor, Jan 17, 2014.

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    Will this fix (and the upcoming fixes for more items and effects) share stats with main pets only or with dumbfire pets as well?
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    I bolded the part to read
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    Well, thanks.
    Those who can read do have a clear advantage. :)
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    I edited a post from 1 week ago that was removed by a mod, i hope it is now politically correct.

    You should get a look at pet hp pools. Mine often dies after a souburn and i m always healing it as soon as his hp do drop.
    It happens with pet in the back of the named, it's quite common. It may be due to little reflects or thorns on the named.
    Pet also die very often on "add pops" (as example on shazzak), add immediatly attack him (because of his low hp i guess).

    Note that my pet is always on passive, usually with the assist master option on.

    He has like 220k hps, i have like 600K. My resists are around 60-70K, his resists are 10 time lower.
    A mob farting 200 meters can one shot him.

    Sould burn and Lifeburn are "risky" so they should deliver more damage than wizard/warlock non risky abilities, but it's not the case at all.

    One other annoying feature is the lack of negative agro mod on pet, this stat is not shared.

    Last we cannot deliver fast high damage on many targets, i don't have precise parses but obviously vampirism
    is not going to do more than 1/10 of wizzie blast even if i stand in the middle of the mobs. And apllying my long dot on several target is not going do anything great either.

    It's ok if we are weak on multi target, but in such case we should dominate the single target domain, and it's not really the case (even if we do better on those fights).

    Anyway mecanics in TOV are so broken that making the game interesting and fun again is not easy.

    I wish you the best trying to solve the tank god mode that partially destroyed the gameplay.
  5. Aniathor Member

    Considering this is a patch changing item effects, not the sharing system, it should, and rightfully so, share with our dumbfire pets. Their damage modifiers are calculated just like our primary pet's and anything that was/was not giving our pet stats was/was not modifying dumbfires.

    Definitely would like to see all the items from my OP addressed. EV charm, finisher neck, Scale of Sontalak namely, but this is a fantastic start.
  6. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    What is the actual name of the finisher neck and what drops it?
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    Avatars. More importantly, it's not "potency" the item grants, it's a direct multiplier. The linked img does not have prismatic gem, so it's only a 1.5x multiplier, once gemmed, 1.75x multiplier. It's, bar none, the most powerful item Avatars have dropped in the history of this game.

    I don't want to de-rail this thread, but adding new multipliers that don't effect all classes spells/abilities equally is largely what is creating such imbalance and frustration in this game. This is why I was so quick to feedback Spellbind when it did not share with our pets on beta.
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    It's great to see some movement on this. Thanks.

    I will say though that dumbfires shouldn't be left out of the equation. They are a huge portion of our dps. It doesn't make sense to me that some portion of a summoner's dps should be modified by an item and other parts not. No other class works this way.
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    So will finisher neck work on dumbfires after changes?
  10. Aniathor Member

    Cool story, so I just did some testing on Beta, and confirmed none of the effects work for dumbfires. I just have to ask why? They have always gone off the same sharing system as primary pets. This is not as big of an update as I originally thought.

    Why is it so hard to make everything share 100%? Seems like this is becoming more complicated than it needs to be...
  11. Tabri Well-Known Member

    Maybe they are doing a little at a time? This first update only effects one item I am using at the moment anyway and now not even dumbfires sigh :(
  12. Tabri Well-Known Member

    Do these items share with the pet? Anyone test them yet? I havent tested these things but here is the scenario. Wizard- yay look I have 100% of this dethreat proc(or effect) for just myself maybe I wont die from aggro, Conjurer- oh look I have this dethreat proc(or effect) maybe I wont die from aggro, pet goes "hey sorry I pulled aggro now I go splat and your next, heads up!".

    \aITEM 1470001618 -490153679:Fabled Ring of Farseeing\/a or
    \aITEM 1124718872 648098856:Wyrmkin Amulet\/a

    Anyone test this purple adorn?
    \aITEM 1080396343 726072372:Relentless Conviction\/a
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    I am just glad to see an attempt. Maybe dumbfires not sharing is "bugged?" They said "and more" in the future im not sure if that is to fix more sharing (dumbfires), make more items share (last of ToV), or something we just don't completely exect whether it is good or bad. With the changes to summoner neck and how it is supposedly dropping sorcs maybe their will be a balance? All we can do, in my opinion, is just wait and see what happens. If there is no balance still then i would love to see dumbfires sharing. They are a huge amount of our parse.
  14. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    Make sure to list specific items that aren't sharing properly, as that helps the dev team locate and fix them, when they finally have time to do so. As folks test out the new change this week, as we notice continuing sharing problems, let's post them for Kander.

    Torque of Divine Inspiration (should share the direct multiplier from The Finisher with pet)
    \aITEM 1368963787 -1119978401:Torque of Divine Inspiration\/a
    \aITEM -1945214130 -1119978401:Torque of Divine Inspiration\/a

    Scale of Sontalak
    \aITEM 671427110 135960306:Scale of Sontalak\/a

    What is the EV charm actually called?
  15. Veta Well-Known Member

    I know Ani has the cb proc wrist from Rarthek which wasn't sharing. So I'm concluding nothing is sharing, or atleast nothing that was updated to share, with dumbfires because it did state (primary) pets BUT I would consider our dumbfires primary because we cast them everytime they are up because they are significantly important to our dps. By primary im assuming they mean the maintained. Most eveything else that shares with pets also goes to dumbfires so im not certain on the current sharing situation.
  16. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    What's the actual name of the item?
  17. Jokirr Member

    \aITEM 1969982830 1501948503:Ahrmatal's Scorching Eye\/a - this is the EV charm

    \aITEM -2119694926 -1983591977:Rarthek's Scale Bracelet\/a
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  19. Veta Well-Known Member

    Also for those who know how elemental utility work. In the description it reads "Surrounds the conjuror's pet with powerful elemental energy directly linked to the conjuror's spell casting. Whenever the conjuror casts an elemental spell, their minion will deal elemental damage to the next enemy they strike, and deal elemental damage to all nearby enemies of that encounter as well. This spell has a recurrent power cost."

    So I had already made a \aITEM 820039000 1798795290:Totem of the Hierophant\/a to test specifically with this update. I am sure most of you can guess where this is going. Spells like Crystal Blast will trigger elemental vestment (from elemental utility) which means to elemental utility would consider crystal blast an elemental spell. Why would the spell not be considered elemental overall? Yes, I know it does magic damage which is what makes it strange.The totem even increased vampire bats which made no sense to me at all because it is considered piercing damage and bats also triggers elemental vestment. Earthquake, Shattered Earth, and Theurgist's Detonation are also considered elemental but not elemental if you get what I am saying. Even our prestige is considered magic damage which is even more heartbreaking. I am not sure if this is intentional? Would it not be easier just to make everything Heat/Cold based or just make it share over with totem also?

    I was just hitting dummies with spells and see what all would receive increases and what did not. Although the sharing with the pet was extremely nice I still fill somewhat limited with it because only a certain set of spells can use it specifically and there are a decent amount of encounters out there that require stuff like AEs where this charm could be considered useless, at least in my opinion, because spreading things like Planar Wrack or even using Swarms, Greens (excluding Ice Storm because it is elemental and gets the increase but overall that spell is practically worthless anyways except to spread Planar Wrack) which is definitely a major part of our dps do not gain any effect or lose its damage potential because it is not classified as "elemental."
  20. Corv Member

    Any reason this didn't make it to Live?
    "Pets will now benefit from stats granted by special effects."