Summoners: Broken Mechanics

Discussion in 'Mages' started by Aniathor, Jan 17, 2014.

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    Not sure what more you can do. You've been an ambassador of the class for a long time and none of the issues have been addressed, despite a ridiculous amount of flaws with mechanics/pets/AAs.

    I do think the devs probably WANT to work on things like this, but probably can't due to marching orders. Just a guess...
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    Hi RadarX,

    do you have any news about the summoner issue?
    i would really appreciate when the promise of shared stats between summoners and their pets would finally become life at some time.
    thanks for the update
  4. arturos Active Member

    Our summoners actually have rolled alt sorcs so that we can compensate for this problem until sony fixes them. Then we will put the necro and the conjy back on the roster but until then, meh two extra warlocks.
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    Curious, if Purple runs like Overbearing Onslaught (12% potency) share with pet (I just checked, it does) do things like Winds of Obol (18% increase to groups spell/CA damage) share? I dont remember reading if they did or not in this thread.
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    Yes they do apply correctly. However, if Winds of Obol didn't apply to entire grp, that stat would not share with pet. Since it's grp wide, it is directly being applied to pet and does work.
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    Why wear Onslaught ?

    If 6 ppl in the same group wear Onslaught = 12 pot + pet
    If 6 ppl in the same group wear Truespirits = 72 pot + Pet

    Same thing with Winds of Obul.& Storm Animus .. They are meant to stack as confirmed by Caith, I just can't find the post right now
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    Y not? Wear both of them seems like the correct answer here^^
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    Why are you guys talking about what you should/shouldn't wear in the broken summoner mechanics thread? Nothing about onslaughts or true spirits is broken. I don't personally wear onslaught.
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    my fellow summoners i dont want to drag u guys / gals down, but i was a EQ1 Mage for 3 years and i can probably safely say Dervs have never liked this class, even back in EQ1 days we had broken mechanics and issues that came from core, up through 8 expansions. what we are posting here is still more of the same. So what i purpose is this, post all this on the feed back so the dervs have to see it v.s. here in our class forum. And instead post in this section items that are working and tactics that players have found as a work around. i say this because with EQ Next in beta and it's probably safe to say that more then 50% of EQ's man power is shifted to that, leaving very little programer attention for both EQ1 and EQ2. but none the less the feed back on what items are being shared and what ones are not is good information to know so thank you to those posters
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    ^ I did the same thing...sad to have to though..
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    still no news about our share stats with the pet issue? /sigh
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    I only have my Channeler up to 29, but I sure hope I don't find myself having the same problems with my pet/construct as the summoners are having when I am in my 90s. I agree with those that say: Please Fix This!
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    Don't forget the part where he knows what needs to be added. I am sure a mob can be broken for one extra patch day to insert a portion of a script to a necessary class. The class is otherwise useless and we could just all make sorcs like stated before and mash our faces against the keyboard to insta-cast nukes () <-- that is how I feel when I play a sorc. There is not a major difference between a conj/wiz and a lock/necro except we have to maintain a pet that does even work when we need it to or is otherwise dead most of the time.

    Here is what we really need. We cast EB/SB ourselves take pets out of the picture considering none of the great charms share with pet anyways so why not just scale it ourselves? Who needs swarms? I guess we could keep them to call ourselves summoners still or give us extra nukes and that way pet sharing is never a scripted issue. Oh wait! This would take more time than the changes we need implemented anyways.
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    No thanks. I don't want to play a nuking class, I want to play a pet class.
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    It would be nice if dumbfires were just turned into dots. Keep the graphic if you really want. Our main pets should get all our stats, except hate gain could be reversed for tank. If our scout/tank had our dps/haste/etc. they might actually be pretty good.
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    I wasn't being serious. I want to play a legitimate class too. I feel like we are becoming beastlords post-pet nerfs (not casting temps dropping their dps extremely). Considering that stats probably do not share with beastlord pets makes them even more obsolete. I know this isn't a scout/beastlord thread but you get the idea.
  19. Kander Developer

    There are a decent number of items that are currently affected by a bug preventing them from stat sharing . We are working with our coders to try to expedite a fix. I currently do not have an ETA. Other items are being fixed on a case by case basis. It’s not one button for a global fix. We are going to go through many of the items that are not affected by this bug, and fix them. Expect fixes in the next week or two for those items.

    As you know, most dumbfires are already immune to AEs. We are currently working on making those immune to AOE auto-attack. We are also doing an audit on many Mob abilities to make sure some of the major ones are avoiding pets.

    Aaannnd coming soon to update near you:

    Dumbfire Pets that are immune to area effects are now also immune to AE Auto Attacks.

    Items and Equipment:
    Arcane Focus now properly shares its effects with primary pets.
    Elemental Focus now properly shares its effects with primary pets.
    Noxious Focus now properly shares its effects with primary pets.
    Reckless Assault now properly shares its effects with primary pets.
    Uplifting Swings now properly shares its effects with primary pets.
    Uplifting Power now properly shares its effects with primary pets.
    Uplifting Criticals now properly shares its effects with primary pets.

    More to come.
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    TY SOE for the reply back to us, and update. i ask if u could pls keep us informed. but now also if you could look into fixing some of the other coding issues from past forum topics that have to do with pets and abilities that they have.