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    jey10 wrote:
    Yes, it's empty on purpose. :)
    1. Creators of some fonts (who may or may not be the creators of the fonts referenced in the RM4DF release) don't want them redistributed.
    2. It encourages RM4DF users to get creative and not use the default settings. ;)
    Find the fonts you want to use on your sigs, then copy those files to your /modules/Roster_Master/fonts directory, editing your sig template text files appropriately (no need to change sigmaster.inc, since that just contains a fallback template for when the script can't find the template you want to use). Remember that the font filenames you reference are CaSe-SeNsItIvE!
    And a reminder: As Grue suggests in the INSTALL.TXT file, you should limit the fonts you use to two, both for resource and readability reasons. :)
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    Vy wrote:
    [p] You could run the stand-alone version of Roster Master, then call it in an iframe on your GuildPortal site or link to it and have it open in a new window...but again, you won't be getting all the bells and whistles (the quest trackers and sig generator).[/p][p]Since your hosting package already includes everything you need to run Dragonfly, it might look a little silly to install Dragonfly just to run RM4DF, then have it open in a new window. You'd be seeing the Dragonfly header, menus, and footer, even if you tell it not to place blocks on either side of your roster. People might get distracted and start navigating around your Dragonfly site, rather than browsing the pages you have on the GP site, hehe.[/p][p]If you want all the goodies that RM4DF offers, you have to set up a Dragonfly installation. If you're going to go that far, you may as well move your guild website to Dragonfly (maybe keeping the GP site for reference / archive purposes, if you have too much content to copy over).[/p][p]Know what I mean? :)[/p][p] [/p]
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    Vy wrote:
    You've got plenty of file space, and I don't see why the DB space wouldn't be more than adequate. However, it doesn't say what the account's capabilities are in terms of executables. Is PHP available? Does it have the necessary runtime libaries linked into the PHP binary (both Dragonfly and RM4DF have pretty nominal needs, the only time people usually run into trouble is using Signature Master, because of the rather complicated interactions with the GD library and FreeType).
    Since, I presume, you already have the service, I don't see how there'd be much harm in just going forward and setting up Dragonfly and RM4DF and seeing what happens.
    Seagoat wrote:
    As usual, Seagoat's on the job even before I get home and can read the new posts. :lol:
    I will just add to this by saying that Reason #1 is, in fact, the only reason that counts. There are significant licensing issues with fonts, and redistribution of some of them is impossible, or complicated at best. There's also a Reason #3, and that is fonts are LARGE, and the graphics in Roster Master actually compose most of the bulk of the distro. Adding the fonts would make it even bigger for no real good reason.
    Since if you're using Dragonfly, you've certainly got access to teh IntraWeb tubes, finding fonts isn't hard. The INSTALL.TXT file mentions that there are no fonts included, and suggests where you might start on finding free, unencumbered fonts. (This is why it's really important to read the docs all the way through, I put all sorts of really important and helpful stuff in there, and it wasn't because I needed to know! :wink:)
    I would hasten to point out that just because a font came with your copy of windows, doesn't necessarily mean you can copy it over to a Webserver and use it there. So, ahem, Viner, errr... well, no one's complained about it yet. I happen to really like Viner, as it's a nice scripty font that's not so scripty that it's unreadable. I don't think it's a big issue, but if you really want to be squeaky clean, make sure you understand the font's licensing pedigree before using it.
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    Hi everyone, I am pleased to announce that RosterMaster Stand Alone 1.2.0 Beta 1 is now available for public testing. Most notable changes are the display of a guild summary, improved claim management, and progress report as data is being fetched and prepared for display. Download it here: Download The details: Changelog *** Database modified - please run rm_db_install.php and select appropriate upgrade option *** - NEW: Now stores and (optionally) displays guild summary info retrieved through the EQ2Players guild summary page (HTML parser by DarkGrue, backported from RM4DF 6.0.0) - NEW: Added new tradeskill icons from Seagoat. - NEW: Optional display of progress report as RMSA retrieves and prepares the data. - NEW: New configuration options in config.php: 'progress_report', 'show_summary' - IMPROVED: Increased max Rank field in the database from 20 to 255 characters. - IMPROVED: Updated database access code. - IMPROVED: User claims can now select their Character through a dropdown menu. Cleaner, and more secure. - IMPROVED: Roster database updating is now more efficient - should improve performance on large guilds. - IMPROVED: No longer waits 3 days before removing gone characters. - IMPROVED: Updated CSS models. - IMPROVED: Treat empty (0 byte long) flatfiles as non-existant - allows easier recovery from failed updates. - FIXED: The database upgrade code was ignoring any configured database prefix. - FIXED: Generated pages now validates as compliant HTML 4.01 code. - CLEANUP: Eliminated global $total_members (wasn't used anywhere in the code) and $last_update (now relies on field stored in the guild summary DB). Current plans for the future: 1.2.0 - Fixing of any bugs left and some final polishing. 1.3.0(?): - Backport the CSV parser, but still keep the XML parser in - either use both (for more complete information) or allow the administrator to select which one to use. - Rework the whole logging system - optionally log more info, with admin-configurable levels of verbosity - Make error reports more user-friendly (i.e. remove the SQL query errors from the page unless specifically enabled by the administrator for debugging purposes). Please report any issue or comment on this beta release, either through this forum, private forum mail, or through regular email. Finally, I'd like to extend special thanks to Seagoat for the new tradeskill icons and for taking care of coordinating this thread, and DarkGrue for the amazing work on RM4DF, some of which is finding its way down into the Stand Alone version :)
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    Lantis@Antonia Bayle wrote:
    [p]Looking good! The OP has been updated. :)[/p][p] [/p][p]Lantis@Antonia Bayle wrote: [/p]
    [p]*blush* Thanks!! I enjoy it, and others find it useful, so there you go. ;)[/p]
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    You rock Seagoat.. Thanks for the help...
  7. ARCHIVED-Seagoat Guest

    Anytime, Jey. ;)
    I've got some new graphics uploaded to my website, for anyone who wants to use them. I found the icons for each of the HQ rewards and created both transparent PNG versions (so you can put them on your own background) as well as JPG versions with colorized backgrounds that correspond to which part of the game in which you'll find each HQ:
    • GREY = legacy
    • RED = Desert of Flames
    • BLUE = Kingdom of Sky
    • GREEN = Echoes of Faydwer
    You can view all of my graphics downloads here: http://thehalasianempire.com/index....wnloads&c=1
    Randomness: Has anyone else noticed that the expansions so far seem to correspond to the elements? Desert of Flames is fire, Kingdom of Sky is air, Echoes of Faydwer is earth...I have the distinct feeling that Rise of Kunark will have lots of water. ;) (Do I get a prize if I'm right?? Can I pretty please win my server's lotto?! LOL)
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    Tonight is a '2-for-1' special on RosterMaster Stand Alone :) First: RosterMaster 1.2.0 final has been released. Only change since Beta 1 was moving the version string out of the config file and into the main rostermaster.php file. Please view earlier post about Beta 1 for details about what was changed since 1.1.1. In summary, the main changes are: parsing of guild details, progress report while RMSA is busy (slowly) fetching data from the eq2players website, and improved database handling. And: RosterMaster 1.3.0 Beta 1 is now available for your testing pleasure :) Only one real change so far: a new database-driven logging system has been implemented (people without a database will still be able to use the old logfile.html logging system). Logging is now more complete, and also configurable (with different level of details). I am releasing this beta to get feedback from you folks. You can view a working demo of this beta at the URL posted in Seagoat's original post (http://www.lostrealm.ca/temp/parse/rm2/) Both are available from the usual place (See Seagoat's first post in this thread).
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    [p]I'm noticing something very strange with the "Latest Items Discovered" field of the Guild Wall of Fame in RM4DF6.0.1 [/p][p][IMG][/p][p]Phoenix Order looks OK but I can't tell what version they are running.[/p]
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    Bloo@Permafrost wrote:
    [p] Yep, I've noticed that as well...I believe it's a SOE issue, since the same information shows up on the EQ2 Players guild summary site.[/p][p]Phoenix Order is running a pre-6.0.0 version; probably a patched version of 5.1.4. The layout in 6.0.0 changed, and theirs is the older one. :) The information in it is probably old, too, and not getting updated; hence, their numbers look "right," but you can also see that the older stats (most items discovered, most NPC kills) have a "N/A" value.[/p]
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    [p]I noticed in the image Excalibre posted that the "Latest Item Discovered" is showing up as just text instead of a linked item name.[/p][p]Here's a fix! :-D[/p][p]On about line 220 in /blocks/block-Guild_Wall_of_Fame.php, look for this line:[/p][p]$content .= '<tr><td colspan="2"><b>Latest Item Discovered:</b></td></tr><tr><td width="10">&nbsp;</td><td>'.((empty($value)) ? 'N/A' : "$value")."</td></tr>\n";[/p][p]...and change it to this:[/p][p]$content .= '<tr><td colspan="2"><b>Latest Item Discovered:</b></td></tr><tr><td width="10">&nbsp;</td><td>'.((empty($value)) ? 'N/A' : html_entity_decode($value))."</td></tr>\n";[/p][p]Upload your changed block file, then go to your roster and force a refresh to update the Wall of Fame cache.[/p][p]Viola! :)[/p][p] [/p]
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    Awesome catch gal. I'd been goofing with the $value variable trying to fix it. Your way is much better. LOL
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    For the record, I addressed jey10's issues over in the PostNuke forum and resolved the bug... that being said: RosterMaster(PostNuke) 0.9.6 Features:[p] [/p][ul][li]Interactive init for pn0.7.6.0+[/li][li]pnRendered for maximum flexibility[/li][li]Single and Double Column display sorting (can be disabled in admin)[/li][li]Simple Reverse Sorting from table header [/li][li]Customizable Rank Names [/li][li]Username to Character Mapping Optional[/li][li]Heritage Quest and Access Key Trackers [/li][li]Paged output for Roster and Log views [ul][li]items per page are adjustable in the admin settings area, and on init for pn0.7.6+ can be set to "Off" [/li][/ul][/li][li]Displays Columns [ul][li]Avatar, Username, Char. Type, Name, Rank, Adv. Class, Adv. Level, Art. Class, Art. Level, Quests, Guild Status[/li][/ul][/li][li]Optional Display Column Groups (adjustable in admin... Avatar, Username and Character Type are automatically hidden if Char Mapping is disabled): [ul][li]Avatar, Adv. Class/Level, Art. Class/Level, Quests, Guild Status [/li][/ul] [/li][li]Logging for all relevant fields [ul][li]Logging Optional for: Rank, Adv. Class, Adv. Level, Art. Class, Art. level, Quests, Guild Status [/li][li]Log now stored in database [/li][li]Updateable field can be set to a different color via CSS[/li][li]Old LOG files are automatically converted to new format during upgrade routine[/li][/ul][/li][li]Sideblock featuring guild stats and claim info [/li][/ul]Todo: [ul][li]Complete documentation (it will get you up and running asis) [/li][li]Remove XML dependency [/li][li]Remove Trackers to their own module [/li][li]Abstract module core to facilitate n * X_GAME (as many games as passable)[/li][li]Add hooks, search etc.[/li][/ul] System Requirements: A Working current PostNuke install. An EQ2 guild. PHP compiled with XML support. Support Information: Please use the PostNuke Community Third Party Support Forums for support.
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    Bloo@Permafrost wrote:
    [p] LOL I practically live at the PHP website! I think I search their function list and online documentation more than I search for quests or items on an EQ2 database site...and that's saying something. ;)[/p][p]EDIT: My typist needs more coffee, apparently...[/p]
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    [p]Lantis and Rokit / Topiatic, the OP has been updated with your latest info. :)[/p][p](Guess I'd better post here each time I update, huh? Just so people know I'm still on the job, hehe.)[/p]
  16. ARCHIVED-Seagoat Guest

    [p] Ok, I'm noticing that my "fix" results in logfile spam...see my logfile for a prime example. :p[/p][p]I'll work on an alternative fix and get back to you soon.[/p]
  17. ARCHIVED-Belin Guest

    Looking into the spam issue myself. Also, parser.inc needs to be modified as follows if you want that item link to actually work: Line201: $parsed_summary_data['Latest Item Discovered'] = '<a href="http://eq2players.station.sony.com'.substr($matches[1],9);
  18. ARCHIVED-Seagoat Guest

    Seagoat wrote:
    [p] This should work.[/p][p]Wrap strip_tags() around my fix...it should look like this:[/p][p]strip_tags(html_entity_decode($value))[/p][p]I'm not seeing any more logfile spam, and you probably don't want the item linked anyway -- unless you have a local item database. :p[/p]
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    Beldak@Everfrost wrote:
    I noticed that too... If you can come up with a fix that does away with the silliness in the GWoF block and doesn't result in logfile spam, it'd be nice to have it linked to the item database. Until that happens, I think I can survive without the link. ;)
  20. ARCHIVED-Belin Guest

    Used Seagot's idea to fix log spamming while still maintaining a real item link that points to the correct item on Sony's site. This is all the fixes in each area: On rostermaster.inc, Line 114 change to: $data_array[$row['name']] = strip_tags(html_entity_decode($row['value'])); On parser.inc, Line 201 change to: $parsed_summary_data['Latest Item Discovered'] = '<a href="http://eq2players.station.sony.com'.substr($matches[1],9); On parser.inc, Line 431 change to: if (isset($old_summary_data[$field]) && ($old_summary_data[$field] != strip_tags(html_entity_decode($parsed_summary_data[$field])))) { And then of course on block-Guild_Wall_of_Fame, line 220 change to: $content .= '<tr><td colspan="2"><b>Latest Item Discovered:</b></td></tr><tr><td width="10">&nbsp;</td><td>'.((empty($value)) ? 'N/A' : html_entity_decode($value))."</td></tr>\n";