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  1. ARCHIVED-Lantis Guest

    No real compelling to change it, I just wasn't certain it was the most readable format to use when you have a column filled with these.
    In other news, Factions and Achievements are now grouped by category. Did some more digging into the data feeds last night, and after working with them for 3 months I still discover a few additional hidden gems AAs are a no-go however, as I can't resolve them the same way other lists can be. I would have to send like a hundred separate queries to be able to deal with them, which is something I'd rather avoid. Oh, and alts are also listed, after I finally found ONE person who actually opted in on them.
    Equipment entries link back to EQ2U. No decision yet on wether I'll write a whole item viewer (which would be a clone of what the game or EQ2U has to offer anyway), or just keep linking back to EQ2U.
    EDIT: AAs are what can't be implemented (for the time being), not alts.
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    Lantis@Antonia Bayle wrote:
    I think you might be looking at alts sideways. I've got them working. Once you start pulling the "account" element out of the character collection, it's just one local DB query per character:
    $result = $db->sql_query("SELECT name_last, name_first, id FROM {$prefix}_roster_master{$suffix} WHERE account_link_id='{$char_info['account_link_id']}'", FALSE);
    I don't have alts *templated* yet though. I'm still trying to figure out how I want to display them, and I'm thinking some sort of CSS/Javascript tooltip.
    Of course, people have to opt-in to Alts being shown, which I was the only one in my guild to do so (for purposes of development).
  3. ARCHIVED-Lantis Guest

    Dark_Grue wrote:
    Oops. Little typo there - I meant that AAs are a no-go. I got alts working already (I ended up using Dan's toon for testing this as I couldn't find anyone else with published alts :) )
    As you've probably seen, we've been discussing on the Station forums on how to get more AA info in the character collection - that would help me a lot implement a list of AAs in the character viewer.
  4. ARCHIVED-Dark_Grue Guest

    Lantis@Antonia Bayle wrote:
    Well that makes more sense! :D
  5. ARCHIVED-Lantis Guest

    Sneak peak: lots of improvements on the new internal character viewer, such as the reworked achievement list, including popup description, and progress report of incomplete achievements:
  6. ARCHIVED-Lantis Guest

    RosterMaster StandAlone v5.2.5 is now available.
    Showing even more character than before!
    This new version has a much, much improved version of the internal Character Viewer. In addition to the alts tab (make sure you are enabling publishing of your alts in-game, as this is an opt-in feature of EQ2!), almost every tab was reworked, showing more information, and in a better looking way.
    AAs are still not implemented. It is still on the ToDo list, pending some potential changes being discussed regarding how they are exposed on the SOE data feeds.

    Changes in 5.2.5 (4-Mar-2012)
    • NEW: Charview: Added Last Known Location, Last Discovery, Arena stats, PVP stats (including link to the last person that killed you).
    • NEW: Charview: Added Alts tab.
      Note that linking alts to the data feeds is an OPT-IN feature. People must log on their characters in-game and enable this option on their persona window. Also, the Alt tab won't be shown if there are no visible alts.
    • NEW: Charview: Links that points to EQ2U or EQ2Players for the currently viewed character
    • IMPROVED: Charview: Reworked Achievements, Languages, Equipment and Faction tabs
    • IMPROVED: Charview: Items link to EQ2U
    • IMPROVED: Charview: Empty Bio/alts/Places tabs won't be shown
    • IMPROVED: Charview: More intelligent paperdoll resize
    • IMPROVED: Charview: Will send a default image if libGD support is missing in PHP.
    • IMPROVED: Charview: Optimized paperdoll processing performance
    • IMPROVED: Charview: Various other minor display tweaks.
    • IMPROVED: Roster change detection procedure is now more robust
    • IMPROVED: Formatting of logged numbers
    • IMPROVED: Renamed "Last Seen" for "Last Updated" (which is more accurate).
    • FIXED: Quest bug workaround would trigger when a char became anonymous
    • FIXED: Charview: Faction scale was incorrect
    • FIXED: Charview: Font size was incorrect in IE9
    • FIXED: "deity" wasn't localized in the log
    • FIXED: Newly added characters weren't clickable in the log

    View it here.
    Download it here.
    RSS Feed here.
    Discuss it here.
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    A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul.
    - George Bernard Shaw

    Roster Master for Dragonfly (RM4DF) 8.2.0:
    Get it and development news from the RM4DF Project Page. Not a Dragonfly CMS user? Visit the Roster Master overview page for information on related projects.
    It may not seem it, but the new cURL support is significant! I'm seeing some huge savings, especially on
    the character collection: (guild) cURL downloaded 2.47 kilobytes (raw), 7.97 kilobytes (uncompressed); 69.01% savings due to compression; (character) cURL downloaded 19.89 kilobytes (raw), 163.29 kilobytes (uncompressed); 87.82% savings due to compression.

    That's... nothing to sniff at. Enjoy!
    • Redirected guild and character detail links to the brand-new EQU site. Grats Dethdlr and Feldon, well done!
    • Added files to modules/Roster_Master/contrib/GEM to address inteface issues with GEM.
    • Added mod_expires directive to .htacces files in static image directories to request clients cache for 60 days. Requires that the Apache mod_expires module be active.
    • Added cURL support to allow Content-Encoding compression methods to operate if available. Using cURL for this purpose allows the server to benefit considerably from compression on the XML requests. The feature Falls back automagically to the previously used internal fsockopen() method if cURL isn't available.
    • Fixed templating for characters that don't have data in the Character collection.
    • Fixed missing Soulfire Timeline Quest icon.
    • Fixed missing language definition for _CONFRESET dialog.
    • Added new interface icons.
    • Fixed many broken image links.
    • Added (rudimentary) alts display to roster.
    • Fixed language file collisions that conflict with other modules.
  8. ARCHIVED-Optio Guest

    Absolutley love this addition to my site and the work you have done is fantastic.
    Just a couple of questions:
    1. Our guild runs an raiding alliance and I would love to integrate a version of Roster Master that tracks those players, I asume that the primary sort for the accessing the api is the guild membership? Is there any way I can disable that and then edit the mysql database to search on those players in the alliance? Not asking for a re-code just a pointer or two if its possible?
    2. are there any plans to integrate Joomla CMS authentication integration?

    Thanks in advance if you can help in any way :)

  9. ARCHIVED-Lantis Guest

    Potio@Splitpaw wrote:
    I assume you are refering to the standalone version since you mention Joomla. I tried to integrate it with Joomla's authentication a few years ago, and I gave up. Joomla even scrambles the cookie name, so it would be quite tricky for RMSA to be able to access that cookie, and determine the authentication state. Plus, they changed things around with almost every new release back then, which would have required a separate plugin for 3-4 different releases of Joomla.
    You can disable automated updates by setting the update interval to "0". After that, you could either update the MySQL table yourself, or craft your own custom XML file from data obtained through the API, and modify RMSA to parse from that local file instead of from the API (there should be code present for that, as I did the 5.0.0 development by using two local XML files). Dig through parser.php and urls.php.
    One "hybrid" solution there could be to only use a local, hand-crafted guild XML file, and let RMSA pull all those characters' details through the API. That would however require sending one separate query for every single characters. Definitely not as efficient as how RMSA currently works (one query for the guild details, and one single query to pull down all characters in one go). This would require more code changes, but would prevent the need for manually building the character detail XML file (tho that step could easily be automated as well).

    Having some way of officially allowing a roster composed of a mixture of guilds (such as what happens in a raiding alliance) has been on the back of my mind for quite a while. However, adding the functionality in a clean way in the existing RMSA design would be tricky and time-consuming. Maybe in the end it would work out better if implemented as a separate variant (RosterMaster Alliance Edition)? That would certainly make things simpler to implement... The REST API certainly makes such a project much easier to do now than back when it involved parsing data from three different sources based on guild membership.
  10. ARCHIVED-Lantis Guest

    GU63 support is mostly done in the RMSA development version, however I'm waiting on a few things on the data API side before being able to finalize some things (like prestige support, and a new item discovery data structure that will require code changes on my end). The next version is probably still a few days away - I'll keep you guys posted.
  11. ARCHIVED-Lantis Guest

    RosterMaster StandAlone v5.3.0 is now available for download!
    This new version adds support for GU#63 (increasing the level cap to 92). The builtin character viewer can also now display a complete list of your discovered items, along with discovery date, and whether they were server-wide or game-wide.

    Changes in 5.3.0 (23-Apr-2012)
    • NEW: Increased level cap to 92 (edit configuration and save to set the 10th piechart color)
    • NEW: Charview: List of items discovered (capped at 100 items max)
    • IMPROVED: Charview: Added warder points
    • IMPROVED: Charview: Added progression percentage to next Adventure/Tradeskill level
    • FIXED: Charview: Display error message if specified character ID could not be found.

    View it here.
    Download it here.
    RSS Feed here.
    Discuss it here.
  12. ARCHIVED-Maguu Guest

    PLATFORM: Stand-alone
    VERSION: v5.3.0
    URL: shadowwalkers.heliohost.org/phpbb3test (see below)
    ERRORS: Warning: number_format() expects parameter 1 to be double, object given in /home/magu2k/public_html/roster/charview.php on line 573
    TRIGGERS: View Character sheets
    Here's the story as it currnetly stands. I have been running RMSA since the previous build (5.2.5) to test it and look at options for integrating it into our (new) guild website. Stand-alone largely works ok, but gets the error above, as does teh newly installed version which I am apptempting to integrate with a test deployment of phpbb3. I do not want to attempt to integrate it with our "live" forum until I can get it working. So as of current, it does get the above error, enough to fill the browser with about 10 times the height of the character sheet itself so a LOT of scrolling down.
    Secondly, I am currently unable to actually get it to integrate with phpbb3. There could be a few reasons, but I do want to say the instructions for phpbb integration seem sparse, incomplete and sort of spread out, but I have rostermaster installed in the above address in the /roster subfolder, to be clear its' root/phpbb3test/roster.
    The database is currently configured to be in the phpbb3 databsase, with the phpbb3 prefix supplied and a seperate rostermaster prefix ( I chose roster_ ) All other applicable settings.. at least that I can think of at this moment are set properly. the deploy of rostermaster itself works, but I can find no way to claim characters, neither in phpbb3, nor inside the rostermaster deployment.

    Additionally, there are a few other issues I want to point out, on the rmadmin.php page the link to this support thread is wrong. http://eqiiforums.station.sony.com/...2?no_redir=true is what it links and only way to get to the forums, at least that I know is http://forums.station.sony.com/eq2. Either way, the link never works for me.
    And, lastly a few suggestions. I want to suggest grouping the skills tab, somewhat like factions are. ALso, I know it may be a lot of work, and maybe not a lot of people woudl use it, but consider adding functionality to integrate it with bbdkp
    While currently our guild is not raiding, the kind folks at bbdkp have expressed interest in trying to develop a plugin to allow bbdkp to read raid logs from the ACT raid attendance log plugin, if it can work. I am currently unable to generate any raid logs due to lack of raids, and minimal play time right now, but if someone, anyone is willing to help them get some raid logs from ACT
    http://www.bbdkp.com/viewforum.php?...51b423bb0271ba3 please visit here and help out!
  13. ARCHIVED-Lantis Guest

    Socravunis@Kithicor wrote:
    Something in your PHP installation must be set to be either more verbose about warning reports or more strict on type checking, because this is the first report I have about it. You can eliminate this warning message by type casting the value to a double. Edit charview.php, and go to line 539. Change that line so it now looks like this:
    $value = (double)$faction['value'];

    Socravunis@Kithicor wrote:
    The instructions are sparse because there's really nothing more to it. All that's needed is documented in section 4 of the documentation file. You just have to put the roster folder inside the folder that contains your phpBB installation, and store the RosterMaster tables inside the same database as phpBB3. There's nothing more to it really. If it doesn't work, then it means there's something on your specific configuration preventing it from working, or the phpBB3 devs changed something in the database schema since I implemented it.
    The whole forum/cms bridge system in RMSA relies on direct access to the necessary data rather than accessing the forum/cms's API, so it can break for a number of reason, starting with any potential data structure change doe in the forum/cms software. That's why I no longer implement any new bridge, as those are a huge time sync for me to implement and maintain, as any update done by the forum or cms author can break the bridge. All I can suggest is to make sure you are logged first on your forums, so RosterMaster can access the forum cookie to obtain the user information. When RMSA can associate the cookie's content with a user present in the forum database, then additional claim entries will appear in the menu.
    Double check the table prefix used by phpBB. I had a user who had forgotten to append the trailing "_" to his prefix.

    Socravunis@Kithicor wrote:
    That was the old link, before SOE overhauled their websites and domain names a few months ago. I'll update it.

    Socravunis@Kithicor wrote:
    Factions can easily be grouped because SOE is grouping and naming those groups in the data feeds, which they don't do with skills. It's a matter of either hardcoding my own groups, or being able to accomodate any skill addition or renaming that SOE might do in the future. I'll give it more thoughts.

    Socravunis@Kithicor wrote:
    Will depend on how easily the database can be accessed, and matched with character names in RosterMaster's own database. This is subject to the same issues as the forum/cms bridges: time-consuming, and depending on how easily accessible the application's database is. I might take a look at it someday.
  14. ARCHIVED-Maguu Guest

    Thank you Lantis, for your reply. Here's what ahppened, I made your adjustment to PHP, I am using a freehosting service which does, in fact have a very verbose php install, your fix worked on both deployments. I rechecked all my settings with a fine tooth comb, and the problem was that the settings page did not hold my cms setting as phpbb, and for whatever reason, actually, most settings I find don't work on that page(It does nto actually *save* them) for me (I've tried different permissions on config.php, but to no avail yet, so I had to add it manually, but when I did I mis-spelled it, so it is fixed now, and it does work.

    As far as bbdkp, believe me, I understand where you are coming from. It would not necessairly be easy, but, bbdkp is entirely integrated with phpbb3, and uses the same database with the phpbb_ prefix rather than a discrete database.

    So thank you for your help, it seems my issues are pretty much all fixed.

    Also, I had one last thing to ask, is there any sort of graphics work needed, depending on time and availability, I may be able to help out on some for the rostermaster project.
  15. ARCHIVED-Lantis Guest

    Socravunis@Kithicor wrote:
    It's possible write permissions are limited on your host, forcing you to manually edit the config file. I'll take another look, because when rmadmin fails to write to a file, it should generate a warning, and display the config file content so you can copy/paste it manually.
    Thank you for the offer, but so far Seagoat got Dark_Grue and I pretty well covered in the art department :)
  16. ARCHIVED-BadLuck Guest

    @ Lantis
    First off thank you :) I love what you've done with RMSA over the past several months!

    Secondly (and the reason I'm here lol), is it possible for RMSA to communicate with EQDKP Plus in the manner of transfering char claims to EQDKP? I'm not seeing anything hidden anywhere outside of the normal configuration file so figured I'd ask before I waste any more time digging through the files.
  17. ARCHIVED-Lantis Guest

    BadLuck wrote:
    RMSA claims are stored in a fairly straightforward way in the database, so it shouldn't be too hard for you to interface them together if you have some decent skills with MySQL and PHP.
    Another route you might look at is RMSA's ability to export the roster to a CSV file - that might be easier perhaps for you to work with.
  18. ARCHIVED-Dark_Grue Guest

    I'm not a nerd. I'm a specialist.
    - Sousuke Sagara (Full Metal Panic)

    Roster Master for Dragonfly (RM4DF) 8.2.1:

    Get it and development news from the RM4DF Project Page. Not a Dragonfly CMS user? Visit the Roster Master overview page for information on related projects.
    This update is way overdue. Unfortunately, 8.2.0 had a lot of issues with it, and more unforutnately, I haven't been able to devote much time to it. Digging out bugs involved short bursts of working through problems, setting the code aside for a while, picking it back up again, and then finding everything I'd missed the last time. Rinse, repeat. It's pretty surprising what you find when you re-look at things after not thinking about them for a while.
    • Thanks to Dethdlr to reporting numerous errors in the 8.2.0 release that somehow got overlooked:
      • Replaced missing themes\default\template\roster_master\do_commands.html file.
      • Fixed templating errors.
      • Fixed SQL error message in adwait.inc file.
      • Changed cast of BIGINT data items to PHP string instead of integer to fix issue with 32-bit systems that have PHP_INT_SIZE=4.
      • Found Dragonfly CMS dependency on version of template_enc.php file.
      • Fixed extended Guild Wall of Fame statistics broken links to character profiles.
    • Alts list no longer lists the character it is for as an alt of itself.
    • Alt lists now sorted using natural sort.
    • Updated documentation.
    • Fixed bad math in diagnostic time display in Guild Wall of Fame block.
    • Fixed error in parser.inc involving closing the cURL filehandle prematurely.
    • Fixed division-by-zero in compression statistics diagnostic message for cURL retrieval using compression.
    • Fixed sorting (again) to force characters with no data to end of sort, regardless of sort direction.
    • Fixed sort by adventurer level in Questmaster.
    • Fixed secondary column sort direction.
    • Changed logging level default.
    • Updated tradeskill icons.
    • Fixed unecessary chattiness in log file.
    • Added ability to silence logging of changes by field using regex (see $config['exclude_log_field']).
    • Changed last_update to DECIMAL(19,7) as per 3/20/2012 REST API.
    • Fixed roster alt displaying empty alt list (it's possible to have an altlist that only contains the character it's attached to - that is, if opt-in is set for a character, REST always considers it an alts of itself).