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    [p] I know I, for one, try to mention somewhere which version I'm talking about, or quote a post in which the other user mentions which version they're using. I'm not sure how many people who post here will actually remember to do something like that. :-/[/p][p]I think it's a good idea, though...I'll put a notice in the OP to ask people to note which platform / version they're talking about, if it's not totally obvious or a general question.[/p][p]PS - Why are edits, in particular, confusing in regard to version and platform? *curious*[/p]
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    The only way to retrieve the info from eq2players is through port 80 unfortunately. If your host does block outbound port 80 connections, it might be possible to get around it by using a proxy. RMSA uses Curl to retrieve the eq2players data, and it can be configured to go through a proxy... provided that a) your host's PHP is configured to allow Curl to use a proxy, and b) you have access to such a proxy. Another alternative is to have something download the eq2players data, and store it locally on your website through FTP. RMSA can easily be configured to use local files - I have commented out code already that I use when I test things out. It should also be easy to do the same with any RM variant.
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    Lantis@Antonia Bayle wrote:
    [p] I know that one RM4DF user was successfully able to use a web-based proxy with the EQ2 Update Notes Block by replacing the retrieval URL with the one that references the proxy (e.g. replacing 'http://patch.everquest2.com:7010/patch/eq2/motd/en/updates_live.html' with something like 'http://anonymouse.org/cgi-bin/anon-www.cgi/http://patch.everquest2.com:7010/patch/eq2/motd/en/updates_live.html' - the parser generally will filter out any ad cruft or headers most Web proxies add). The Update Notes server is on Port 7010, which isn't a standard port at all. However, using a proxy generally won't help you if Port 80 is blocked. If your provider doesn't allow outbound traffic on Port 80, they almost certainly won't allow it over any other ports (there's no real sense in blocking a common known port like HTTP unless you're placing an embargo on all outbound traffic).[/p][p]Some hosting providers block outbound access until you configure it in your account control panel. Some require that you configure outbound access to specific locations. Some don't provide this feature at all. Check with your provider to see what they're actually up to.[/p][p]RM4DF has a documented, but unsupported, feature to allow manual roster data imports (basically, you set the config directive in config.inc, upload the roster CSV and summary page HTML to the RM module directory, and name them roster.csv and guild.html, respectively). It's basically provided as a means of last resort. In general, I'd recommend finding a hosting provider that allows outbound access, rather than having to constantly FTP over updates.[/p]
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    [p]If SammMoney's got the stand-alone roster working, I'm wondering if port 80 is even the issue with his attempted RM4PN installation...[/p][p]Grue: "One RM4DF user?" How quickly he forgets!! *sobs* It was me! And yes, I was able to successfully route my EQ2 Update Notes block through the anonymizer, since as I mentioned before, my host are security *****.[/p]
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    [p]Lantis, I've got some updated icons for you! :)[/p][p]All users of Roster Master Stand-Alone are welcome to download these to replace the icons distributed with RMSA. They have been proportionally resized to 50x50 in order to work with RMSA's hard-coded icon sizes.[/p][p]You can download them here: http://thehalasianempire.com/index.php?name=Downloads&file=details&id=15[/p][p]There are three sets of icons in the ZIP file![/p][p]- 24 adventure class icons (resized down to 50x50):[/p][p][IMG][/p][p]- 14 large tradeskill class icons (resized up to 50x50):[/p][p][IMG][/p][p]- 14 normal tradeskill icons (canvas size alone increased to 50x50):[/p][p][IMG][/p][p]If you would like a custom set of icons (with a special background / border to match you guild website), all you have to do is drop me an email with your URL and color & design preferences. :)[/p]
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    I believe it was Tremis2 who had to go through a web proxy to be able to retrieve the eq2players data - which was the reason why he used Curl in the parser code that I am now using in RMSA. But agreed, the majority of servers who would forbid outbound port 80 connections will most likely refuse ANY outbound connection aside from the usual suspects (25,53, etc...). Unless they just want to prevent some specific type of activities - experience have taught me to never underestimate the capacity of some sysadmins to come up with stupid ideas in so-called attempts at improving security. :)
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    Thanks a lot :) Downloading them now, I'll have a look at them later tonight. BTW the icon sizes aren't fully hardcoded - you can specify the width and height of all three types of icons in the config file. However, that applies to all icons of a given column (tradeskill, adventurer or rank). I'll look into adding the possibility of disabling the generation of width/height tags, for example by specifying sizes of '0' or 'auto' in the config. That would work for people using iconsets of mismatched sizes, without having to resort to the use of GD to dynamically calculate the proper widths and heights at load time. But then, that might have the potential side-effect of generating a totally unbalanced layout if someone were to mix icons of, say, 75 pixels high, with others of 10 pixels high.
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    Lantis@Antonia Bayle wrote:
    [p] I think I'll add square-canvas versions of the full-sized class icons to the ZIP in a little while, too. That way, if someone picks a size larger than 50x50 for the adventure class icons, they won't get a stretched version of the smaller graphics.[/p][p]Stay tuned; I'll post here when I get it updated. :)[/p]
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    Excellent :) I'll include the rescaled 50x50 versions in the RMSA distribution, so to remain consistent with what I've used so far.. On the RMSA development front: - Implemented the possibility of specifying a width/height of 0 to allow the use of unevenly sized iconsets - Backported the CSV parser (only using it for the Joined Date retrieval for now). I'll give more time to SOE to fix the new XML feed before giving up on XML - at least they finally acknowledged the issue. - Added the display of complete guild summary details I'll try to get a new beta distribution ready within the next few days. This is pretty much feature-complete as far as 1.3.0 is concerned, what's left to do is bug hunting and some spit shining here and there.
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    Lantis brings up a good idea we may want to bring into the rm4df - being able to set Avatar size in the config.inc file rather than hardcode it to 80. (Mine are 100 so always have to edit rostermaster.inc each release) ;)
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    First of all, thank you and bless you for your effort Seagoat, I recall a thread where you figured you might just be being selfish, I think this thread proves you wrong. Anyways I'm currently working on RosterMaster(PostNuke)-097 and it'll be capable of running EQ Origional guilds (anyone else here as seasoned as to remember the release of Kunark? That was my start). I'd like to suggest that other port authors have a look at http://eqplayers.station.sony.com/ and consider the extraordinarily simple parse changes required to implement this. As much as I resent the latest changes, I'm impressed with the consistancy between games here. That being said, please note my sarcasm over how impressed I am that EQ Origional offers the characterId via cvs/xml while EQII does not. Sex? [Edited because seemingly acronyms put me in a state where I can not control my vocabulary???] (yes, I subscribe to dry humor) Anyways my plan is to make RosterMaster(PostNuke) configurable to any game (manually created CSV file may be required for unsupported games), and when I went to scratch my second roster itch (I'm still a co-guild leader in EQ Origional) I was shocked to find that SOE got something right... guess they've been at that game longer hehe. So anyways I thought I'd mention that it would take surprisingly little effort for current Roster Master maintainers to incorporate EQII's predecessor. Although you may not have use for it yourself, the ease of conversion would add very little overhead to maintenance and support to please, and recieve praise from, a whole other community. Just sharing.
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    [p]Hey Guys,[/p][p]I have to say I am very impressed with all the work everyone is putting in. I am working on a redesign, and I am playing around with modules and blocks @ http://vindi.mmodkp.com. However, I can't get the Roster Master Block to expand like it does on other sites. It stops at listing the number of each class, but does not expand again. Do I have to edit stuff in the block to get this to work, do i just need it to populate, or did i mess something up? :)[/p][p] Thanks[/p]
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    Assert your right to make a few mistakes. If people can't accept your imperfections, that's their fault.-Dr. David M. Burns[hr][p]Roster Master for Dragonfly 6.0.2 [/p][p]Download from the RM4DF project page at http://www.theclenchedfist.com/projects/rm4df/[/p][p]Changes for Version 6.0.2:[/p][ul][li]Changed signzture image size attributes in rostermaster.inc to be based off of the sigblock base selected in the $config['sigblock_basename'] setting, based on an implementation by Seagoat. [/li][li]Signature Master will now look for Class- and Archetype-specific image files that have spaces replaced with underscores (e.g. "_Shadow_Knight.png" or "Shadow_Knight.png"). The previous behavior required that the space be embedded in the file name. Change suggest by Seagoat. [/li][li]Block and parser fixed in response to changes to the way 'Latest Item Discovered' is presented on the EQ2Players.com site. Code submitted by Beldak and Seagoat. [/li][li]CONFIG CHANGE: Added $config['avatar_size']['width'] and $config['avatar_size']['height'] to specify the geometry of avatars in the roster. Change suggested by Beldak. [/li][li]Replaced HQ reward icons with those used in-game. Thanks to Seagoat for extracting and compositing the DDS files.[/li][/ul][hr][p]Dont forget to submit your entry for the [Return of the] Roster Master for Dragonfly Logo Contest![/p]
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    [p]Beldak@Everfrost wrote: [/p]
    [p]Added to 6.0.2, thanks! :D[/p][p]Rokit@Permafrost wrote: [/p]
    [p]'nuff said there![/p][p]Rokit@Permafrost wrote: [/p]
    [p]This doesn't surprise me at all. It seems that the different product teams are highly segmented, even internally. the EQ2 Web Tema doesn't seem to talk to that of EQ (or any other game), doesn't seem to communicate with the rest of the EQ2 development team, and certainly doesn't communicate well with the customers. I don't know where these people work, or have worked in the past, but there are those of us here who do work in the [large-scale IT application/integration] industry - and let me tell you, we're not impressed. There's no reason these sorts of problems should exist, consistently, on this scale, for this long. I've said it in the past, and I'll say it again: it shows contempt for the customer, the only thing that Sony has done consistently across its consumer products division. [/p][p]Rokit@Permafrost wrote: [/p]
    [p]Go back to config.inc, you missed an option. You want to set $config['breakdown_shownames'] = 1. There's a great deal of configurability in there, and the comments document what everything does. There are very few truly "hacked" copies of RM4DF running out there, most are just using a special subset of the options. Hacks usually get backported into the main code (and hopefully improved). :-D[/p]
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    [p]Rokit@Permafrost wrote: [/p]
    [p]*blush* I'm glad you find my contributions worthwhile! Most of the changes I make or suggest are because I find them useful, and if others do too, then consider my day made. :)[/p][p]Would you be interested in sharing those "extraordinarily simple parse changes," so that the other project developers can see just how extraordinarily simple they are? ;) Perhaps this is the start of a significant blip in Roster Master's already spectacular history.[/p][hr][p]olord wrote:[/p]
    [p]There's actually a setting in the config.inc file (the very last user configuration setting in the file) that determines this behavior:[/p][p]$config['breakdown_shownames'][/p][p]By changing its value to "1," it will expand further to show the name of each character that falls under each class. :)[/p][hr][p]Dark_Grue wrote: [/p]
    [p]Nice! And lookit me, my name's on 4 of the 5 bullets! LOL See, Grue knows how to stay on my good side. ;) I'll update the OP shortly![/p][p]What's the due date on those graphics, Grue? I've got some (good?) ideas for a logo, but have yet to actually get anything concrete together...[/p]
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    It's RosterMaster Night it seems :) Fresh from the mage's laboratory comes... Roster Master StandAlone 1.3.0 The biggest changes in this version are the new logging system (which should now allow someone to run RMSA from a webhost without requiring any local write permissions - everything going to a database), the display of complete Guild Summary data, and the return of the Joined date. The juicy details: NOTE: Database modified - please run rm_db_install.php and select appropriate upgrade option. [ul][li] NEW: Reworked the whole logging system. The database will now be used for logging (if you are using a database - else the old logfile.html method will be used).[/li][li]NEW: Now retrieves and display the Joined Date (CSV parser by DarkGrue, backported from RM4DF 6.0.0. Only used to retrieve the Joined date for now.) NOTE: To avoid cluttering the display, the Quest column was removed. All the code is still in place if you want to manually re-enable it. A future version of RMSA will allow you to select which columns and in which order to display them.[/li][li]NEW: Added link to display complete guild summary.[/li][li]NEW: Added config options 'verbose_error', and series of 'logging' and 'url' options. Removed the old 'logfile' option.[/li][li]NEW: Can now configure wether or not to display SQL details in error messages.[/li][li]IMPROVED: Updated CSS models (new classes for the log viewer and guild summary).[/li][li]IMPROVED: Updated iconset provided by Seagoat.[/li][li]IMPROVED: Moved all URLs to the config file.[/li][li]IMPROVED: You can now specify icon width/height of 0, in which case they will be displayed at whatever size they actually are.[/li][li]IMPROVED: Advanced Sort will reflect the currently selected sort type.[/li][li]FIXED: Since a recent EQ2Players website change the Last Discovered Item contained HTML tags. Now strip_tags()'ing it. [/li][/ul]With 1.3.0 I finished implementing the first batch of planned features/fixes, so development should slow down a bit (that means no more weekly release for a while). Now is a good time to upgrade if you haven't done so yet. Coming next: most likely a configurable display. You should be able to select which column to display, and in which order, through simply editing the config file. I already have an idea on how to do this, I'll just need to experiment with it. Feedback, question and bug reports - you know where to find me :)
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    Thanks for the update, Lantis...the OP has been updated with RM4DF and RMSA's newest info. :)
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    Rokit@Permafrost wrote:
    This seems to also be the case upstream - RosterMaster has already been adapted to work with Vanguard's XML feed. Ideally, if SOE can fix EQ2 to provide CharID in both XML and CSV, then we won't have to rely on either the old XML feed (like I do) or parsing HTML (like Dark_Grue does) to get usable data. It will make our job easier then to make something that is truly cross-game, with one parser to rule them all (...). Then it would only be a matter of providing a template for a given game to allow parsing of the data.
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    Seagoat wrote:
    That was always my intention, I only had a quick look yesterday while setting up the db schema. That's pretty much set now and I'll be testing the roster update today and will be adjusting the parse process at that point.

    Lantis@Antonia Bayle wrote:
    Where would I find this adaptation?